Food was an important factor in many of the "I Love Lucy" episodes which usually meant trouble for Lucy, Ricky, Fred & Ethel.

In "The Diet," during dinner Lucy munches on some celery while Ricky and the Mertzes dine on steak and potatoes, but it doesn’t take long before Lucy is wrestling with the Mertzes dog for a scrap of meat.

In "The Gossip," Lucy and Ethel request honeydew melon filled with strawberries, eggs benedict, and orange juice from Ricky and Fred after winning their bet.

In "Pioneer Women," while trying to live without modern conveniences, Lucy bakes a loaf of bread that’s of mammoth proportions.

In "The Freezer," Lucy and Ethel order two sides of beef for their freezer, not realizing that a side of beef is a lot bigger than a side of bacon.

In "Lucy’s Schedule," when they're late to dinner at the Littlefield’s, Lucy and Ricky miss out on stuffed pork chops, baked potatoes with gobs of butter, and asparagus tips with hollandaise sauce. Instead, Lucy hungrily munches on after-dinner mints and waxed fruit.

In "Job Switching," Ricky unsuccessfully tries making his favorite meal, arroz con pollo, while Lucy and Ethel are working at the candy factory.

Also in "Job Switching," Fred tries making a 7-layer cake that turns out to be as flat as a pancake.

Another instance in "Job Switching" was when Lucy and Ethel ate too many chocolates while working at the candy factory.

In "Ricky Has Labor Pains," Lucy enjoys a late night snack of pistachio ice cream with hot fudge and sardines.

In "The Inferiority Complex," Lucy thinking she’s inferior, over salts Ricky’s fried egg, leaves the pits in his orange juice, and burns his toast.

In "Lucy Changes Her Mind," Lucy can’t make up her mind on what she wants for dinner. First she wants roast beef, then lamb chops, and then changes her mind again when Ricky mentions steak.

In "Lucy Hires A Maid," after her maid eats all the other food in the refrigerator, Lucy is forced to eat a gooey peanut butter sandwich.

In "The Million-Dollar Idea," Lucy and Ethel go into business selling Aunt Martha's Old Fashioned Salad Dressing.

In "Ricky Minds The Baby," while taking care of Little Ricky, Ricky makes himself a Spanish omelet for breakfast.

In "Ricky Loses His Temper," Lucy fills a dribble glass with tomato juice trying to get Ricky to lose his temper.

In "Ricky’s Hawaiian Vacation," while trying to win a trip to Hawaii, Lucy endures getting honey, eggs, coffee, and pie dumped on her head.

In "The Diner," after a hamburger price war, a pie fight ensues with the Ricardos and Mertzes.

In "Lucy’s Mother-In-Law," Lucy tries cooking arroz con pollo for dinner but ends up burning it.

In "First Stop," the gang stopped at a rundown café outside Cincinnati. The café’s all out of steak, roast beef, and chicken so they’re stuck with eating rubbery cheese sandwiches wrapped in cellophane.

Also in "First Stop," Lucy and Ethel's mouths water as they pass road sign after road sign advertising Aunt Sally's Pecan Pralines. But, when they finally get there, the praline place has closed down.

In "L.A. At Last!," while at the Brown Derby, Lucy and Ethel order a Derby tossed salad and spaghetti and meatballs with lots of meat sauce and Fred orders veal cutlet Marco Polo. After spotting William Holden in the booth next to them, Lucy can’t eat. As they start to leave, Lucy bumps into a waiter carrying a pie which inadvertently dumps all over William Holden.

In "The Tour," Lucy steals a souvenir grapefruit from Richard Widmark's backyard.

In "Lucy Visits Grauman’s," one of Lucy’s souvenirs mentioned is an orange which was autographed by Robert Taylor.

In "Paris At Last," Lucy unknowingly orders escargot at a sidewalk café, then pays for it with counterfeit francs.

In "Lucy Gets A Paris Gown," while on a hunger strike, Lucy hides a roast chicken in her camera case.

In "Lucy In The Swiss Alps," after being trapped for 5 hours, the group becomes famished. Lucy remembers a sandwich in her knapsack. She quietly attempts to devour it without the others knowing with no such luck. The Mertzes and Ricky pounce on her for a portion of the food.

In "Lucy’s Italian Movie," while working in an Italian wine vineyard, Lucy gets in a fight with another woman in a grape vat.

In "Lucy’s Bicycle Trip," their peasant host arrives with their breakfast - cheese and a huge loaf of Italian bread. To wash it down - milk. Unfortunately, the milk is still inside the cow and it becomes Lucy’s task to coax it into a pail.

In "Return Home From Europe," Lucy tries passing a 25-pound cheese off as a baby on the airline flight home.

In "Visitor From Italy," Lucy wreaks havoc working in a pizza parlor.

In "Off To Florida," Lucy and Ethel are picked up by the "hatchet murderess" Mrs. Grundy whose favorite meal it watercress sandwiches.

In "Lucy Does The Tango," Lucy does the tango with two dozen eggs stuffed in her blouse.

In "Lucy’s Night In Town," while enjoying dinner before their theater date, Lucy checks her purse for the tickets but realizes that they were for the matinee. After telling Ethel, the girls try their darndest to eat slowly in hopes of missing the show. Lucy insists on chewing each mouthful of food 25 times and even intends to peel each lima bean.

In "Building A Bar-B-Q," Lucy finds her wedding ring in a barbecued hamburger.

In "Lucy Wins A Racehorse," Lucy wins a "Name The Horse" contest being sponsored by Corny Crinkles breakfast cereal.

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