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The Cast

Lucy Ricardo.......Lucille Ball

Ricky Ricardo.......Desi Arnaz

Fred Mertz.......William Frawley

Ethel Mertz.......Vivian Vance

Little Ricky Ricardo.......The Simmons Twins (1953)
.......The Mayer Twins (1953 - 1956)
.......Keith Thibodeaux (1956 - 1960)

Jerry, the agent.......Jerry Hausner (1951 - 1953)

Caroline Appleby.......Doris Singleton (1953 - 1957)

Mrs. Trumble.......Elizabeth Patterson (1953 - 1956)

Mrs. McGillicuddy.......Catherine Card (1954 - 1956, 1959)

Bobby, the bellboy.......Bobby Jellison (1954-1955)

Betty Ramsey.......Mary Jane Croft (1957)

Ralph Ramsey........Frank Nelson (1957)

**Note** The I Love Lucy episodes are in order of when they aired and not in the order of which they were filmed.

Season 1

"The Girls Want To Go To A Nightclub" (Oct. 15, 1951)


To celebrate the Mertze's eighteenth anniversary, Ricky and Fred want to go to a fight, but Lucy and Ethel are determined to go to the Copa. They get a friend to arrange blind dates for them, which she does---but Ricky and Fred are the dates.

"Be A Pal" (Oct. 22, 1951)

Supporting Cast:
Hank--Richard J. Reeves
Charlie--Tony Michaels

"Mama Yo Quiero"

Afraid Ricky is losing interest in her, Lucy follows the advice in a book, "How To Keep the Honeymoon From Ending", and ends up decorating their apartment to look like cuba, and doing her impression of Carmen Miranda. Ricky Can't help by love her for it.

"The Diet" (Oct. 29, 1951)

Supporting Cast:
Piano player--Marco Rizo

"Cuban Pete/Sally Sweet"

Desperate to lose twelve pounds in four days so she can replace one of the singers in Ricky's nightclub act, Lucy crash-diets and steams her way to svelteness. She's a big hit in the show, but winds up fainting afterward from hunger.

"Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying To Murder Her" (Nov. 5, 1951)

Supporting Cast:
Jerry--Jerry Hausner

Spooked by a whodunit she's reading and misinterpreting a conversation she overhears, Lucy's convinced that Ricky's trying to bump her off. Armed with a "gun" and skillet, she confronts him at the Tropicana, where she's embarressed to discover he mistake.

"The Quiz Show" (Nov. 12, 1951)

Supporting Cast:
Freddie Fillmore--Frank Nelson
Announcer--Lee Millar
Mrs. Peterson--Hazel Pierce
Harold, the tramp--John Emery
Arnold, the first husband--Phil Ober

In dire need of extra money Lucy is willing to make a fool of herself to win a thousand dollars on a game show, even if it means introducing Ricky to a bogus long-lost first husband. Lucy wins the jackpot, but ends up with fifty cents after paying her overdue bills.

"The Audition" (Nov. 19, 1951)

"How Dry I Am"

When Lucy begs Ricky to let her audition for a talent scout at the Tropicana, he says no. But she sneaks into the show anyway by replacing the club's ailing clown. The act nets her a contract which she declines, preferring her role as Mrs. Ricardo.

"The Seance" (Nov. 26, 1951)

Supporting Cast:
Mr. Meriweather--Jay Novello

When Lucy finds that she shares a mutual interest in the occult with a theatrical producer, who is considering Ricky for a aprt in his show, she stages a seance for him, with Ehtel as the medium. It's a success, spirit-wise, and RIcky gets the part.

"Men Are Messy" (Dec. 3, 1951)

Supporting Cast:
Kenny, the press agent--Kenny Morgan
Jim White, the photographer--Harry Shannon
Maggie--Hazel Boyne

"Straw Hat Song"

Fed up with Ricky's sloppiness, Lucy divides their apartment into to halves : hers, neat; his, a mess. When a man comes to do a photo layout of Ricky at home, she thinks he's from a musicians journal. Unfortunately, he's a photographer for Look magazine.

"The Fur Coat" (Dec. 10, 1951)

Supporting Cast:
Thief--Ben Weldon

Lucy thinks the mink coat Ricky brought home is her anniversary gift, but it's only rented for his nightclub act. Upon learning the truth, she decides to get even by substituing a fake fur, and cutting it up in front of a stunned Ricky.

"Lucy Is Jealous Of Girl Singer" (Dec. 17, 1951)

Supporting Cast:
Rosemary--Helen Silver

"El Cumbanchero"

Lucy's convinced that Ricky's being unfaithful to her with one of the pretty dancers at the Tropicana, so she sneaks her way into the chorus line to keep an eye on him and upstage her rival. Later, Ricky teases Lucy about that "terrible new chorus girl."

"Drafted" (Dec. 24, 1951)

Ricky was been requestions to appear at Fort Dix to entertain soldiers, but Lucy miscontinues the invitation as a notice that he husband is being drafted. When she started knitting socks for him to take to boot camp, he mistakenly assumes she's pregnant.

"The Adagio" (Dec. 31, 1951)

Supporting Cast:
Jean--Shepard Menken

Before Lucy can perform an apache dance number at the Tropicana, she takes lessons from a Frenchman who's more interested in romance than dance. When Ricky discovers him hiding in a hall closet, the Parisian challenges the Cuban to a duel.

"The Benefit" (Jan. 7, 1952)

"Shine On, Harvest Moon"
"Auf Wiederseh'n, My Dear"
"We'll Build a Bungalow"

Ethel wants Ricky to headline at her women's club benefit, but Lucy refuses to ask him unless she's part of the song-and-comedy act. Ethel relents. Then Lucy rewrites the material when she discovers that Ricky has all the punchlines.

"The Amateur Hour" (Jan. 14, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Hudson--Gail Bonney
Timmy Hudson--David Stollery
Jimmy Hudson--Sammy Ogg

"I'm Breaking My Back"
"Ragtime Cowboy Joe"

Badly needing some extra money, Lucy takes on a baby sitting job for two unruly, eight year old twin boys who just about do her in. But when she performs with them in a talent contest and they win the boys' mother gives Lucy the prize money.

"Lucy Plays Cupid" (Jan. 21, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Miss Lewis--Bea Benaderet
Mr. Ritter--Edward Everett Horton

Lucy tries to play "Cupid" between a local grocery man and a shy spinster, but it backfires when the grocery man thinks Lucy's the interested party. To discharge the man, Lucy invites him over to see her twenty five children and to meet the shy spinster for a look-see.

"Lucy Fakes Illness" (Jan. 28, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Hal March--himself

"When the Saints Come Marching In"

Since Ricky won't put Lucy in his new nightclub act, she fakes a nervous breakdown by developing multiple personalities-one of whom is Tallulah Bankhead. Ricky is on to the fakery and calls in a phony doctor to scare Lucy back to sanity.

"Lucy Writes A Play" (Feb. 4, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Club chairwoman--Myra Marsh
Stage manager--Maury Thompson

Lucy has written a play about a Cuban tobacco picker for her women's club competition, but when she can't get Ricky to star in it, she rewrites it for Fred Mertz. Unaware of the change, Ricky decides to appear in the play after all.

"Breaking The Lease" (Feb. 11, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Burn--Bennett Green
Party guests--Hazel Pierce & Barbara Pepper

"Sweet Sue"
"I Want A Girl Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad"
"El Cumbanchero"
"La Raspa"
"The Mexican Hat Dance"

The Ricardos' late night singing and other noisy endeavors set off a feud with the Mertzes. Lucy and Ricky decide to break their lease by becoming totally undesirable tenants. They succeed, but on moving day the sentimental foursome make up.

"The Ballet" (Feb. 18, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Madame Lamond--Mary Wickes
Burlesque comic--Frank Scannell


Lucy fails miserably at ballet lessons but does much better learning a burlesque act. So when asked to replace a sick performer in Ricky's show, Lucy comes on as a pie throwing, seltzer squirting comic. But Ricky needed the ballet dancer.

"The Young Fans" (Feb. 25, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Peggy Dawson--Janet Waldo
Arthur Morton--Richard Crenna


A teenage girl meets her favorite performer, Ricky Ricardo and develops a crush on him while her steady boyfriend falls in love with Lucy. But when the Ricardos start acting like ninety year olds, the teenagers quickly return to each other.

"New Neighbors" (Mar. 3, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Tom O'Brien--Hayden Rorke
Mrs. O'Brien--K.T. Stevens
Sergeant Morton--Allen Jenkins

Lucy and Ethel overhears their new neighbors plotting tenants' murders, unaware that they're only actors rehearsing lines. To protect themselves, the Ricardos and Mertzes take the law into their own hands and all four wind up in jail.

"Fred And Ethel Fight" (Mar. 10, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Soda jerk--Hazel Pierce

Lucy and Ricky succeed in patching up the sparring Mertzes only to start fighting themselves. Ethel's advice to Lucy and Fred's to Ricky bring the Ricardos back together but set the Mertzes off again.

"The Moustache" (Mar. 17, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Mr. Murdoch--John Brown

"I'll See You in C-U-B-A"

Ricky grows a moustache for a movie role but Lucy doesn't like it and retaliates with a fake beard. The powerful glue she used makes it impossible to remove and Lucy has to hide behind a harem veil when Ricky beings the producer home.

"The Gossip" (Mar. 24, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Bill Foster--Richard J. Reeves
Milkman--Robert Jellison

Ricky and Fred bet their wives that they can keep from gossiping longer. Then each one sets out to trick the other into gossiping first. Lucy and Ethel win the bet but only because Lucy bribed the milkman into creating some phony gossip.

"Pioneer Women" (Mar. 31, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Pettebone--Florence Bates
Mrs. Pomerantz--Ruth Perrott

Having been bet by their husbands that they can't do without modern conveniences, Lucy and Ethel churn butter and bake bread from scratch - an eighteen foot loaf! But then Lucy demands Ricky start living as if it's the turn of the century for him too.

"The Marriage License" (Apr. 7, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Bert Willoughby--Irving Bacon
Mrs. Willougby (Mother)--Elizabeth Patterson

"I Love You Truly"

Lucy thinks she and Ricky aren't legally married because his name was mispelled on their marriage license. So she wants them to renew their vows at the same place in Connecticut where Ricky first proposed to her. But they run out of gas getting there.

