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The Commentary

YAY!! Bring on the band!! We've done it and we should all be proud!! Thats right!! We've broken that barrier!! We're locking up at least one out of every one hundred citizens of our country!! Thats right we jail at least 1 out of every 100 Amerians out there!! No other country can keep up with us.

WERE #1!!! WERE #1!!! WERE #1!!!


A special welcome to ToPiX users. Hope you find a distraction while you're here.


The Commentary

I have been gone. I went away. I couldn't handle it anymore. The lies the deception. The sheep. And all the little lambs being led to slaughter in this country or that so I could eat a chocolate bar, or drive a bigger truck.

But I was never truly away in spirit. All too often I have hurled invective across the house at the drivel running out of the telecasters smilling face. How dare they affront my reason and sanity by saying one thing today when they spent the last eight years telling me an entirely different story. Memory hole my ass. Americans don't forget. They just give up expecting concepts like truth and justice can be found in either politics or the media. Because after all both are nothing more than circuses. And old P.T told us that there's a sucker born every day. So how do we blame the clowns if we're the ones supporting the circus by going to it?

But I do blame. Because it's human? Maybe. Because it's helping anything? Hardly. No, I think I blame because if I didn't the steam would pop my head off my neck as the politicians told me another bold faced lie that only an idiot would believe. Which means they think we are all idiots, and the only ones who aren't either work for them and are in the know, or don't count. STIMULUS PACKAGE!!! HA! They ain't saving this country from a recession. With all their talk of competing globally in a global market they have gone and done deluded themselves into believing the lies they were feeding us. We will slip and slide into recession depression whatever. Mexicans will start returning home or heading North to Canada. More and more of America will start looking like Detroit because the working poor can't afford to move nor fix up the hovels they live in on the poor wages they make in between lay offs.

Which leads me to saying I'm out of work. Heck I've been in and out of work a few times these last months. Work was fine while it was there. When there wasn't any more work I was let out at the park to chase the ball into the woods. When I came back, no one was there. They had left me. Then they took me back. Then they left me again. So I found someone else. But he was a real bastard who exploited the fact the job market is so depressed by treating his help like crap and paying most of the illegals far under par of what working wages should be. Welcome to America after eight years of George Bush. How's that trickle down theory working out for ya now? Assholes.

I gotta tell you who I think should be the Democrats choice for our next president. Why? Because everyone else in the whole damnded country is telling you what they think and it's my turn. So sit down and read what I think. I think they all suck royally. Hillary? Sorry voted for the war before against. La da Washington insider who lies to our faces by saying veiled things like she'd bring as many troops home as she could right away. Which means the ones they decide don't need to be there to protect the oil. Obama said it. All combat forces. A lie by omitting he'd leave protective forces to "safe guard the Iraqi's interest". *chuckle* And Edwards said the same slop. Not a one of them is a shade lighter or darker than another when it comes to their real politics. And they all preach a good sermon. But the sermons are all old ones that turned out to be wrong ones that they have recycled to feed us once again. And if America once again bends over and eats of the vomit spewed forth from Washington and the Media will we not be proving Einstein right. That only the insane do the same failing thing over and over and over expecting a different result. Such is America. Such are our politics. The same lies over and over rehashed and constituted to be palatable to a new generation who believes their vote makes a difference in which corporate controlled goon fleeces the public this term. So maybe what I am saying is a good start to insuring we get the best candidate for the job is to shoot everyone in Washington associated with politics and appoint some poor slob to run things under threat that if we find him doing anything sneaky we'll string him up like Saddam. But that's just an opinion voiced friviously. I'm allergic to bullets, teargas, and long stints of incarceration. So I was just joking about hat other thing. MmmmmmK NSA? But you know that somewhere there is an agent who is shaking his head laughing because he thinks it'd be a great idea as well. But how do we broach it to our superiors? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Which leads me to the police state that is America. The old guard knowing a new guard is coming into office. Into place. A new generation not soo troubled about drum circles and pot smoking and women runnin round near naked. Well they fear this time of transition. It makes em wet the bed in fear we'll elect Satan as our next president. That sex education will be taught in the womb. That people will clone them when they are old and do all sorts of terribly naughty things to their bodies that aren't their bodies that it gives them the most unpleasant sweaty dreams. They fear that the new generation will do in the light of day what they have been doing in the dark restroom stalls of airports all across America. Now history will show me right on this is many ways. One being the economy itself. At very regular levels the economy has turned down on ten year cycles that coincide with new guard replacing old guard. And with each cycle we see a push to stack the courts with hard liners to insure the old ways live on. Well this is soon going to be 2010. While we all floated into 2000 with an upbeat economy and much festivities, we didn't have to face the transition of the new millenium because as of yet there weren't any real changes. Just a few letters on that check stub. Couple of numbers in the newspapers. Well now we not only have to wake up and clean up the mess of our little millenium party, but deal with the bills due with the coming new decade. Will the old guard slide out quietly allowing for the new to take on the tasks at hand withut a fight or will they go kicking and screaming with all the venom only the soon to be forgotten can muster? I still think it'd save us all alot of time and pain if we started shooting them all. Yeah? Yeah? Dammit. Well at least my NSA guy agrees with me.

