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History of the IOS



Jon Brakel
PDGA #10246
(847) 670-1757
Illinois Open Series
Tournament Director

Bruce Brakel
PDGA #13087
Illinois Open Series
Merchandise Director

Brett Comincioli
PDGA #19325
(847) 858-4368
Illinois Open Series
Competition Director
President, Discontinuum Disc Golf Club
PDGA Illinois State Coordinator

Allan Short
PDGA #19438
PreRegistration Coordinator
Treasurer, Discontinuum Disc Golf Club

Tyler Williams
PDGA #26936
Series Points Manager
Vice President, Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Club

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All PDGA Sanctioned
IOS #5 @ Rockford is an A-Tier for all divisions

MPO (Men's Pro Open), MA2 (Men's Intermediate) and MA4 (Men's Novice) play on Saturday.
All other divisions play on Sunday.

Rockford is a two day event. ALL divisions play BOTH days at Rockford ONLY.

Date Tournament Course City Additional Information
April 19 and 20 IOS #1 @ Kenosha UW Parkside Kenosha, WI  
May 31
and June 1
Fivetone.com Presents IOS #2 Madison Meadows Lombard, IL
June 21 and 22 IOS #3 Lippold Park Crystal Lake, IL  
July 19 and 20 IOS #4 The Aurora Borealis Jericho Lake Park Aurora, IL  
September 6 and 7 Discontinuum Presents the Illinois Open
IOS #5
Anna Page Park Rockford, IL
October 18 and 19 IOS #6 The Fairfield Fairwell Fairfield Park Round Lake, IL  

MPO (Men's Pro Open), MA2 (Men's Intermediate) and MA4 (Men's Novice) play on Saturday.
All other divisions play on Sunday.

Rockford is a two day event. ALL divisions play BOTH days at Rockford ONLY.


See bottom of page for the history of the series. All six events in 2007 had 158 or more players! There was an average of 169 players per event.

Entry Fees

The following entry fees apply to IOS #1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 ONLY. IOS #5 at Rockford has a different entry fee schedule. Please see below for details.

Saturday MPO (Men's Pro Open), MA2 (Men's Intermediate) and MA4 (Men's Novice)
Division.........Full Fee..................Half In
.....................Full Fee..................Trophy Only
MA2, MA4..$33.00....................$20.00

All Women, All age protected divisions, MA1 (Men's Advanced), MA3 (Men's Recreational) and Juniors
Division.........Full Fee..................Half In
All Pros.........$50.00...................$27.00
.....................Full Fee..................Trophy Only
All Ams.........$33.00....................$20.00
All Jrs............N/A........................$20.00

Please e-mail jon@brasscash.com it you don't understand what day to show up on!!!

We will offer any PDGA division if a player wants to play in it and they show up on the appropriate day.

All Amateur players get a $15.00 brass cash player pack to pick whatever merchandise they want. There is a Discraft player pack that includes any Z or ESP disc and a D disc for $15.00 Brass. You must talk to Bruce and mention this player pack. There are a limited number of these. The PDGA requires a player pack valued at a minimum of $10.00 at B-Tiers. We don't believe in giving out a sticker & a mini or forcing you to take an ugly t-shirt valued at $10.00. cheesy

Non PDGA Members add $10.00
Juniors are exempt from the $10.00 Non PDGA Member Fee

Join the PDGA & save $10.00-> http://www.pdga.com/join/index.php
You can save $5 off your PDGA membership by joining through the Discontinuum.org websit. Go to http://store.discontinuum.org to join the PDGA.

Any player with any skill level is welcome. Come hang out with people who love disc golf. All 6 tournaments are run according to PDGA rules.
Check out the rules-> http://www.pdga.com/rules/index.php
We always have a first time players rules discussion before the tournaments starts. We are running these events to educate new players and promote the game of disc golf. We run excellent tournaments for Amateur players of all skill levels. We had some of the largest Men's and Women's Amateur divisions in the state in 2007.