"The Kleptomaniac" (Apr. 14, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Dr. Tom Robinson--Joseph Kearns

When Ricky finds a closetful of valuables that Lucy has collected for a bazaar he mistakenly thinks she's become a kleptomaniac. He secretly calls in a doctor to hypnotize her, but Lucy is wise to them and feigns recalling a notorious past.

"Cuban Pals" (Apr. 21, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Carlos Ortega--Alberto Morin
Maria Ortega--Rita Convy
Renita Perez--Lita Baron

"The Lady in Red"

Ricky's former dance partner, the very sexy Renita, visits them from Cuba and Lucy is immediately jealous. Enlisting Fred to drive the dancer to Philadelphia, Lucy takes over Renita's number at the club and ends up in the wildest dance of her life.

"The Freezer" (Apr. 28, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Deliveryman #1--Frankk Sully
Deliveryman #2--Bennett Green
Butcher--Fred Aldrich
Women in butcher shop--Kay Wiley, Barbara Pepper, & Hazel Pierce

"Cielito Lindo"
"Mama Inez"

To stock their new walk in freezer, Lucy and Ethel buy enough beef for a cattle drive. Then Lucy gets locked in the freezer. She emerges dripping icicles, just as the meat she hid in an unlit furnace starts cooking because Fred turned on the heat.

"Lucy Does A TV Commercial" (May 5, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Director--Ross Elliott
Joe--Jerry Hausner
Script clerk--Maury Thompson

Lucy schemes her way into doing a vitamin commercial on a TV show Ricky is hosting. Rehearsing her lines and sampling the liquid tonic, which is one quarter alcohol, Lucy gets bombed as she extols the products virtues while barely staying upright.

"The Publicity Agent" (May 12, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Reporter--Peter Leeds
Photographer--Bennett Green
Assassins--Richard J. Reeves & Gil Herman

"I Get Ideas"

Lucy dreams up some publicity to boast Ricky's career by posing as a Middle Eastern princess who's his biggest fan. The media thinks she's the real thing and so does Ricky until she shows up at the Tropicana and wants to hear twenty five encores of ""Babalu."

"Lucy Gets Ricky On The Radio" (May 19, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Freddie Fillmore--Frank Nelson
Office boy--Bobby Ellis
Radio announcer--Roy Rowan

Lucy enters Ricky as a contestant on a radio quiz show but he refuses to appear. In the producer's office, Lucy comes upon the answers for the show, memorizes them and Ricky is a contestant again. But at airtime all the questions are switched.

"Lucy's Schedule" (May 26, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Alvin Littlefield--Gale Gordon
Phoebe Littlefield--Edith Meiser

Lucy is habitually late, so Ricky puts her on a strict time schedule then invites his boss over for dinner. Lucy gets back at her husband by serving each course of the meal for just a few seconds and then whisking it away again.

"Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald" (Jun. 2, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Mr. Thurlough--Milton Parsons

Ricky's so afraid he's losing his hair that Lucy invites a group of bald men over to reassure her husband he has nothing to worry about. When Ricky doesn't show up, Lucy concocts a bizarre hair growth procedure to get him off his "balding" kick.

"Ricky Asks For A Raise" (Jun. 9, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Maurice, the headwaiter--Maurice Marsac
Alvin Littlefield--Gale Gordon
Phoebe Littlefield--Edith Meiser

A new act is competing with Ricky's at the Tropicana, so Lucy makes dozens of bogus reservations and appears at the club with the Mertzes in various quick change outfits pretending to be customers who only want to see Ricky Ricardo perform.

Season 2

"Job Switching" (Sept. 15, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Mr. Snodgrass--Alvin Hurwitz
Foreman--Elvia Allman
Candy maker--Amanda Milligan

Ricky wants Lucy to try working for a week so she and Ethel get jobs in a candy factory where they are totally inept especially at wrapping - due to a speeding conveyor belt that has them stuffing chocolates into their mouths, blouses and hats.

"The Saxophone" (Sept. 22, 1952)

Supporting Cast:Jule--Herb Vigran
Man in closet--Charles Victor

"The Glow Worm"

When Lucy fails her saxophone audition for Ricky's band she tries to stop him from going on the road by pretending there's another man in her life. Ricky gets back at her by hiring several "lovers" and hiding them in Lucy's closet.

"The Anniversary Present" (Sept. 29, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Grace Foster--Gloria Blondell
Jule--Herb Vigran

"Down Argentine Way"

Ricky's spending time with a neighbor who's helping him by an anniversay gift for Lucy. But she is convinced he's having an affair with the neighbor. When she and Ethel are caught spying ont the "lovers" an embarrassed Lucy finally learns the truth.

"The Handcuffs" (Oct. 6, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Jerry, the agent--Paul Dubov
Mr. Walters--Will Wright
Emcee--Veola Vonn

"In Santiago, Chile"

After Lucy snaps a pair of antique handcuffs on herself and Ricky they realize there's no key. A locksmith is found but not before the Ricardos go to bed handcuffed together and Ricky has to do a TV show with his "attached" wife trying to upstage him.

"The Operetta" (Oct. 13, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Club president--Myra Marsh

"We're the Pleasant Peasant Girls"
"Lily of the Valley"
"I Am the Queen of the Gypsies"
"We Are the Troops of the King"

Lucy's women's club wants to stage an operetta but they're completely broke. So she and Ethel write and star in the musical but when their check bounces for the costumes and scenery the rental company repossesses everything in midperformance.

"Vacation From Marriage" (Oct. 27, 1952)

The Ricardos and Mertzes take a week off from their in a rut marriages. But each spouse misses the other too much and despite a last minute effort to make each other jealous they'd all prefer being in a rut with their mates.

"The Courtroom" (Nov. 10, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Judge--Moroni Olsen
Process server--Harry Bartell
Bailiff--Robert B. Williams

The Ricardos give the Mertzes a television set for their anniversary, but Ricky's zealous tuning causes it to blow up. Fred retaliates by breaking the Ricardos' set and the foursome end up in court where they manage to destroy the judge's TV.

"Redecorating" (Nov. 24, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Dan Jenkins--Hans Conried
Women on party line--Margie Liszt & Florence Halop

Waiting to find out if she has won a home furnishing contest, Lucy won't leave the house much to Ricky's annoyance. He tells Fred to call her and say that she won. Lucy immediately sells all the old furniture which Ricky now has to try to buy back.

"Ricky Loses His Voice" (Dec. 1, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Mr. Chambers--Arthur Q. Bryan
Flappers--Gertrude Astor, Hazel Pierce, Helen Williams, & Barbara Pepper

"Sweet and Lovely"
"Carolina in the Morning"
"Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue"
"Mississippi Mud"
"The Varsity Drag"

Ricky's laryngitis makes it impossible for him to perform in a big reopening show at the Tropicana. So Lucy substitutes herself, the ex-vaudevillian Mertzes, and chorus line of middle aged showgirls from the Flapper Follies of 1927.

"Lucy Is Enciente" (Dec. 8, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Maitre d'--William R. Hamel
Stage hand--Richard J. Reeves

"The Lady in Red"
"Rock-a-bye Baby"
"We're Having a Baby"

Upon learning she is pregnant, Lucy has to break the wonderful news to Ricky, hoping for the perfect moment to tell him. After a couple of failed attempts she goes to the Tropicana and sends a note to him with a song request : "We're Having A Baby."

"Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable" (Dec. 15, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Deliveryman--Bennett Green

"Cheek to Cheek"

Lucy thinks Ricky cares more about the baby they're having than about her especially after buying her presents like bonnets and rattles. But when he takes her out for a night on the town she thinks he's lost interest in the baby.

"Lucy's Showbiz Swan Song" (Dec. 22, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Jerry, the agent--Jerry Hausner

"Carolina in the Morning"
"Strolling Through the Park"
"By the Light of the Silvery Moon"
"Goodnight Ladies"
"Sweet Adeline"

Despite her pregnancy, Lucy wants to appear in Ricky's Gay Nineties revue at the Tropicana. After a disastrous audition, Lucy disguises herself and sneaks into the barbershop quartet number, then proceeds to ruin it.

"Lucy Hires An English Tutor" (Dec. 29, 1952)

Supporting Cast:
Percy Livermore--Hans Conried

"Notre Dame Victory Song"
"Tippy Tippy Toe"

Lucy hires a tutor to improve her English - She's given up on Ricky's. But in exchange for lessons the teacher wants to sing at the Tropicana. Ricky promises to get the man recording auditions if he'll start speaking English like a Cuban.

"Ricky Has Labor Pains" (Jan. 5, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Dr. Rabwin--Louis D. Merrill
Jerry--Jerry Hausner
Clubwoman--Hazel Pierce

After Lucy's friends give her a baby shower, Ricky becomes so jealous of all the attention she's getting, he develops morning sickness. Lucy suggests his friends give him a daddy shower which Fred Mertz promptly turns into a stag party.

"Lucy Becomes A Sculptress" (Jan. 12, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
William Abbott--Shepard Menken
Clerk at art supply store--Leon Belasco
Mr. Harvey--Paul Harvey

With fifty pounds of clay and Fred posing as a discus thrower in his longjohns, Lucy proves she can't sculpt. To discharge her, Ricky brings home an art critic and there's Lucy, her head covered in a thick coat of clay pretending she's a "bust."

"Lucy Goes To The Hospital" (Jan. 19, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Mr. Stanley--Charles Lane
Nurse in hospital lobby--Adele Longmire
Nurse with wheelchair--Peggy Rea
Orderly--Bennett Green
Tropicana maitre d'--William R. Hamel
Policeman--Ralph Montgomery
Nurses--Barbara Pepper, Ruth Perrott, & Hazel Pierce
Little Ricky--James John Ganzer


As Ricky and the Mertzes rehearse their roles for taking Lucy to the hospital, she announces "This is it", sending the three into total hysteria and chaos. That's nothing compared to the chaos Ricky creates at the hospital as a voodoo witch doctor.

"Sales Resistance" (Jan. 26, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Harry Martin--Sheldon Leonard
Mrs. Simpson--Verna Felton

"Cielito Lindo"
"There's a Brand New Baby at Our House"

Convinced his wife is a sucker for a sales pitch, Ricky demands she return the vaccum cleaner she bought them from a door to door salesman. Instead she tries unsuccessfully to sell it. Ricky insists he'll return it and ends up buying a refrigerator.

