ESL Publishers

Addison Wesley

This web site contains Longman Dictionary study exercises, word games, lesson plans, teacher resources, and linguistic research. Users are entitled to select a level of difficulty to work on while visiting this site. This site contains many adventurous activities which allows users to be imaginative and creative.

This site is very beneficial to ESL students who would like to practice specific skills. It can also be helpful for ESL teachers looking for quality ESL lessons plans and resources.

Oxford University Press

This address is for the Oxford ESL Home Page. It contains Mr. Bug's Phonics which is a beginner's level program which teaches young children to read in English. Good News, Bad News is a program at a pre-intermediate level which contains listening and conversation text which is based on entertaining collections of actual news reports. Springboard is another conversational and listening course which encourages students to talk about personal interests. These are just a few selections to choose from on the home page. These selections contain text books, resource pages, cassettes, CD's, phonics cards, and teacher editions. This site is great for students and teachers looking for ESL materials. It has high interest topics which encourage students to talk about personal interests.

California Language Labs

This selection contains audio and video ESL materials. The audio tapes are available in twenty different languages which translate sentences and phrases into English. Materials are available in grade three through adult. This also has citizenship videos which explain structures of government for students to become familiar with.

Dymon Publications

This web site includes games to enhance speaking. The speaking tasks are listed in order of level of difficulty. Some of these tasks include: fill in the blank, using words in a sentence, complete a sentence, hypothetical situations, and role playing. This site also provides text books with activities to encourage role playing and group discussions. This is a great site to go to when looking for interesting speaking topics and lessons.

Pace Group International

This selection contains ESL products on grade levels (K-12) and adults. This site provides textbooks, videos, and cassettes. It focuses on vocabulary and conversation skills. This is a great site for Japanese speaking students who are learning to speak English.

Cambridge University Press

This site offers English courses for computer users. Its courses cover areas in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Available products include, authentic reading texts, student books, teacher's editions, and cassettes. Students can listen to an actual recorded job interview when selecting the Cybercafe. Current newspaper articles with exercises can be found at High-tech news. This site is appropriate for English Language Learners at an intermediate level. Cambridge is one of the leading ESL publishers of wide variety of audiences in North America's international market.

Houghton Mifflin

This site includes online activities, textbooks, and dictionaries. Oral communication, reading comprehension, composition writing, grammar, and dictionary skills can be located. You will be able to get a full description of various programs by selecting any of the followingDictionaries, Grammar, Speaking, Listening/Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Reading/Writing. There are also software products that test various skills. This is a great site for reinforcement of various language skills.

Prentice Hall Regents

To get to the ESL products offered at this site, you must first select "School" which will then take you to an ESL selection. This site represents an ESL integrated and literature based language acquisition program for grades 1-6. It contains CD Rom theme connections, big books, theme posters, story cards, writer's books, activity pages, teacher's editions, assessment programs, transparencies, and audio cassettes. The themes in this program are focused towards familiar topics such as animals, outer space, and the environment.

Exceller Software Corporation

This site contains an a ESL choice that needs to be selected in order to view the products. This publisher offers computer assisted language learning products for ESL students. Four levels of practice in grammar through reading, writing, and listening activities are offered. Students just need to select the appropriate level they would like to work on. This is a good site for students who are looking for computer software programs to learn to speak English.


In order to get into the ESL site, you must first select "Web Resources" and then "ESL." This site has a "fable" selection which contains great activities for language learners. Students read fables such as The Donkey and the Grasshopper, The Tortoise and the Hare and The Thirsty Pigeon. After reading a fable, students select an exercise to complete. These exercises include: vocabulary matching, vocabulary completion, multiple choice completion, and written description. This is a great site because students can become familiar with popular fables and are able to quiz themselves on how well they comprehended the selections. This site also has language learning materials which include products for ESL teachers, educational software, books, reproducibles, games, posters, and videos. This web site is updated quarterly.