(PLEASE PRE-REGISTER) $5.00 Discount on Pre-registrations.

Avoid the wait in line. We averaged 169 players per event last year. We fill between 100 & 110 players per day. Our goal is 1200+ players over 6 events. There is a pre-registration discount for 2008. Pre-registration helps us provide you with a more efficient tournament and well run event.

If you pre-register go to the score board, check in, and sign your registration card. You must check in by 9:00AM or you may lose your spot. If you are playing in any amateur division make sure to ask for your $15.00 brass cash player pack. 

1. Make check out to DISContinuum Disc Golf Club
Send to
Allan Short
981 Cambridge Dr
Grayslake, IL 60030

Checks must be received the Thursday prior to the event.

Pre-registration Policy->
If the TD is contacted Friday or before the event weekend, the pre-registered players money will be held and can be used at any of the IOS events left in 2008. If they don't show to any of the later events the money will be used in the prize pool at the final event. If the TD is not contacted Friday or before the event weekend the money will be added to the prize pool that weekend.

2. You may also pre-register online at -> http://store.discontinuum.org

3. You can pay Brett Comincioli prior to the event. He is usually at the course the Friday before each event. You can pay at local leagues or any other time you see Brett on the course. Bruce is usually at the course the Friday before each event as well. Look for the silver van with camper.

4.  If you are a Sunday player you can stop by during the event and pay on Saturday.

5. You can pay Allan Short at Sunday Best Shot League at Bevier Park.

6. You can also pay any other club officer if you see them prior to the event.


The following is the 2008 IOS format for IOS #1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. Check back for format details on the two day A-tier event at IOS #5 in Rockford!

Registration opens at 8:00AM & closes at 9:00AM if event does not fill during preregistration.
Player Meeting starts @ 9:15AM
Please be prompt. We will get started ASAP after the player meeting.
We will be playing at least 2 rounds of 20 holes at each event. The max will be 2 rounds of 22 holes.
The lunch break will end 1 hour from the last card being turned in. Don't be late. We will get started on time.
The awards ceremony will start as soon as possible.
A minimum of 100% payout to all divisions.
We usually throw in 2nd round CTPs, Flight Life or card CTPs if the event has average to above average attendance.
We know many of you travel & have a life outside of disc golf. We will do our best to get you on the road as early as possible. Usually our awards start 5 minutes after the last card comes in or after the last playoff is finished.



What is trophy only?
You may pay the trophy only entry fee and play the event. You are playing for a trophy only. If you finish in a position that is awarded a trophy you get the trophy. You do not get a payout if you finish in a prize/cash finishing position.

Why play trophy only?
You may play trophy only for several reasons.

  1. Tired of not having a chance to finish in a cashing spot at events? Save a few bucks and play trophy only.

  2. Want to test the field and move up a division without paying the full fee? Save a few bucks and play trophy only.

  3. Want to try to hit an ace when the ace pool rolls over & it's $750.00? Intermediate, Rec, and Juniors, move up and play trophy only advanced or pro and you get that opportunity.

Do I get a player pack when I play trophy only?
If you are playing in an amateur division you get a player pack. If you are playing in a pro division you do not get a player pack. Along with the player pack you also get a chance to shoot for any CTP on the course.

Can I win CTP's?
Yes, you can participate in all the CTP's that are offered to your division.


What is Half In?
Half-in is for the pro divisions only and it works like this: You can pay approximately half the entry fee.  If you cash you'll get only half of what was posted for your cashing spot.  The other half is paid up to the highest cashing place that got in for full.  Usually that will be first place.  If two half-ins cash, their halves will be paid to the two highest cashing full fee players.  There are complicated rules for less likely scenarios but it comes down to a couple of simple ideas:  the money never goes below the cash line -- if you're out of the cash, nothing is bumping down and you can go home.  The half-ins never collect more than half unless absolute weirdness occurs and every cashing player is half-in.  All of the cash gets paid out, except the deduction for the PDGA fee.