"The Inferiority Complex" (Feb. 2, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Dr. Henry Molin--Gerald Mohr


Lucy's equally dreadful jokes and bridge playing leaver her feeling depressed and inferior. Ricky arranges for a psychiatrist to flatter her back to mental health, but the doctor gets carried away with his too ardent treatment.

"The Club Election" (Feb. 16, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Jerry, the agent--Jerry Hausner
Lillian Appleby--Doris Singleton
Mrs. Knickerbocker--Ida Moore
Marion Strong--Margie Liszt
Grace Munson--Hazel Pierce
Club President--Lurene Tuttle
Clubwoman--Peggy Rea

"Cuban Cabby"
"Cielito Lindo"

Lucy and Ethel become embroiled in a women's club presidential election, running against each other for the top spot using any means necessary - bribery and other types of payola. After all the hoopla, though, they both wind up winnning the election

"The Black Eye" (Mar. 9, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Florist--Bennett Green

Lucy misses catching a book tossed to her by Ricky and winds up with a black eye which Fred Mertz is convinced was intended. Trying to patch things up for the Ricardos, Fred sends Lucy Flowers but inadvertently uses his own name instead of Ricky's

"Lucy Changes Her Mind" (Mar. 30, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Waiter--Frank Nelson
Harry Henderson--Phil Arnold
Tom Henderson--John L. Hart
Woman in fur salon--Sally Corner

Ricky is furious that his wife can't make up her mind and never finishes what she starts. So Lucy decides to pick up where she left off with an old boyfriend but meeting her former beau after all these years turns into a major disappointment.

"No Children Allowed" (Apr. 20, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Richard Lee & Ronald Lee Simmons
Mrs. Mathilda Trumbull--Elizabeth Patterson
Clubwomen--June Whitney, Charlotte Lawrence, Vivi Janiss, Peggy Rea, Margie Liszt
& Kay Wiley
Baby crying--Jerry Hausner

When a cranky tenant threatens to move because of Little Ricky Ricardo's loud crying, Ethel makes it clear that her friendship with Lucy is more important than a rental agreement. But Ethel doesn't let the Ricardos forget her loyalty.

"Lucy Hires A Maid" (Apr. 27, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Porter--Verna Felton
Baby crying--Jerry Hausner

Lucy's sleepless nights with the new baby are exhausting, so the Ricardos hire a maid. Unfortunately, she takes better care of herself than of Lucy or the apartment. Unable to fire her, Lucy wrecks the place hoping it will make the maid quit.

"The Indian Show" (May 4, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Jerry--Jerry Hausner
Juanita--Carol Richards
Actors posing as Indians--Richard J. Reeves & Frank Gerstle

"Pass That Peace Pipe"
"By the Waters of Minnetonka"

Even the arrival of the baby hasn't dampened Lucy's showbiz aspirations. Wanting to get into the new Indian act at the Tropicana, Lucy pays off one of the performers and appears herself, carrying Little Ricky papoose style on her back.

"Lucy's Last Birthday" (May 11, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Jerry--Jerry Hausner
Mrs. Trumbull--Elizabeth Patterson
Maitre d'--William R. Hamel
Friends of the Friendless--Ransom Sherman, Byron Foulger, & Barbara Pepper

"Happy Birthday to You"
"Friend of the Friendless"
"I Love Lucy"

Convinced everyone has forgotten her birthday, a forlorn Lucy sits on a park bench and meets up with a group of musical "lost souls." To embarrass Ricky, she brings them to the Tropicana, only to discover a surprise birthday party awaits her.

"The Ricardos Change Apartments" (May 18, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Benson--Norma Varden

Now that they have Little Ricky, Lucy insists they need more room, and wants to exchange apartments with one of the other tenants. She convinces a reluctant Ricky by cluttering their apartment with baby things and assorted junk.

"Lucy Is Matchmaker" (May 25, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Eddie Grant--Hal March
Club members--Doris Singleton & Peggy Rea
Maitre d'--William R. Hamel
Man in hotel corridor--Phil Arnold

Lucy wants to fix up a friend of hers with a friend of the Mertzes who happens to be a lingerie salesman. But when she and Ethel wind up in his hotel room trying on lingerie and Fred and Ricky arrive the girls have a lot "splainin'" to do.

"Lucy Wants New Furniture" (Jun 1, 1953)

Lucy tries to hide some new furniture she bought without Ricky's permission in the kitchen. Discovering his wife's extravagant purchase, Ricky insists that she pay for it with her allowance. But Lucy's forced economy brings disastrous results.

"The Camping Trip" (Jun. 8, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Jerry--Jerry Hausner
Clubwomen--Doris Singleton & June Whitney

Anxious to join Ricky on a camping trip in order to have shared interests, Lucy hatches a plot with Ehtel's help to prove she's as outdoorsy as her husband. Her plan backfires when Ethel throws an already dead duck at her to shoot.

"Ricky And Fred Are TV Fans" (Jun 22, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Restaurant counterman--Larry Dobkin
Cop--Allen Jenkins
Desk Sergeant--Frank Nelson

With Ricky and Fred glued to a TV fight, their wives go to a local cafe where service is so slow that Lucy makes change for herself at the cash register and the girls are arrested. They finally get home to husbands who didn't know they were gone.

"Never Do Business With Friends" (Jun. 29, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Trumbull--Elizabeth Patterson
Joe--Herbert Vigran

The Ricardos sell their old washing machine to the Mertzes for thirty five dollars. When it breaks down the next day, Fred and Ethel want out of the deal. A tug of war ensues, however, when the Mertzes want the machine back after a repairman offers them fifty dollars for it.

Season 3

"Ricky's Life Story" (Oct. 5, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Dance Teacher--Louis A. Nicoletti

"Lady of Spain"
The Loveliest Night of the Year"

After Ricky is featured in Life magazine, Lucy is more desperate than ever for a showbiz career. To prevent it, Ricky and Fred concoct an impossible dance routine for her. She gets back at them by upstaging Ricky in his own big number.

"The Girls Go Into Business" (Oct. 12, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Hansen--Mabel Paige
Policeman--Emory Parnell
Customers in dress shop--Barbara Pepper & Kay Wiley

Lucy and Ethel buy a local dress shop, expecting to make millions. But when business is bad, they're happy to sell it for a few hundred more than they paid, only to find out it was sold again for a lot more money, to make way for a skyscraper.

"Lucy And Ethel Buy The Same Dress" (Oct. 19, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Marion Strong--Shirley Mitchell
Caroline Appleby--Doris Singleton
Clubwomen--Ruth Perrott & Hazel Pierce

"When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along"
"Vaya con Dios"

Lucy and Ethel discover they've both bought the same gown to wear in their big musical number for their women's club talent show. Both promise to buy new gowns, but neither one does, which leads to a decidedly unfriendly performance of "Freindship"

"Equal Rights" (Oct. 26, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Xavier, the waiter--Lawrence Dobkin
Cops--Fred Aldrich & Louis A. Nicoletti
Cop at police station--Richard J. Reeves

Since Lucy and Ethel insist on equal treatment, their husbands oblige and everyone gets seperate checks at a restaurant. Because they have no money, the girls end up washing dishes and get back at Ricky and Fred by pretending they're been robbed.

"Baby Pictures" (Nov. 2, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Caroline Appleby--Doris Singleton
Charlie Appleby--Hy Averback

"In Acapulco"

The Ricardos and the Applebys always brag to each other about their little sons. But when Lucy's and Caroline Appleby's exchanges turn hostile and sarcastic, Ricky worries that it will jeopardize a TV job that's been offered to him by Caroline's husband.

"Lucy Tells The Truth" (Nov. 9, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Caroline Appleby--Doris Singleton
Marion Strong--Shirley Mitchell
Casting director--Charles Lane
Professor Falconi--Mario Siletti
Woman at audition--Dorothy Lloyd

Ricky and the Mertzes bet Lucy that she can't go twenty four hours without telling a lie. The outcome : she insults all her friends and has to admit her real age and hair color. But she does get a part on a TV show by telling the truth, more or less.

"The French Revue" (Nov. 16, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Robert DuBois--Alberto Morin
Stage hands--Richard J. Reeves & Fred Aldrich
Maitre d'--Louis A. Nicoletti

"Frere Jacques"

Ricky is planning a French Revue for the club and since Lucy is determined to be in it, she hires a Frenchman to coach her. When Ricky forbids her to come near the place, she tries various disguises and finally succeeds as a chorus girl.

"Redecorating The Mertzes Apartment" (Nov. 23, 1953)

"Lily of the Valley"

Lucy helps Ethel with the repainting and refurbishing chores. But when Fred turns on a fan as Lucy is unstuffing a chair, the paint and feathers go flying. Lucy feels responsible for the ruined furniture and gives Ethel her own living room set as a gift.

"Too Many Crooks" (Nov. 30, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Trumbull--Elizabeth Patterson
Policeman--Allen Jenkins
Madame X--Alice Wills

Lucy sneaks into the Mertzes apartment to borrow one of Fred's suits so she can order a custom made one for his birthday gift. This leads Ethel to assume that Lucy is the notorious neighborhood burglar and she goes spying on her friend to prove it.

"Changing The Boy's Wardrobe" (Dec. 7, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Zeb Allen--Oliver Blake
Jerry--Jerry Hausner
Alberto--Alberto Calderone
Phil, the photographer--Lee Millar
Award presenter--Paul Power


Digusted with their husbands' old clothes, Lucy and Ethel give them to a secondhand store, but the boys buy everything back. Then, dressed in new tuxedos, they call their wives to meet them at the club. The girls arrive in their grubbiest attire.

"Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined" (Dec. 14, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Arthur Walsh--Arthur Walsh
Bill Parker--Dayton Lummis
Eye doctor--Shepard Menken

"Stompin' at the Savoy"
"The Varsity Drag"
"There's No Business Like Show Business"

Lucy is about to audition for a movie in which she has to do a mean jitterbug. But on the day of the audition, she takes Ricky to the eye doctor, and winds up with drops in her eyes that blur her vision and seriously impair her dance.

"Ricky's Old Girlfriend" (Dec. 21, 1953)

Supporting Cast:
Carlota Romero--Rosa Turich
Young Spanish woman--Lillian Molieri
Jerry--Jerry Hausner

A magazine marriage quiz prompts Lucy to tell Ricky about her old boyfriends. He gets even by inventing an old flame, but the name he uses is someone he once knew who is now appearing in town. Lucy's relieved to discover that the woman is fat and unattractive.

