International Catholic University


Introduction to Latin: Assignments

Lecture 1: Introduction and Verbs

Lecture 2: More Verbs

Lecture 3: Active Verbs Concluded

Lecture 4: Passive Verbs

Lecture 5: Nouns

Lecture 6: Nouns and Adjectives

Lecture 7: Participles, Imperatives, Subjunctives, Pronouns

Lecture 8: Translating: Pater Noster and Ave Maria

Lecture 9: Translating: Gloria and Magnificat

Lecture 10: Translating: Nunc dimittis and Apostles' Creed

Lecture 11: Translating: Apostles's Creed and St. John 1:1.

Lecture 12: Translating: St. John 1:2-18