Hey, we offered AMIV last year and now the PDGA has it as a new division. They are calling it "Novice" and falls in below "Recreational". Sound familiar? I wonder where they got this idea from? Anyway, of course we are offering the new Novice division as we offer EVERY PDGA division as long as there is at least one player who wants to play it and they show up on the correct day.


This series is set up for fun and competition. Overall champions win a trophy and bragging rights. If you play any day of the 2008 Illinois Open Series you are automatically entered into the series. It costs no extra fee to enter the series. There will be no deductions from tournament payouts to pay for overall series champion trophies. See trophy payouts below.

Points only count in the division in which they are earned. For example, if Bruce plays Advanced at the first event and receives 12 points then plays advanced masters at the next event and earns 12 points, he does not have a total of 24 points. He would have 12 points in advanced and 12 points in advanced masters.

Participants will be awarded one point for each tournament entered and one point for each player they beat in their division.

A player who DNFs (Does Not Finish), will receive 0 (zero) points for that tournament.

Overall points will be calculated from best 4 of 6 events. IOS #5 @ Rockford is worth double points (it's better than double coupon day!).

Any ties for first place at the end of the series will result in a sudden death playoff at the Fairfield Fairwell. A player who is tied for first but is not present automatically loses the playoff.

In 2008, some of the larger divisions will have overall series champion trophies for places 1st thru 3rd or 1st thru 5th. These are noted below. We will only offer overall series champion trophies for divisions in which people played at least 4 of the events.
Junior<13 (1)
Junior<16 (1)
Junior<19 (1)

Novice (3)
Recreational (3)
Recreational Women (1)
Intermediate (3)
Intermediate Women (1)
Advanced (3)
Advanced Women (1)
Advanced Masters (1)
Advanced Grandmasters (1)
Open (1)
Pro Women (1)
Pro Masters (1)
Pro Grandmasters (1)



Ace Pool is open all day.

Multiple aces are split.

All ace pools that are not hit will rollover to the next day or event.

We may cap the ace as it grows during the year.

If there is money remaining at the end of the series that money will be rolled over to 2009.



Brass Cash expires at the end of 2008.


Brass Cash is brass funny money.

Brass Cash is handed out at events to amateur players as their player pack.

Brass Cash is used to payout all amateur division winnings.

Brass cash is used to purchase any item from the merchandise table.

Brass Cash may be spent that day or saved to spend at any other Illinois Open Series event.

If there is merchandise that you want but is not on the table, talk to Bruce Brakel and he will try to accommodate your disc golf addiction. Bruce can get pretty much anything you would want. You can arrange to pick it up at the next event. We want you to walk away from our events with merchandise you want.



PDGA charts will be followed for payouts to all divisions.

Brass Cash is paid out to all amateur divisions except Juniors. Juniors get a
$15.00 player pack and play for a trophy only.

All Pro's play for cash.
Payout Policy: Cash and prizes, including CTPs, not claimed during the awards
ceremony are donated to the tournament process, unless other arrangements have been made with the TD that day.

Event trophies are hand made. They are quite simplistic and represent what place you finish if you win one. This is done to keep the payouts fatter instead of purchasing more expensive trophies that are just as lame and weaken the payouts.

At every tournament there is a Discraft CTP on hole #1. You must throw a Discraft disc to win this CTP.




The series started in 2003 as a single event. The event was held at Fairfield Park in Round Lake on August 10, 2003. 95 players attended this one day event. http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...urnID=3641#Open
Approximately 15 players had to be turned away. We then realized that PDGA events are in high demand in this area.