"The Million-Dollar Idea" (Jan. 11, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Dickie Davis--Frank Nelson

After Lucy and Ethel promote their salad dressing product on TV-Lucy drank it to prove it's great taste-Ricky shows them why they won't make a profit. So they go back on TV to "unsell" the dressing-tasting and hating it-but the orders pour anyway.

"Ricky Minds The Baby" (Jan. 18, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Joseph & Michael Mayer

Ricky agrees to watch his son, but while daddy is engrossed in a football game, Little Ricky wanders off. Lucy finds him in the hallway and calls Ricky to ask where the baby is. Panicking, Ricky searches everywhere before Lucy walks in with their son.

"The Charm School" (Jan. 25, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Bill Hall--Tyler McVey
Lou Ann Hall--Vivi Janiss
Tom Williams--Maury Hill
Eve Whitney--Eve Whitney Maxwell
Phoebe Emerson--Natalie Shafer

When one of Ricky's friends brings a gorgeous, attention getting date to the Ricardos party, Lucy and Ethel head straight for charm school They emerge wearing too much makeup and outrageous sexy gowns, but their husbands aren't impressed.

"Sentimental Anniversary" (Feb. 1, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Party guests--Barbara Pepper, Hazel Pierce, & Bennett Green

The Ricardos want to spend their anniversary alone, but Ethel has planned a surprise party for them. So when the guests start arriving, Lucy and Ricky have to sneak out of their apartment and pretend to be surprised when they come back in.

"Fan Magazine Interview" (Feb. 8, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Eleanor Harris--Joan Banks
Jerry--Jerry Hausner
Minnie Finch--Kathryn Card
Minnie's neighbors--Elvia Allman & Hazel Boyne

"Vesti La Giubba"

An "average day in the life of" article is being written about the Ricardos. When the reporter arrives, it's anything but average when Lucy hits the roof after finding out about Ricky's "date" with another woman at the club. It's actually part of a publicity stunt, but Lucy's on the warpath.

"Oil Wells" (Feb. 15, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Sam Johnson--Harry Cheshire
Nancy Johnson--Sandra Gould
Ken, the detective--Ken Christy

When the Ricardos find out the Mertzes bought some oil stock that they too wanted in on, Fred sells them half his shares. Then the foursome mistakenly think they've been swindled and get their money back just before the wells start gushing.

"Ricky Loses His Temper" (Feb. 22, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Mulford--Madge Blake
Morris Williams--Byron Kane
Sir Hume--Max Terhune

Ricky explodes when Lucy buys an expensive hat. She offers to return it and bets him that he'll lose his cool over something else before she buys another hat. But no matter what she does to provoke him, the hot-tempered Cuban remains unruffled.

"Home Movies" (Mar. 1, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Bennett Green--Stanley Farrar

"I'm an Old Cowhand"
"Vaya con Dios"

Lucy and the Mertzes are so bored with Ricky's home movie that they make one of their own : a Western musical drama which they splice into a TV pilot Ricky's working on. Fortunately, the show's producer thinks the unintentional comedy is hilarious.

"Bonus Bucks" (Mar. 8, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Laundryman--Tony Michaels
Grocery boy--Don Garner
Laundry checker--Frank Jacquet
Laundry deliveryman--Bennett Green
Woman in laundry--Patsy Moran
Man at newspaper--John Frank

Ricky's contest winning one dollar bill-worth three hundred dollars-goes on a wild journey : from Lucy's purse to the grocery boy, to Ethel, To Ricky's pajamas, the the Speedy Laundry, where Lucy, attempting to retrieve the bonus buck, ends up in a vat of starch.

"Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation" (Mar. 22, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Freddie Fillmore--Frank Nelson

"King Kamehameha"
"A Hawaiian War Chant"
"Cielito Lindo"
"La Cucaracha"
"I Get the Blues When It Rains"
"Let's Have Another Cup o' Coffee"
"I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket"
"How Deep Is the Ocean"

Hoping to go with Ricky on a Hawaiian concert tour, Lucy appears on a game show that give away free airline tickets. Ricky is unexpectedly there, too, singing while Lucy is doused with water, sprayed with honey and pelted with eggs and pies.

"Lucy Is Envious" (Mar. 29, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Cynthia Harcourt--Mary Jane Croft
Al Sparks--Herbert Vigran
Henry--Dick Elliott
Martha--Kay Wiley
Elevator operator--Louis A. Nicoletti

Lucy's past fibs to her rich and snobby ex-schoolmates are about to catch up with her when she unwittingly pledges five hundred dollars to a charity drive. In order to come up with the money, she and Ethel agree to a publicity stunt that puts them on top of the Empire State Building posing as women from Mars.

"Lucy Writes A Novel" (Apr. 5, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Mr. Dorrance--Pierre Watkin
Mel Eaton--Dayton Lummis
Messenger--Bennett Green

Lucy is writing a novel she's sure will make a fortune, but when Ricky and the Mertzes find themselves in the book they burn it. There are, however, carbon copies and even a publisher who's momentarily interested.

"Lucy's Club Dance" (Apr. 12, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Caroline Appleby--Doris Singleton
Marion Strong--Shirley Mitchell

"Twelfth Street Rag"

As a fund-raiser for their women's group, Lucy and the others form a quintet, hoping to appear with Ricky at the club. Appalled by their lack of talent, he gets even more upset when a newspaper item suggests he's put together an "all girl orchestra."

"The Black Wig" (Apr. 19, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Roberta--Eve McVeagh
Doug--Douglas Evans
Waiter--Louis A. Nicoletti
Man on the street--Bennett Green

Lucy is sure Ricky won't recognize her in a stylish black wig, so she plans to test his fidelity. When she flirts with him, he pretends not to know her. They make a dinner date to which Lucy brings Ethel, in disguise, and Ricky shows up with Fred.

"The Diner" (Apr. 26, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Mr. Watson--James Burke
Drunk--Fred Sherman
Delivery boy--Don Garner
Patrons--Marco Rizo, Nick Escalante, Alberto Calderone, & Joe Miller

The Ricardos and Mertzes buy a diner together, but Fred and Ethel do all the work. So they divide the place in half - American and Cuban. When a price war and a pie fight ensue, the foursome are happy to sell it back to the original owner, cheap.

"Tennessee Ernie Visits" (May 3, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Ernest Ford--Tennessee Ernie Ford

"Wabash Cannon Ball"
"Turkey in the Straw"
"She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain"

Hick cousin Tennessee Ernie Ford visits the Ricardos and becomes an unwelcome guest. His singing is too loud, his appetite is gargantuan and he destroys Ricky's maracas. And Lucy's vamping- meant to scare him off- makes him want to stay longer.

"Tennessee Ernie Hangs On" (May 10, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Ernest Ford--Tennessee Ernie Ford
Host of TV show--Richard J. Reeves

"Wabash Cannon Ball"
"Y'all Come"

The Ricardos' houseguest, Tennessee Ernie Ford, has overstayed his welcome. To get rid of him, Lucy says they're too poor to buy food, so Ernie takes them and the Mertzes on a talent show, where their act wins a prize and a ticket home for Ernie.

"The Golf Game" (May 17, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Jimmy Demaret--himself
Tournament announcer--Louis A. Nicoletti
Caddy--George Pirrone

Tired of being golf "widows", Lucy and Ethel take up the game themselves. To discourage their wives, Ricky and Fred invent some nutty new rules. When a golf pro sets the women straight, they enlist his help to teach the men a lesson.

"The Sublease" (May 24, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Hammond--Virginia Brissac
Mr. Beecher--Jay Novello

Since the Ricardos are off to Maine for two months, the Mertzes have to sublet the apartment. When they finally find a tenant they like, Ricky's summer booking falls through and Ricardos have to move in with the Mertzes. It's hell all around.

Season 4

"The Business Manager" (Oct. 4, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Andrew Hickox--Charles Lane
Mrs. Trumbull--Elizabeth Patterson

Ricky hires a manager to handle Lucy's hopeless budget. Lucy get's back at them by buying groceries for the neighbors, pocketing the money and charging everything to her new account which all leads to a stock market tip that pays off.

"Mertz And Kurtz" (Oct. 11, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Barney Kurtz--Charles Winniger
Little Barney--Stephen Wootton

"They Go Wild Over Me"
"By the Beautiful Sea"
"On the Boardwalk of Atlantic City"
"I Found a Peach on the Beach"
"I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad"
"Oh By Jingo"

Fred's old vaudeville partner pays a visit, with tales of world travel and entertaining royalty, then fianlly admits he's just a cook in the Bronx. So to help the old trouper impress his grandson, Ricky stars him in a revue at the club.

"Lucy Cries Wolf" (Oct. 18, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. DeVries--Beppy DeVries
Crooks--Fred Aldrich & Louis A. Nicoletti

To test Ricky's devotion, Lucy creates a few phony emergencies requiring him to rush to her side : she even pretends to have been kidknapped. He's wise to her, and act indifferent. But when real burglars nab Lucy, he thinks she's still bluffing.

"The Matchmaker" (Oct. 25, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Dorothy Cooke--Sarah Selby
Sam Carter--Milton Frome
Messenger--Bennett Green

Lucy invites two shy friends over for dinner, planning to show them how wonderful marriage is. But the dinner burns, the baby cries, Ricky is cranky and the Ricardos end up fighting. Still, all this marital bliss sends the shy couple to the alter.

"Mr. And Mrs. TV Show" (Nov. 1, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Harvey Cromwell--John Litel
Mr. Taylor--Lee Millar

"Sweet Sue"

When Lucy learns Ricky tried to decline a TV appearance to keep her off the airwaves, she sabotages a "dress rehearsal" of the show in their apartment by making fun of the sponsor. The only problem : it's actually a live TV broadcast of "Breakfast with Lucy and Ricky."

"Ricky's Movie Offer" (Nov. 8, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Ben Benjamin--Frank Nelson
Pete--James Dobson
Mrs. Trumbull--Elizabeth Patterson

"Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life"
"In a Little Spanish Town"

When the neighbors find out that a Hollywood agent is meeting with Ricky, they and their pets converge on the Ricardo apartment, hoping to audition - Lucy even has her god-awful Marilyn Monroe takeoff ready. Fortunately, Ricky and the agent meet at a hotel.

