The information we have below is what we collected the week immediately following Pearl's accident.
We have since decided not to pursue any further information, so if you have questions, or if you receive
updated information or more details, please do NOT share them with us. Thank you in advance.

Pearl was on her regular early morning weekend bike ride, which took her through about 15 blocks of surface streets,
3 miles of Gold Gate Park to the ocean, and back. The verbal accounts of what actually happened that we received differ;
either she was crossing the sidewalk or mid-block between parked cars, when she was struck by another cyclist on the road.
We were told that there were witnesses, but information in the police report could not be released to anyone until the DA
decided whether or not this would become a criminal case.

Below we quote an article that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday, January 31st, 2006:
[We deleted her age because she would not have approved of its printing.]

SAN FRANCISCO/Rider seriously hurt in collision of bikes
Jaxon Van Derbeken

A [deletion] woman riding her bicycle on a San Francisco street was badly
hurt when she collided with another bicyclist, police said Monday.
The woman emerged from the sidewalk between two parked cars on Oak Street
near Scott Street at 6:55 a.m. Sunday and was broadsided by the other
bicyclist, said Lt. Thomas Buckley, who oversees the hit-and-run accident
investigation unit.
The other bike was traveling 25 to 35 mph east on Oak, a legal speed, and
did not see the woman in time to stop, investigators said.
Police said the woman, who was not identified, suffered head injuries
despite wearing a helmet. She remained in serious condition at San
Francisco General Hospital.
The other bicyclist was not injured. Police said he was not at fault and
would not be cited.
Police said bike-on-bike accidents are not unusual, but rarely involve
such serious injuries.