Pro Lingua Associates

This site offers users to select materials in a particular area. Some of the products offered include: games, role playing activities, discussion strategies, communicative games and pronunciation activities. Students are able to select to work at elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. This site also seems very helpful for teachers in assisting them with interesting and exciting discussion topics.

Santa Monica Press

At this site you must select book catalog in order to view various products. After you select on book catalog choose either Letter Writing Made Easy I or II. These are great books which enable ESL students to write any kind of letter. Students learn how to express themselves in writing. The books are full of samples of writing such as thank you notes, requests, apologies, invitations, etc. This is very helpful for English language learners to express their individual needs.

Speakeasy Publications

This site offers four magazines with the language level of the student's choice. The titles of the magazines are "Easy Street", "Take It Easy", "Easy Speakeasy", and "Speakeasy." These magazines are published five times during the school year. They have news and reports from the entire English-speaking world. Short stories and information about young people, fashion, music, and film are some of the topics found in the magazines. There are also a variety of colorful illustrations, comic strips, games and vocabulary definitions. Each magazine comes with an audio cassette. Issues also include a teaching supplement with great ideas on how to use these magazines in the classroom.

World of Reading

This site contains ESL software, books, tapes, and videos for adults and children. The ESL software has its programs listed according to age level. Each program has a brief description of it. This is a great site if you are looking for a wide variety of computer software for your ESL classroom.

National Film Board of Canada

This web site offers various ESL video packages for elementary classrooms. To get into this site, you must type in ESL in the "search" selection. This will lead you directly to the ESL products which are offered. This site offers the following selections: 1) Elementary ESL Collections 2) Grades 4-6 ESL intermediate series 3) Grades 4-6 ESL Beginners 4) K-3 ESL Intermediate Series 5) K-3 ESL Beginner Series. This is a great site because you can view different video packages at different levels.

Hampton-Brown Books

This publisher offers early literacy bilingual/multicultural products. Included is a core ESL/ELD program "Into English" which is language rich and content-based. The products and materials are categorized by grade, including a thematic unit-based reading program and poetry. This is an excellent ESL resource site.

Harcourt Brace

To find ESL materials, go to catalog listing of books, categories, Spanish materials, then choose grade level. All materials listed in Spanish only. Includes authentic Spanish literature and poetry. Students enhance literacy and cultural appreciation in their primary language. Limited English language learning materials for a publisher this large.

Scholastic Books

In curriculum programs and materials, the comprehensive, integrated bilingual learning system includes early childhood materials such as thematic teachers' planners, books, audio cassettes and emergent readers for Pre-K. The Solares reading and language arts program (K-6) builds literacy skills, Wiggleworks (K-2) for beginning literacy includes books and CD-roms with a bilingual teaching plan. Offers innovative, interdisciplinary plans and instructional materials which are culturally appropriate and meaningful. Also includes developmental programs and assessment tools for diagnosis and placement.

Macmillan Heinemann

This is the education division of Macmillan Publishers. Primary and secondary texts and reading and language developmental materials. The materials range from a beginner program in four levels of English proficiency which concentrates on listening and speaking skills, student created dictionaries, and reading and writing skills, to student and teacher books, activities, cassettes, flashcards and videos. Geared for all levels of language ability, the English learning program and materials are realistic and confidence-building.

Heinle and Heinle

Specialized language publisher of texts, software and multimedia products for K-12 ESL/EFL students and teachers. Many innovative resources are offered that make language learning more accessible, effective and enjoyable for educators and learners.

Pan Asian Publications

This publisher strives to provide a bridge of understanding and appreciation between the Eastern and Western cultures. Bilingual, English, Asian languages and Spanish books are available.

Alta Book Center Publishers

ESL materials are coded by language level (10 levels) and grade (K-12). Includes ESL and bilingual listening, speaking, reading and writing resources, dictionaries, literature, functional English, games, grammar, music, video, vocabulary and idioms, TPR and pronunciation activities. Lists and summarizes S. Krashen's books in "Krashen's Corner". Very easy to access all resources on this site. All ESL categories listed; over 130 books, CD's, magazines and other resources provided. Excellent ESL resource material.