"Ricky's Screen Test" (Nov. 15, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Director--Clinton Sundberg
Assistant director--Ray Kellogg
Boom man--Louis A. Nicoletti
Clapstick man--Alan Ray

"Canta Guitarra"

According to showbiz gossip, Ricky's a sure bet for a Hollywood movie and Lucy is praying that her small role in his screen test will mean stardom for her too. But despite all her valiant efforts, only the back of Lucy's head ends up on camera.

"Lucy's Mother-In-Law" (Nov. 22, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
Professor Bonanova--Fortunio Bonanova
Assistant to professor--Virginia Barbour
Ricky's mother--Mary Emery
Party guests--Pilar Arcos & Rodolfo Hoyos
Messenger--Bennett Green

"Bim Bam Boom"

Lucy's attempts to impress Ricky's mothers keep meeting with disaster. She even loses her in-law on the subway. Then, at a Spanish-speaking party, she hires a man to secretly translate for her, but when he departs suddenly, she's left tongue-tied.

"Ethel's Birthday" (Nov. 29, 1954)

Supporting Cast:
John's voice--Richard D. Kean
Cynthia's voice--Mary Lansing

An argument over a birthday gift Lucy picked out for Ethel leads to a rift between them. Fred and Rick mend it by arranging for the women to sit next to each other at the theater, where a sentimental play rekindles their friendship.

"Ricky's Contract" (Dec. 6, 1954)

"When You're Smiling"

Ricky's so anxious for a phone call from Hollywood confirming a movie deal that Fred makes up a phony message saying those magic words. Lucy and Ethel then try to intercept it before it reaches Ricky--but he's already gotten the news for real.

"Getting Ready" (Dec. 13, 1954)

"California, Here I Come"

The Ricardos plan to drive out to Hollywood for Ricky's film debut and the Mertzes who can't bear to say good-bye are invited to come along. Fred buys a vintage cadillac, but it's too old to make the trip and Ricky's stuck with it.

"Lucy Learns To Drive" (Jan. 3, 1955)

Ricky has bought a new car for the trip to Hollywood and Lucy insists he teach her how to drive. He gives up after the first lesson, but she thinks she's doign great, and offers to teach Ethel, which makes two accidents waiting to happen--and they do.

"California, Here We Come" (Jan. 10, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Trumbull--Elizabeth Patterson
Mrs. McGillicuddy--Kathryn Card

"California, Here I Come"

The day before the Ricardos and Mertzes leave for California, Lucy's mother decides to join them. The mertzes back out, but when Lucy's mother decides to take Little Ricky and fly, Ethel and Fred decide to go again. Finally, all four head west.

"First Stop" (Jan. 17, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
George Skinner--Olin Howlin

"I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark"

On the road, the Ricardos and Mertzes get lost in Ohio. Stopping at a run down motel, they eat inedible food and rent a very shaky cabin. Meanwhile, their car's steering wheel is stolen, and the motel owner sells them a new one or rather their own.

"Tennessee Bound" (Jan. 24, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Ernest Ford--Tennessee Ernie Ford
Sheriff--Will Wright
Teensy & Weensy--Rosalyn & Marilyn Borden
Gas station attendant--Aaron Spelling

"Old MacDonald Had A Farm"
"Birmingham Jail"
"Ricochet Romance"

The Ricardos and the Mertzes are arrested for speeding in cousin Tennessee Ernie Ford's hometown. After tyring to help them escape from jail, Ernie offers to marry one of the sheriff's chubby daughters in exchange for his friends' release.

"Ethel's Hometown" (Jan. 31, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Will Potter--Irving Bacon
Billy Hackett--Chick Chandler

"Short'nin' Bread"
"My Hero"

The foursome make a stop in Albuquerque, Ethel's hometown, where her recent letters have led everyone to assume she's the one heading for Hollywood stardom. invited to perform at a local theater, she gets upstaged by Fred and the Ricardos.

"L.A. At Last!" (Feb. 7, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Bobby, the bellboy--Robert D. Jellison
Headwaiter--Harry Bartell
William Holden--himself
Eve Arden--himself
Bill Sherman--Dayton Lummis
Mr. Sherman's secretary--Dani Sue Nolan
Waiter--Alan Ray

Startstruck Lucy spies Wiliam Holden at the Brown Derby, then accidentally knocks a tray of desserts into his lap. When Ricky brings Holden home from the studio to meet his biggest fan, the second encounter with Lucy tops the first by a nose.

"Don Juan And The Starlets" (Feb. 14, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Ross Elliott--Ross Elliott
Girl #1--Dolores Donlon
Girl #2--Beverly E. Thompson
Girl #3--Shirlee Tigge
Girl #4--Maggie Magennis
Maid--Iva Shepard

Ricky attends a movie premiere with four starlets, while Lucy falls asleep on the couch in their hotel suite. Seeing his bed made up the next moring, she assumes he never came home (he did, and went out again early) and is ready to sue for divorce.

"Lucy Get's In The Pictures" (Feb. 21, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Frank Williams--Lou Krugman
Showgirl--Onna Conners
Bobby--Robert Jellison
Stage hand--Louis A. Nicoletti

"A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody"

Thanks to a director friend of Ricky's, Lucy finally lands a part in a movie. She plays a Ziegfeld-type showgirl who gets shot during her descent down a huge staircase. But Lucy's top heavy headdress does her in long before the gun goes off.

"The Fashion Show" (Feb. 28, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Don Loper--himself
Amzie, the sales clerk--Amzie Strickland
Mrs. Gordon MacRae--Sheila MacRae
Mrs. William Holden--Brenda Marshall Holden
Mrs. Dean Martin--Jeanne Biegger Martin
Mrs. Van Heflin--Frances Neal Heflin
Mrs. Forrest Tucker--Marylin Johnson Tucker
Mrs. Alan Ladd--Sue Carol Ladd
Mrs. Richard Carlson--Mona Carlson

"Embraceable You"

Lucy talks her way into being one of the models at a Hollywood charity fashion show. Wanting to exchange her New York pallor for a California tan, she over does it, ending up lobster-red and has to wear a scratchy tweed suit on the runway.

"The Hedda Hopper Story" (Mar. 14, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Hedda Hopper--herself
Charlie Pomerantz--Hy Averback
Bobby--Robert Jellison
Mrs. McGillicuddy--Kathryn Card
Lifeguard--John Hart

"Cuban Pete"
"Green Eyes"
"Sheik of Araby"

To get Hedda Hopper's attention, Ricky's publicity agent wants him to "save" Lucy from drowning in the hotel pool just as the famous columnist walks by. But when a bowl of fruit is mistaken for one of Hopper's hats, the stunt backfires.

"Don Juan Is Shelved" (Mar. 21, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. McGillicuddy--Kathryn Card
Bobby--Robert Jellison
Dore Schary/George Spelvin--Philip Ober
Miss Ballantine--Jody Drew
Jim Stevens--John Hart

When Ricky's movie is canceled, Lucy hires a man to impersonate a producer and say great things about Ricky as meeting he's having with the head of MGM. Uknowingly, Lucy has "hired" the studio chief himself, who plays along with her.

"Bullfight Dance" (Mar. 18, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Ross Elliott--Ross Elliott
Propman--Ray Kellogg

"Let Me Go Lover"
"Dear Old Donegal"
"Old Folks at Home"

In order to avoid Lucy saying nasty things about him in a movie magazine article, Ricky has to let her appear on his TV benefit show. She's the bull to his matador in a Spanish dance number, only slightly revamped - Lucy does it as a dancing cow.

"Hollywood Anniversary" (Apr. 4, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. McGillicuddy--Kathryn Card
Bobby--Robert Jellison
Ross Elliott--Ross Elliott

"Anniversary Waltz"
"La Vie en Rose"

Lucy is mad because Ricky doesn't remember their anniversary date. When he tells her he's arranged a big celebration at Mocambo, she forgives him, until she finds out that he wired the county clerk's office where they were married confirm the date.

"The Star Upstairs" (Apr. 18, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Cornel Wilde--himself
Bobby--Robert Jellison

"When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"

Lucy is so determined to get a look at Cornel Wilde - he's in the hotel suite above the Ricardos - that she disguises herself as a bellhop and brings him a food cart. But leaving his suite isn't as easy; she get's herself locked out on his balcony.

"In Palm Springs" (Apr. 25, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Rock Hudson--himself
Mrs. McGillicuddy--Kathryn Card

The boys and the girls need a break from each other, so the boys stay in L.A., and Lucy and Ethel go to Palm Springs. Secretly arranged by Ricky, the girls meet Rock Hudson, who tells them a touching story that sparks a happy reunion of the "odd couples."

"The Dancing Star" (May 2, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Van Johnson--himself
Caroline Appleby--Doris Singleton
Marco Rizo--himself

"How About You?"

Hoping to make Caroline Appleby jealous, Lucy says she and Van Johnson are dance partners. After picking him up at her hotel, Lucy begs him to go along with her charade. But when his regular partner is ill, Johnson actually asks Lucy to dance with him.

"Harpo Marx" (May 9, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Harpo Marx--himself
Caroline Appleby--Doris Singleton

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

Hoping to impress Caroline Appleby, who is passing through L.A., Lucy invites her friend over to meet a few movie stars. Because Caroline's myopic, Lucy herself portrays, Gable, Cooper, Crosby, even Harpo Marx. Then the real Harpo arrives.

"Ricky Needs An Agent" (May 16, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Walter Reilly--Parley Baer
Miss Klein--Helen Kleeb

To spur MGM into a movie deal for Ricky, Lucy pretends to be his agent and tells the studio that he's been offered a Broadway musical. To her horror, the studio releases him. Now she has to convince MGM that a crazy woman was impersonating his agent.

"The Tour" (May 30, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Richard Widmark--himself
Maid--Juney Ellis
Bus Driver--Benny Rubin
Women on bus--Audrey Betz & Barbara Pepper

Lucy will do anything to get Richard Widmark's autograph. She scales the walls of the actor's estate, gets past a dangerous dog and winds up in Widmark's den disguised as a bearskin rug. Enter the star, Ricky and the dog.

Season 5

"Lucy Visits Grauman's" (Oct. 3, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Tourist Couple--Gege Pearson & Hal Gerard
Policemen--Ben Numis & Clarence Straight

Lucy wants to go back to New York with the most incredible souvenir of Hollywood : the concrete block at Grauman's containing John Wayne's foot prints. She and Ethel manage to steal the slab but Ricky demands they return it. On the way back, they drop it.

