Complaints Department.

I will never squelch comments. Even if they are repetitive. rude, rascist, sexually inapproproaite, improper, lies, truths, opposite my opinion, evil, holy, inflammatory, derogative, or anything in between. Comments are your domain. Say whatever you will, and let God sort it out.

A good blog has lots of comments. Everyone wants to be at the biggest party and throw their two cents in. And by banning commentors no matter how juvenile. I am supressing the free speech needed to make blogging work. I will not defend you against sensless attacks by idiots. I may cruise through the IP addresses and remove excess names from anyone who feels a need to hide behind too many Nicks. If they wish to be rude, cuss, and make biased statements. Well, so be it. That is their choice. But they will do it using the same handle so all know who they are.

Now I know I may come to regret this decision. In a future world I see my blog being flooded with spam, and repetitive flamming. But it's allowed. So skim past it. The only thing you will see me banning or removing are sales. I get enough spam in my mail box that I dang sure will not want to see it in my comments. Add what links you want. But if they are for Viagra, the latest in Lending Rates, or Hot PooTaNanny web sites they will be removed.

So now you have read and hopefully fully understood the complaints departments rules and procedures. If you still wish to lodge a complaint about any poster in the comments section then please feel free to contact me at the email link on the bottom of the front page.

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