International Catholic University

The International Catholic University provides courses on Catholic subjects by distinguished teachers. We offer graduate level instruction in theology and philosophy, with lecture programs that can function as part of a master's degree program or can be used by students who wish to learn more about the Catholic tradition on their own.

These programs are generally available as videos of lectures on DVDs, or as audio recordings on CDs, or as MP3 files on CD-ROMs (which also include the course material from this website).

For more information on ordering courses for self-study, call (800) 771-7346; email or write International Catholic University, PO Box 495, Notre Dame, IN 46556.

For more information on taking the courses for graduate credit, call (860) 632-3015; email; write Distance Learning Office, Holy Apostles College and Seminary, 33 Prospect Hill Rd., Cromwell, CT 06416.

When you call our 800 number or email us, PLEASE include your address, phone number, and email address.

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