"Lucy And John Wayne" (Oct. 10, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
John Wayne--Himself
George, the masseur--Ralph Volkie
Man with poster--Louis A. Nicoletti
Little Ricky--Mike Mayer

Ricky arranged for the Duke to make a replacement of his cement footprints at Grauman's. The first one is mistaken for a forgery by Lucy and Ethel, and they erase it. Little Ricky messes up the second one. Finally, Wayne makes a six month supply.

"Lucy And The Dummy" (Oct. 17, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Chip Jackson--Lee Millar

"I Get Ideas"

At an MGM studio party, Lucy dances with a life sized dummy of Ricky, hoping her talent will finally be "discovered". When "Ricky" apparently becomes permanently attached to her, the dance turns into a comedy act that leads to an MGM movie contract.

"Ricky Sells The Car" (Oct. 24, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Messenger--Bennett Green
Union Pacific ticket agent--Donald L. Brodie

Planning to return to New York by train, Ricky sells the car, which leaves the Mertzes hurt that they're not going back with the Ricardos. Fred buys an old motorcycle for the trip, but when he crashes it immediately, Ricky finally buys them train tickets.

"The Great Train Robbery" (Oct. 31, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Conductor--Frank Nelson
Mrs. McGillicuddy--Kathryn Card
Mr. Estes, the jewelry salesman--Lou Krugman
Jewel thief--Harry Bartell
Detective--Joseph Crehan
Sam, the porter--Sam McDaniel
Newspaper reporter--Louis A. Nicoletti
Passengers--Hazel Boyne, Saul Gross, Hubie Kerns, Evelyn Finley, Lila Finn, Gil Perkins, Hazel Pierce, & Roy Rowan

The Ricardos are on the train to New York when Lucy realizes she left the tickets in the station. So she pulls the emergency cord, stops the train and angers the conductor. But when she pulls it again to help catch a thief on board, she's a heroine.

"Homecoming" (Nov. 7, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. Trumbull--Elizabeth Patterson
Nancy Graham--Elvia Allman
Neighbors--Eva June Mayer, Roy Schallert, Charlotte Lawrence, Barbara Pepper, Bennett Green, & Hazel Pierce

Once back in New York, Lucy's movie star husband has become something of a celebrity. Even she starts fawning all over him and Ricky can't stand it. Hoping to get back his real wife, he begins treating Lucy like a slave until she finally rebels.

"The Ricardos Are Interviewed" (Nov. 14, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Johnny Clark--John Gallaudet
Edward Warren--Elliott Reid
TV director--Monty Masters
Cameraman--Bennett Green

"Rancho Grande"

A TV interview show plans to visit the Ricardos at home, but first Ricky's agent wants them to move to fancier digs. When Lucy says no, the Mertzes pick a fight with the Ricardos, hoping it will make them move. It doesn't work, and their fighting goes on.

"Lucy Goes To A Rodeo" (Nov. 28, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Johnny Clark--John Gallaudet
Rattlesnake Jones--Dub Taylor
Madison Square Garden announcer--Doye O'Dell

"Cuban Pete"
"Red River Valley"
"Down by the Old Mill Stream"
"Birmingham Jail"
"The Old Chisholm Trail"
"Lily of the Valley"
"Home on the Range"

Ricky can't perform in a Western theme show at Fred's lodge - he thinks he has a radio booking - so Lucy and Ethel fill in. When Ricky learns it's a rodeo - not a radio - show he's got to do, he hires Lucy and the Mertzes to perform their Western numbers.

"Nursery School" (Dec. 5, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Dr. Gettleman--Olan E. Soule
Dr. Barnett--Howard Hoffman
Nurse #1--Iva Shepard
Nurse #2--Maxine Semon
Orderlies--Alan Ray & Robert Brubaker

Lucy wants her son at home, but Daddy wants him in nursery school, so he's enrolled. Little Ricky loves it there until he needs a tonsillectomy that requires an overnight hospital stay. Lucy disguises herself as a nurse to spend the night with him.

"Ricky's European Booking" (Dec. 12, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Mr. Feldman--Harry Antrim
Mr. Jamison--Barney Phillips
Dorothea Wolbert--Dorothea Wolbert
Hazel Pierce--Hazel Pierce
Recording engineer--Louis A. Nicoletti
Pied Pipers--Lee Cotch, Clark Yokum, Allen Davies, & Sue Allen

"Forever Darling"

Ricky's off to Europe but can't afford to take Lucy and Ethel, who decide to raise their trip money by raffling off a TV set. But threat of imprisonment for fraud halts the raffle. Luckily, Ricky gets free passage by ship for all of them.

"The Passports" (Dec. 19, 1955)

Supporting Cast:
Helen Erickson Kaiser--Sheila Bromley
Sidney Kaiser--Robert Forrest
Dr. Peterson--Sam Hearn

"Skip to My Lou"
"Mad'moiselle from Armentieres"

Since Lucy can't produce her birth certificate to get a passport, she needs the signatures of two people who have known her from birth. A childhood baby sitter and her family doctor try unsuccessfully to help. But finally Lucy's mother sends the certificate.

"Staten Island Ferry" (Jan. 2, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Passport clerk--Charles Lane
Ferry attendant--Stanley Farrar

Fred's so afraid his seasickness will ruin the trip to Europe that Lucy takes him for a trial run on the Staten Island Ferry. Both of them take seasickness pills, fall asleep on deck and almost miss picking up their passports at the government office.

"Bon Voyage" (Jan. 16, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Mrs. McGillicuddy--Kathryn Card
Mrs. Trumbull--Elizabeth Patterson
Officer--Tyler McVey
Dock agent--Ken Christy
Helicopter dispatcher--Jack Albertson
Helicopter pilot--Frank Gerstle
Dock worker--Bennett Green

The Ricardos and Mertzes sail for Europe but Lucy literally keeps missing the boat - first when she goes ashore for a last goodbye with Little Ricky, then when she misses the pilot boat to take her to the ship. Finally a helicpter drops her on board.

"Second Honeymoon" (Jan. 23, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Social director--Tyler McVey
Passenger with Rocky, the dog--Louis A. Nicoletti
Woman--Virginia Barbour
Kenneth Hamilton--Harvey Grant
Man in deck chair--Harbert Lytton
His wife--Paula Winslow
Marco Rizo--himself

"Cielito Lindo"

On the ship to Europe, the Mertzes are enjoying a second honeymoon. Lonely because Ricky's busy performing on board, Lucy "Kidnaps" him for an evening, locking the stateroom and tossing the key out the porthole, then gets herself stuck through the porthole.

"Lucy Meets The Queen" (Jan. 30, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Bellboy--Sam Edwards
Man on the street--Robert Shafter
Maid--Nancy Kulp
Dancers--Betty Scott & Patti Nestor

Lucy dances in Ricky's London Palladium show just so that she can meet the Queen after the performance. But a leaping finale renders her unable to curtsy properly. The queen, however, insists on meeting the girl who did that wonderful comedy dance.

"The Fox Hunt" (Feb. 6, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Sir Clive Richardson--Walter Kingsford
Angela Randall--Hilary Brooke
Groom--Trevor Ward

Jealous of a British starlet's attention to Ricky, Lucy arranges a weekend at the estate of a famous movie producer, only to discover he's the starlet's father. Then, adding injury to insult, she takes part in a fox hunt and ends up in brambles.

"Lucy Goes To Scotland" (Feb. 20, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Mayor Ferguson--Larry Orenstein
Townspeople--John Gustafson, John Hynd, Robert E. Hamlin, Ann Ellen Walker, Norma Zimmer, Betty Noyes, Dick Byron, Chuck Schrouder, & Betty Allen

"Tis Nay a Bra Bricht Nicht"
"A McGillicuddy Is Here"
"I'm in Love with a Dragon's Dinner"
"Two Heads Are Nay Better Than One"
"Dragon Waltz"

Lucy dreams that's she's visiting her ancestral village in Scotland, arriving just in time to be sacrificed to a two-headed dragon. Ricky comes to resue here, then back outs. Waking up she hits him with a pillow and calls him a "coward!"

"Paris At Last!" (Feb. 27, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Counterfeiter--Lawrence Dobkin
Charpentier, the artist--Shepard Menken
Waiter--Maurice Marsac
Chef--Rolfe Sedan
Tour guide--Fritz Feld
Arresting officer--Trevor Ward
Policeman at station--Ramsey Hill & John Mylong
Drunk--Vincent Padula
Tourist--Hazel Pierce

Lucy exchanges American money for French francs with a man on the streets of Paris and gets more than the going rate - a wad of counterfeit francs. Innocently trying to pay for lunch with the money, she's arrested and lands in jail.

"Lucy Meets Charles Boyer" (Mar. 5, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Charles Boyer--himself
Waiter--Jack Chefe

Forewarned by Ricky, the great actor pretends he's someone who looks like Boyer in order to avoid the attention of Lucy and Ethel. Hoping to make Ricky jealous, Lucy hires the fake Boyer to impersonate the real one, and muddled madness results.

"Lucy Gets A Paris Gown" (Mar. 19, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Waiter--John Bleifer

Lucy pretends to be on a hunger strike until Ricky buys her a Paris gown. So he and Fred create burlap outfits for their wives with French labels sewn in. The women find out the gowns are not "originals." and force their husbands to buy them the real thing.

"Lucy In The Swiss Alps" (Mar. 26, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Swiss band leader--Torben Meyer

"La Cucaracha"
"Swiss Yodel"

Caught in an Alpine snowstorm, the Ricardos and Mertzes take refuge in a deserted cabin, where the famished foursome have a food fight over a sandwich, and end up confessing dark secrets. They're rescued by an "oompah" band playing "La Cucaracha."

"Lucy Gets Homesick In Italy" (Apr. 9, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Desk clerk--Vincent Padula
Giuseppe--Bart Bradley
Woman on phone--Ida Smeraldo
Mrs. McGillicuddy--Kathryn Card
Teresa--Kathleen Marzalo

"Happy Birthday to You"

An Italian street urchin wins Lucy's heart by reminding her of Little Ricky, whom she misses terribly, especially since it's his birthday. So she throws a birthday party for her son in his absence and makes the little Italian boy her guest of honor.