University of Michigan Press

ESL publishers for over 50 years. Includes texts, companion texts to novels, content-based materials, grammar, idioms and prepositions, listening and pronunciation, reading and vocabulary, speaking and conversation, writing and composition materials. All texts and materials are identified by level of proficiency, not grade. Very accessible and valuable resources.

Dominie Press

Immediate access to ESL materials. Provides ESL books and materials for grades K-12. Creative and insightful materials include speaking, listening, reading and writing , grammar, vocabulary and idioms, content areas and citizenship. Lists all materials within above areas according to level (beginner, intermediate/advance, advanced).

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL)

This organization conducts research and develops materials to improve language proficiency in non-English speaking students. Detailed list of all programs and projects published for all ELL students include diversity, school reform, and ECE programs. The Border Colloquy Project addresses the passage of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Educational issues were overlooked, such as helping US schools teach increasing numbers of immigrant students. A conference was created to address this issue, and significant steps have been taken.

Ballard and Tighe Publishers

Publishers and developers of ESL/ELD materials. Comprehensive language assessment and instructional materials. Targets identifying and transitioning ESL students into mainstream classrooms. Instruction and assessment of ESL students' oral reading and writing proficiency. The English language developmental programs and instructional materials are unique. Innovative parent involvement and multicultural activities are featured. Also offers teacher developed ideas and activities for ESL students on the site along with an online newsletter, activity sheets, glossary of terminology and catalog. Excellent ESL resources.

Bilingual Educational Service, Inc.

Offers classic and popular elementary grade books in Spanish/English, texts, dictionaries, an ESL program, CD's, A-V programs, cassettes and teacher aids. Multicultural books on Hispanic, African, Asian and Native Americans. Most books are identified by grade level.

Delta Systems Co.

Foreign language web bookstore (search ESL). Lists student books and teacher guides, texts, reproducibles and ESL kits. Materials for all levels and categories including TPR activities, content area ESL integration. Excellent resources.

Milliken Publishers

Lists links to TESL Journal, monthly web magazine for TESL, offers articles, research papers, K-12 lesson plans, reproducibles, ideas and projects for ESL classrooms. Good site for current resources.

CTB McGraw-Hill

Bilingual, language proficiency assessment series identifies and assesses literacy skills in speaking, reading and writing for placement and graduation from bilingual or ESL programs. Based on lexical, phonemic and syntactic analysis. Interactive features of oral cassettes result in low anxiety levels.

Edmark Corporation

K-12 ESL software titles under DynEd International: Let's Go Read - six level ESL program (K-4 phonics, vocabulary, grammar). Firsthand Access - Grade 5-8, (dialogue, listening and conversation exercises. New Dynamics English - Four level ESL program from beginners to advanced (video lessons, speaking practice). Dynamic Classics - Grade 3-12, (reading classics, vocabulary skills, reading and listening, comprehension, grammar). English By the Number - Builds fluency with numbers, graphing and speaking. Strong developmental ESL programs.

Pearson Education Publishing

This huge publishing company encompasses Addison Wesley Longman and Simon and Schuster. Lists publishing divisions for Elementary Education: Scott Foresman, Silver Burdett Ginn, Pearson Learning, AWL Kids, and CCC (Computer Curriculum Corporation, an excellent diagnostic and instructional developmental computer learning system for ESL.) The secondary division includes Prentice Hall School and Globe Fearon. Higher education division includes Addison Wesley Longman and Allyn & Bacon Publishers. All divisions offer extensive and diverse ESL materials and resources.

Peguis Publications

Canadian publisher specializing in teacher resource books for English language instruction in elementary grades. Includes areas of multi-age classrooms, assessment (note "Assessment and ESL" by Law and Eckes), computer skills, conflict resolution, poetry, science, themes. Titles include "Draw Me A Story" and "Think Sports" (content area instruction through sports). Excellent resource for unique and affordable ESL materials. One of the best publishers of ESL K-12 materials found.