2003 Illinois Open Champions
Open-> Kris Hutter
Open Women-> Barrett White
Maters-> Rob Schoenhoft
Advanced-> Sean Butler
Advanced Masters-> Pat McFarland
Intermediate-> Josh Gaughran
Intermediate Women-> Becky Brakel
Intermediate Masters-> Mitch Wallace
Recreational-> Christian McClellan
Junior-> Neal Swanson

In 2004 the Illinois Open Series was established. Along with the Fairfield event, Shady Oaks Park in Streamwood and Lippold Park in Crystal Lake were added. Everyone involved with running the series loves to play disc golf. All 3 events were split day so everyone that volunteered could play.

Shady Oaks Park, Streamwood, IL
(78 Players)
June 26, 2004-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...ID=4400#Pro%202
June 27, 2004-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...urnID=4555#Open

Lippold Park, Crystal Lake, IL
(80 Players)
July 24, 2004-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...ID=4210#Pro%202
July 25, 2004-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...urnID=4556#Open

Fairfield Park, Round Lake, IL
(97 Players)
August 28, 2004-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...ID=4401#Pro%202
August 29, 2004-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...urnID=4557#Open

2004 IOS Champions
Pro2-> Brian Karnov
Adv Master-> Adrian Gutierrez Sr.
Int Women-> Diana Brakel
Intermediate-> Eric Doty
Recreational-> Jon Brakel
Junior-> Adrian Gutierrez Jr.
Open-> Kris Hutter
Pro Master-> Roy Carey
Pro Women-> Barrett White
Advanced-> Justin Schandelmeire
Adv Women-> Jeannine Rice

2005 saw HUGE growth! UW Parkside-Kenosha WI, Madison Meadows-Lombard IL, Anna Page Park-Rockford IL, & Bevier Park-Waukegan IL, expanded the series to 7 events. Not only did the number of events increase, attendance boomed. There were over 140 players at 4 of the 7 events. Rockford is listed in the top 10 of most attended events in 2005.  167 players attended Rockford. Round Lake had one of the biggest Recreational fields of the year with 42 players. The year ended with an average of 128 players at each event over 7 events.

UW-Parkside, Kenosha, WI
(101 Players)
April 23, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5056
April 24, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5057

Madison Meadows Park, Lombard, IL
(140 Players)
May 28, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5059
May 29, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5060

Lippold Park, Crystal Lake, IL
(155 Players)
June 25, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5063
June 26, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5064

Anna Page Park, Rockford, IL
(167 Players)
July 23, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5115

Shady Oaks Park, Streamwood, IL
(118 Players)
August 13, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5116
August 14, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5117

Bevier Park, Waukegan, IL
(77 Players)
September 17, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5118

Fairfield Park, Round Lake, IL
(140 Players)
October 15, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5119
October 16, 2005-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_...hp?TournID=5120

2005 IOS Champions
Open-> Kurt Raffensperger
Masters-> Spike Walker
Grandmsters-> Ron James
Open Women-> Barrett White
Advanced-> Dan Michler
Advanced Masters-> Adrian Gutierrez Sr.
Advanced Grandmasters-> Johnese Holt
Advanced Women-> Kelsey Brakel
Intermediate-> Kevin Lenth
Intermediate Women-> Kiralyn Brakel
Recreational-> Jason Poole
Recreational Women-> Jennifer Fox
Junior <19->  Steven Guther
Junior<16-> Michael Apostolou
Junior<13-> Billy Dickenson

WOW! 2006 was a huge success. There was an average of 187 players per event. There were 200+ players at 4 of the 7 events and they were some of the largest in the country. Many of the Advanced players that qualified for Am Nationals made the trip. This area was represented with Dustin Fee, Sergio Correa, Randall Bruemmer, & Jeremy Bogan finishing in the top 10.