"Lucy's Italian Movie" (Apr. 16, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Vittorio Fellipi--Franco Corsaro
Bellboy--Saverio Lo Medico
Woman in vat--Teresa Tirelli
Vineyard boss--Ernesto Molinari
Grape picker--Rosa Barbato

When an Italian director casts Lucy in his new film, she mistakenly thinks it's about wine-making. To prepare for the role, she goes to a vineyard, climbs into a grape filled vat for some exuberant stomping and ends up in a mushy grape throwing fight.

"Lucy's Bicycle Trip" (Apr. 23, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Farmer--Mario Siletti
French guard--Francis Ravel
Italian guards--Felix Romano & Henry dar Boggia

The Ricardos and the Mertzes bicycle from Italy to the French Riviera. At the border, Lucy realizes her passport is in the luggage that went ahead. While she's detained, the others pedal on to Nice - only to discover that the luggage key is back with Lucy.

"Lucy Goes To Monte Carlo" (May 7, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Casino manager--John Mylong
Gambler--Gordon Clark
Croupier #1--Jacques Villon
Croupier #2--Louis A. Nicoletti

Lucy's roulette spin at a casino nets her almost a million francs. Hiding the money from Ricky in the Mertzes' luggage leads to fale assumptions and accusations by the foursome. Lucy gambles the winnings away as quickly as she won them.

"Return From Europe" (May 14, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Evelyn Bigsby--Mary Jane Croft
Stewardess--Mildred Law
Customs officer--Frank Nelson
Airline officer--Ray Kellogg
Newsreel interviewer--Bennett Green

"Rock-a-bye Baby"

Lucy flies home with a giant hunk of Italian cheese disguised as a baby to avoid excess baggage fees. When she finds out that there's a small charge for a baby, Lucy eats half the cheese and stashes the rest among Ricky's band's musical instruments.

Season 6

"Lucy And Bob Hope" (Oct. 1, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Bob Hope--himself
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Paul, manager at Club Babalu--Lou Krugman
Mr. Krausfeld--Peter Leeds
Male spectator--Dick Elliott
Female spectator--Maxin Semon
Little boy--David Saber
Trainer--Henry Kulky
Stadium guard--Ralph Sanford
Hot dog vendor--Bennett Green

"Nobody Loves the Ump"
"Thanks for the Memory"

Bent on convincing Bob Hope to perform at Ricky's club, Lucy accosts him at the ballpark, disguised as a hot dog vendor. After a fly ball hits him on the head - thanks to Lucy - she catches up with him in the locker room while posing as a tobacco-chewing pitcher.

"Little Ricky Learns To Play The Drums" (Oct. 8, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Mrs. Trumbull--Elizabeth Patterson

After days of noisy, nonstop drum playing by Little Ricky, the Mertzes threaten to evict the Ricardos, turning off their water, heat and electricity. The foursome keep fighting even after the little tyke's finally asleep, exhausted from drumming.

"Lucy Meets Orson Wells" (Oct. 15, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Orson Welles--himself
Miss Hanna--Ellen Corby
Paul, manager at Club Babalu--Lou Krugman
Sales clerk at Macy's--Ray Kellogg
Floorwalker at Macy's--Jack Rice
Customers--Fred Aldrich, Hazel Pierce, & Bennett Green

When Lucy learns that Orson Welles is doing a benefit show at Ricky's club, she desperately wants into the act as Juliet to Welles's Romeo, but Welles isn't doing Shakespeare. Instead he uses Lucy as his "levitating" assistant in a magic act.

"Little Ricky Get's Stage Fright" (Oct. 22, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Mr. Crawford--Howard McNear
Mrs. Van Fossen--Marjorie Bennett
Flutist--Laurie Blaine
Violinist--Diana Van Fossen
Trombonist--Jeffrey Woodruff
Accordionist--Larry Gleason
Trumpet player--Robert Norman
Bass player--Buddy Noble
Ukulele player--Earl Robie

"Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue"

Little Ricky is too terrified to debut in a school recital, but his father manages to persuade him to appear at the club instead. When the ukelele player gets sick and Lucy fills in at the last minute, the result is a delightful mother and son duet.

"Visitor From Italy" (Oct. 29, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Mario Orsatti--Jay Novello
Mr. Martinelli--Eduardo Ciannelli
Immigration officer--James Flavin
Pizza chef--Aldo Formica
Dominic Orsatti--Peter Brocco
Waiter--Louis A. Nicoletti

The Ricardos' Italian houseguest needs some extra money, so he gets a job as a pizza-maker. Threatened with deportation, he has to stop working, so Lucy fills in for him at the pizza parlor, where her dough tossing and spinning fall flatter than...a pizza.

"Off To Florida" (Nov. 12, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Mrs. Grundy--Elsa Lanchester
Cafe owner--Strother Martin

Off to meet their husbands in Miami, Lucy and Ethel share a car ride to Florida with an eccentric lady whom they mistakenly think is an ax murderess fleeing the law. But she thinks they're the wanted criminals and ditches them.

"Deep-Sea Fishing" (Nov. 19, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Boat captain--James Hayward
Bellboy--Billy McLean

On a deep-sea fishing trip with their wives, Ricky and Fred bet the women that they'll catch bigger fish. Then both buy huge tunas and pretend that they've caught them. But Lucy lands the biggest fish when Ricky falls overboard and she manages to reel him in.

"Desert Island" (Nov. 26, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Claude Akins--himself
Jil Jarmyn--herself
Joi Lansing--herself

To prevent their husbands from getting a shore to judge a beauty contest, Lucy and Ethel make sure the boat they're all on runs out of gas. They find an almost deserted island where Ricky, Fred and an actor in war paint teach the girls a lesson.

"The Ricardos Visit Cuba" (Dec. 3, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Uncle Alberto--George Trevino
Cigar store owner--Nacho Galindo
Ricky's mother--Mary Emery
Cigar maker--Angelo Didio
Stewardess--Barbara Logan
Nightclub emcee--Eddie LeBaron
Ricky's relatives--Lillian Molieri, Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr., Manuel Paris, Amapola Del Vando, & Abel Franco

"A Lucky Guy"

Trying to impress Ricky's family, Lucy ends up saying and doing everything wrong. After destroying Uncle Alberto's cigars, she goes to a tobacco store, but when Alberto arrives, she disguises herself as a cigar-roller and creates a footlong stogie.

"Little Ricky's School Pageant" (Dec. 17, 1956)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Suzy--Candy Rogers Schoenberger

When extra cast members are needed for Little Ricky's class play, Lucy signs on as the witch, Ricky plays a hollow tree, Ethel, a fairy princess and Fred, a frog. Although the lead, Little Ricky, forgets a few lines, the play's a big hit.

"Lucy And The Loving Cup" (Jan. 7, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Policeman--Robert Foulk
Johnny Longden--himself
Hazel Longden--herself
Woman from Brooklyn--Jesslyn Fax
Men on train--Byron Kane & Lester Dorr
Man on platform--Phil Tead
Woman on platform--Sandra Gould
Young woman on platform--Florence Ann Shawn
Bum--William L. Erwin

To get back at Ricky for making fun of her new hat, Lucy plops a huge trophy cup on her head, then gets stuck in it. On the way to a silversmith who'll blowtorch it off, Lucy rides a subway train, scaring passengers and embarrassing herself.

"Lucy And Superman" (Jan. 14, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Superman--George Reeves
Caroline Appleby--Doris Singleton
Charlie Appleby--George O'Hanlon
Martha--Madge O. Blake
Her husband--Ralph Dumke
Stevie Appleby--Steven Kay

For Little Ricky's fifth birthday party, Lucy invites TV's Superman to surprise the kids. When he can't make it, she decides to impersonate him. In costume, Lucy gets trapped on a building ledge with pigeons and has to be rescued by Superman himself, who makes a last minute appearance.

"Little Ricky Gets A Dog" (Jan. 21, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Mr. Stewart--John Emery
Voice of dog--June Foray

Little Ricky brings home an adorable puppy whom everyone falls in love with - except for a new tenant who complains about the barking. Telling the man to move, landlord Fred says he prefers the doggie (who incidentally had been named "Fred").

"Lucy Wants To Move To The Country" (Jan. 28, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Joe Spaulding--Frank Wilcox
Eleanor Spaulding--Eleanor Audley

Lucy is desperate to get out of the city, but when she finds out that Ricky's made a deposit on a Connecticut home, she can't bear to leave the Mertzes. After an attempt to sabotage the sale, Lucy sees the house and can't live without it.

"Lucy Hates To Leave" (Feb. 4, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Mr. Taylor--Gene Reynolds
Mrs. Taylor--Mary Ellen Kaye

Before moving to Connecticut, the Ricardos agree to vacate their apartment a few days early so the new tenants can move in. They bunk with the Mertzes which is hard enough, but then Lucy and Ricky learn their home wont be ready for another two weeks.

"Lucy Misses The Mertzes" (Feb. 11, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Harry Munson--Tristram Coffin
Station clerk--Jesse Kirkpatrick
Moving man--Robert Bice
Deliveryman-Gary Gray

Having just moved to Connecticut, the Ricardos already miss the Mertzes, and head to the city to visit them. But Ethel and Fred are on their way to see the Ricardos. When Lucy and Ricky get back to their home, they mistake the Mertzes for burglars.

"Lucy Gets Chummy With The Neighbors" (Feb. 18, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Ralph Ramsey--Frank Nelson
Betty Ramsey--Mary Jane Croft
Mr. Perry--Parley Baer
Bruce Ramsey--Ray Ferrell

After Lucy spends a fortune on new furniture, Ricky demands she return most of it. Their neighbor, Betty Ramsey, is insulted because she helped Lucy make the purchase at a discount. Fortunately, Ralph Ramsey offers Ricky a TV job which pays for everything.

"Lucy Raises Chickens" (Mar. 4, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Betty Ramsey--Mary Jane Croft
Woman from magazine--Mary Alan Hokenson
Man from magazine--Tyler McVey

The Ricardos lay an egg as chicken farmers : Lucy buys five hundred baby chicks and has to put them in the den with the heat turned up to ninety degrees. Then Little Ricky gives them the run of the house and Lucy can't round them up. Ricky comes home to all this.

"Lucy Does The Tango" (Mar. 11, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Bruce Ramsey--Ray Ferrell


Lucy buys a few dozen eggs to put under her unproductive laying hens in hope of inspiring them. Hiding the eggs from Ricky, she stuffs them into her blouse, then has to rehearse a tango with him that ends in a jumbo egg smashing collision.

"Ragtime Band" (Mar. 18, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux

"Sweet Sue"
"She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain"
"Man Smart, Woman Smarter"

Lucy has volunteered Ricky's services at a Westport benefit, but he refuses to appear. Undaunted, she organizes her own orchestra, featuring Little Ricky and the Mertzes. They're so bad that Ricky has to step back in to save his reputation.

"Lucy's Night In Town" (Mar. 25, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Theater manager--Joseph Kearns
Woman with purse--Gladys Hurlbut
Woman in box--Doris Packer
Man in box--John Eldredge
Waiter--Louis A. Nicoletti
Usherette--Jody Warner
Theatergoers--Roy Lazarus, Susan Johnson, John Henson, Alan J. Gilbert, Shorty Long, Art Lund, & Paul Power

"Standing on the Corner"
"Don't Cry"
"Big 'D' "

Lucy's birthday show tickets for a night out with the Mertzes were for the matinee, so Ricky buys the two remaining box seats : the girls will see Act One; the boys Act two. But Lucy and Ethel end up on their husbands' laps for the second half.

"Housewarming" (Apr. 1, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Betty Ramsey--Mary Jane Croft
Bruce Ramsey--Ray Ferrell

Ethel and Lucy are jealous of each other's new friendship with Betty Ramsey. But Lucy feels better when she thinks the other two are planning a suprise party. Ethel, realizing her friend's mistake, has to hastily organize a real party.

"Building A Barbecue" (Apr. 8, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux

When Lucy thinks her wedding ring fell into the wet cement used to build the backyard barbecue, she enlists Ethel's help in taking it apart, brick by brick. Putting it back together again results in a disaster that resembles the leaning tower of Pisa.

"Country Club Dance" (Apr. 22, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Ralph Ramsey--Frank Nelson
Betty Ramsey--Mary Jane Croft
Diana Jordan--Barbara Eden
Harry Munson--Tristram Coffin
Grace Munson--Ruth Brady

Disgusted with their husbands' attentions to a neighbor's pretty cousin at the country club. Lucy, Ethel and Betty decide to compete with her at a party. The men are extra nice to their wives, and admit the girl was just too immature for them

"Lucy Raises Tulips" (Apr. 29, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Betty Ramsey--Mary Jane Croft
Flower show judges--Peter Brocco & Eleanor Audley

Readying her garden for a flower judging, Lucy rides a power lawn mower that levels her tulip bed and takes her on a terrifying trip through town. Lucy replaces the tulips with wax ones, but on competeitiion day the hot sun causes a meltdown.

"The Ricardos Dedicate A Statue" (May 6, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux

Ricky's set to dedicate a statue of a Revolutionary War hero, but Lucy accidentally demolishes it with her car. So she does the next best thing : she becomes the statue. But at the ceremony, when a dog starts licking her face, she comes to wide-eyed life.

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

"Lucy Takes A Cruise To Havana" (Nov. 6, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Susie MacNamara--Ann Sothern
Carlos Garcia--Cesar Romero
Rudy Vallee--himself
Hedda Hopper--herself
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Cruise director--Frank Nelson
Judge--George Trevino
Jailer--Nestor Paiva
Trustee--Joaquin del Rio
Nightclub owner--Vincent Padula
Waiter--Louisa A. Nicoletti

"Our Ship Is Coming In"
"That Means I Love You"

Flashback to twenty years ago : Lucy and Ann Sothern are on a cruise to Cuba, hoping to meet eligible men. Instead, they meet the honeymooning Mertzes and Rudy Vallee. But in Havana, Lucy and Ricky discover each other and fall in love. Then she pesters Vallee into giving Ricky a job with his band.

"The Celebrity Next Door" (Dec. 3, 1957)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Tallulah Bankhead--herself
Ida Thompson--Elvia Allman
Butler--Richard Deacon
Maid--Phyllis Kennedy

Lucy invites neighbor Tallulah Bankhead to dinner and asks the great actress to appear in a PTA benefit. The meal's a fiasco, but Tallulah gamely agrees to do the show. When Lucy accidentally spray paints her, they have a falling out that ends with Lucy trying to upstage the star.

"Lucy Hunts Uranium" (Jan. 3, 1958)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Fred MacMurray--himself
June Haver--herself
Claims clerk--Charles Lane
Maid--Maxine Semon
Bellhop--Robert Jellison
Gas station attendant--Norman Leavitt
Prospector #1--William Fawcett
Maitre d'--Paul Powers
Busboy--Richard King
Desk Clerk--Rick Warrick
Prospector #2--Louis A. Nicoletti

Ricky brings everyone to Las Vegas, where he's performing. Lucy enlists mover star Fred MacMurray to help her prospect for uranium in the desert. Then she has a phony newspaper printed announcing a big uranium strike, and hundreds get into the doomed to fail prospecting venture.

"Lucy Wins A Racehorse" (Feb. 3, 1958)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Betty Grable--herself
Harry James--himself
George--Norman Leavitt
Man--James Burke

"The Bayamo"

Lucy tries to win a horse for her son and sends the entires under the Mertzes name. Fred wins the horse and gives to to Lucy, over Ricky's objections. With the help of Betty Grable and Harry James, Lucy enters her steed in a harness race where she becomes the reluctant jockey.

"Lucy Goes To Sun Valley" (Apr. 14, 1958)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Fernando Lamas--himself

"Melancholy Baby"

The Ricardos' "second honeymoon" in Sun Valley is canceled because Ricky has to do a TV show, but Lucy and Ethel go anyway. When the girls meet Fernando Lamas, Lucy plots to make Ricky jealous. It starts with an unintentional ski ride on Lama's shoulders and ends with a pair of black eyes.

"Lucy Goes To Mexico" (Oct. 6, 1958)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Maurice Chevalier--himself
Mexican boy--Alan Costello
Customs officer--Charles Lane
Consul--Addison Richards
Bullfighter--Chalo Chacon

"Something's Gotta Give"
"La Cucaracha"
"Yankee Doodle Dandy"

Lucy and the Mertzes go shopping in Tijuana and a run in with U.S. customs forces Ricky and Maurice Chevalier to rescue them. But when the Frenchman can't get back into the states, Lucy goes in search of the American consul, who's at a bullfight. Lucy dresses as a matador and winds up in the ring.

"Lucy Makes Room For Danny" (Dec. 1, 1958)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Danny Williams--Danny Thomas
Kathy Williams--Marjorie Lord
Rusty Williams--Rusty Hamer
Linda Williams--Angela Cartwright
Judge--Gale Gordon

Off to Hollywood to make a movie, the Ricardos rent their house to Danny Thomas's TV family, the Williamses. Unfortunately, the film is canceled, so Ricky and Lucy want their house back, but the Williamses refuse. The ricardos bunk with the Mertez but it all ends in a fight and a day in court.

"Lucy Goes To Alaska" (Feb. 9, 1959)

Supporting Cast:
Red Skelton--himself
Bellboy--Sid Melton
Desk clerk--William Newell
Clerk--Hugh Sanders
Eskimo #1--Iron Eyes Cody
Eskimo #2--Charlie Stevens
Show director--Jess Kirkpatrick

"Poor Everybody Else"

The Ricardos and Mertzes are in Alaska for Ricky's appearance on a Red Skelton TV show. Ricky and Fred discover that some land they bought is frozen tundra. Lucy takes Skelton to inspect it, hoping for a sale but gets caught in a blizzard, and they take a plane back to Nome, flying it themselves.

"Lucy Wants A Career" (Apr. 13, 1959)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Paul Douglas--himself
Mr. Robinson--Pierre Watkin
Secretary--Doris Packer
Miss Low Neck--Joi Lansing
Miss Leg Girl--Sue Casey
Miss Leg Girl #2--Lorraine Crawford
Miss Hairdo--Larri Thomas
Kibitzer--Sam Hearn
Cameraman--Louis A. Nicoletti

Lucy's morning job as TV sidekick to actor Paul Douglas conflicts with Ricky's late-night club hours. Douglas offers to drop her contract, and Lucy takes a sleeping pill to avoid waking up at 4 a.m. The sponsors insist she appear but she falls asleep in a bowl of their cereal.

"Lucy's Summer Vacation" (Jun. 8, 1959)

Supporting Cast:
Ida Lupino--herself
Howard Duff--himself
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Man--William Fawcett

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat"
"Cielito Lindo"

The Ricardos meet Howard Duff and Ida Lupino at a Vermont lodge. When Ricky and Duff spend most of the time fishing, the wives get even by drilling holes in their husband's rowboat. The men finally take Lucy and Ida for a romantic moonlit ride, but it turns into a sinking and bailing expedition.

"Milton Berle Hides Out As The Ricardos" (Sept. 25, 1959)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Milton Berle--himself
Mr. Watson--Larry Keating
Secretary--Elvia Allman
Shorty--Sid Melton
Tumblers--Frank Mitchell & Walter Pietila
Harry--Herman Snyder

"Them There Days"

Lucy offers Milton Berle the daytime use of her home so he can finish writing his book in peace. Ricky learns about a mysterious stranger and he storms in to find Milton trying to escape--in drag. Lucy pursues Berle to New York, where she makes her way to his office window via a construction crane.

"The Ricardos Go To Japan" (Nov. 27, 1959)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Bob Cummings--himself
Mrs. McGillicuddy--Kathryn Card
Various roles--Teru Shimada, Linda Wong, Sondi Sodasi & May Lee

"Cuban Pete"

In Tokyo for Ricky's band date, Lucy gets Robert Cummings to help her buy pearls--that she can't afford. To get to Cummings before he completes the transaction, Lucy and Ethel wind up in a geisha house, in full costume. Cummings is there, but so are Ricky and Fred!

"Lucy Meets The Moustache" (Apr. 1, 1960)

Supporting Cast:
Little Ricky--Keith Thibodeaux
Ernie Kovacs--himself
Edie Adams--herself
Crandall--Paul Dubov
Chauffeur--Norman Leavitt
Hotel clerk--Louis A. Nicoletti
Bellboy--Dick Kallman

"That's All"

Lucy invites Ernie Kovacs and his wife, Edie Adams, to get Ricky on his TV show. Instead, the comedian offers a job to Little Ricky. Undaunted, Lucy disguises herself as the comedian's chauffeur, but when she picks him up at the station, Ricky's with him and the two have fun at her expense.

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