UW-Parkside, Kenosha, WI
(203 Players)
April 22, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5686
April 23, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5685

Madison Meadows Park, Lombard, IL
(202 Players)
May 20, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5698
May 21, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5697

Lippold Park, Crystal Lake, IL
(209 Players)
June 24, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5700
June 25, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5699

Anna Page Park, Rockford, IL
(224 Players)
July 29, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5687
July 30, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5688

Shady Oaks Park, Streamwood, IL
(163 Players)
August 12, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5690
August 13, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5689

Jericho Lake Park. Aurora, IL
(143 Players)
September 16, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5692
September 17, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5691

Fairfield Park, Round Lake, IL
(162 Players)
October 14, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5694
October 15, 2006-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=5693

2006 IOS Champions
Open-> Brett Comincioli
Masters-> Rob Strasser
Grandmsters-> Randy Jacobson
Open Women-> Barrett White
Advanced-> Juan Lopez
Advanced Masters-> Bruce Brakel
Advanced Grandmasters-> John Jordan
Advanced Sr. Grandmasters-> Bill Keel
Advanced Women-> Michele Johnson
Intermediate-> Adam Luxich
Intermediate Women-> Diana Brakel
Recreational-> Kelsey Brakel
Recreational Women-> Becky Brakel
Junior <19-> Bryan Schumann
Junior<16-> Brian Earhart
Junior<13-> Jacob Loper
Junior Girls<13-> Jaclyn Schumann

Another fantastic year in 2007 with an average of 169 players per event. Another year of huge payouts and cheap entry fees.

UW-Parkside, Kenosha, WI
(172 Players)
April 21, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=6600
April 22, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/tournament/tournament_results.php?TournID=6601

Madison Meadows Park, Lombard, IL
(165 Players)
May 19, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/schedule/event.php?TournID=6603
May 20, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/schedule/event.php?TournID=6605

Lippold Park, Crystal Lake, IL
(186 Players)
June 23, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/schedule/event.php?TournID=6606
June 24, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/schedule/event.php?TournID=6608

Anna Page Park, Rockford, IL
(171 Players)
July 7, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/schedule/event.php?TournID=6651
July 8, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/schedule/event.php?TournID=6653

Jericho Lake Park. Aurora, IL
(161 Players)
September 15, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/schedule/event.php?TournID=6613
September 16, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/schedule/event.php?TournID=6614

Fairfield Park, Round Lake, IL
(158 Players)
October 20, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/schedule/event.php?TournID=6615
October 21, 2007-> http://www.pdga.com/schedule/event.php?TournID=6616

2007 IOS Champions

Open   Neal Swanson
Open Women   Barrett White
Masters   Dan Pastore
Advanced   Scott Klatt
Advanced   Monroy Gowens
Advanced   Kenny Glassman
Advanced   Jason Rose
Advanced   Dan Michler
Adv Masters   Michael LaScola
Adv G-Masters   John Jordan
Intermediate   Ray Esquivel
Intermediate   Matt Travis
Intermediate   Kevin Heinrich
Intermediate   Joe Stephens
Intermediate   Marcos Esquivel
Recreational   Jack Waryk
Recreational   Greg Guther
Recreational   Rudy Esquivel
Recreational   Matt Stachura
Recreational   Vince Pena
Novice           Mike Krupicka
Rec Women   Becky Brakel
Juniors < 19   Adrian Gutierrez Jr.
Juniors < 16   Spencer Holms
Juniors < 13   Jack Eisman
Junior Girls    Maddisen Brakel

2008 is going to be a great year!!!!!

Do you have what it takes to win the Illinois Open Series?

2008 is a GREAT opportunity to start earning points to get invited to the 2009 Am/Pro Worlds in Kansas City, MO. This is a must play for anyone living in the Midwest. We are running all Am B-Tiers so you can accumulate a lot of points so you get your invite. If you are not a PDGA member you better join if you want to play Am Worlds in 2008.

ROCKFORD will be a 2 day A-Tier this year. There will be $1700 minimum added cash to the MPO in 2008. It will also be a USDGC (www.usdgc.com) qualifier for the best finishing Illinois player in the MPO division. For more information on this contact Brett Comincioli -> president@discontinuum.org Rockford will also be one of the first qualifiers for 2009 Am Nationals. Check www.amnationals.com



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