Well thats enough for now. I'm sure there's plenty more crap trapped behind my ears but it'll wait. I'm not going out to dig up any of the old stuff, games, pictures, jokes, ect. It was another reason I stopped for so long. This became a real full time job. And only A listers can afford that crap. Z listers like me have to figuire out how to eat tonight. Often alot more important than typing on a blog. Ta.


The Commentary

As I said so long ago that I myself began to wonder if I should ever write again. I've been working. Writing while a wonderful release of things cloging my brain does not pay the bills. My newest job does. So I work. Alot now. It really isn't me. I'm a lazy drunk who wants to lay around on the beach and beat on a drum when I'm not drinking rum or fishing. Alas me spouse finds a need for a house with actual plumbing and what have you and I'm stuck working. If I'm going to work, I wish to make more, and I wish to progress. My latest job is a far cry from the last. The moneys better. The responsibility is more. If I was in the military I would be some sort of officer or something. If I can train them I have a small army. But that is for another time. This isn't about me taking over the world. Its me catching up with you the regular readers to let you know where things are at.

Where they are at with global warming. My brain tired and satiated from a good dinner before falling asleep got to thinking about melting snow and rising sea levels and the effects that much new water would have on the plates beneath the sea. How the new added pressures might cause volcanic activity to rise as the pressures on our planet changed from place to place. We melt ice from places A and B which sends water flowing into C D E F and G. Creating huge pressures on the tectonic plates, hope I spelled that correctly, around the equator of the planet while lessing the load on the poles. I also wonder if and how the melting ice caps effect the spin and degree of angle our planet performs in it's cycle around the Earth. As in, do the poles help sustain the woble which gives us seasons or if thy hav no effect at all. My guess is that much weight on a gyroscoping object being moved from points A and B to ect have some sort of effects as well as the pressure of vast amounts of water flowing into the oceans and seas. But having thought of it doesn't make me a first. There's probably some college kids thesis all on the subject with charts and graphs and even comprehensive answers to the questions being asked. But hmmmmmmmm.

Politics? I haven't felt a need to go off and hunt down the rabbit. George Bush sucks, but so does Lieberman and Kerry. Politicians in general are lying sacks of shit that take bribes under the guise of campaign contributions and lobbyist gifts. I am sure there might be an exception here or there but my faith in politicians is very low. My faith in Americans still stands tall but slips with every Bush elected. So when Jeb Bush gets elected my faith in Americans will be severely questioned. But I do expect Jeb Bush to be elected. I believe with redistricting and Diebold and disenfranchisment of voters and this that and the other that Jeb will win. But that thought brings with it strange questions.

Jeb is a Catholic. Supposedly. For the longest time us poor white trash Southerners and our KKK cousins have been reading Baptist lits and Chic tracts and Comics put out by churches telling us to distrust all these folks. "The Evil Jew Consipracy", "The Evil Catholic Conspiracy", The Evil Homosexual Conspiracy", "The Devil's Drugs", "The Muslims Scourge", ect ect you get the picture. But now I see les and less of those tracts. I don't see the preachers calling for damnation on the JEWS, The pagan Catholics, Those black folks with their loud music and provocative dance, ect ect you get the picture. So the same folks who printed up leaflets and fliers and comics denouncing the Vatican as the seat of Satan are going to vote for Jeb? What will change their minds? Have they all forgotten their tried and true prejudices? Or will there be something that happens that thrust the war agenda to the front once again? My bet is a strike on our forces from some country bordering Iraq. A terrible sad thing with our soldiers dying, but the "real culprits" being caught and traced directly to some new country we need to march into and free from the terible leaders they have.

Nukes? The bomb? Will it happen? You betcha. It will happen. Again. And again. And again. And more even. Where will it happen? Well.......... Long story short. Kashmir has been fought over by the Indians and the Pakistanis for hundreds of years. They both now have the bomb and sit on China's border. China would love nothing better than an excuse to march on both countrys because their pesky fallout had invaded China's space. It's worth watching. Iran? Highly likely that Iran will indeed make a bomb and it will be used. My best guess places American forces at the most risk. Assholes in Washington have left us very vunerable in that a strike on Iraq would decimate our military. We have reserves and other equipment and other forces. But it would effectively screw our ground capabilities. Mustering up a good ground force and delivering them to the target sight isn't as easy as it sounds. There are alot of logistics to take in account and knowing what the Army itself thinks the timetable is enough to make you sad. North Korea is China's nasty little dog. Kind of yippy with fairly sharp teeth that could do damage, but they ain't gonna do any damage unless China allows it. Right now China ain't allowing it. But those submarines they bought that some army somewhere decommissioned because old diesel submarines were a thing of the past do pose a pesky problem with numerous scenarios being bad for the Grand Old Flag. So North Korea is not to be discounted.

The New Messiah Count. Well Kim Jong supposedly says he's it. The Fine and Good Chairman Moon claims he's it. Some African guy who also happens to be the president of a small country that owns all the TV and Newspapers and kills folks who disagree seems to think he's it. I'm sure there are tons more but that's all that comes to mind for now. But they do tend to pop up. And they all end up expecting you to drink the Kool Aid one way or another. Being a beer drinker I suspect most of them. But times they are a changin and I expect to hear more about the "real" one any day now. I watch Fox News and I'm sure they'll tell me when he shows up. And yes I said "he". Everyone who's anyone has seen the pictures. You ever seen a girl Jesus?

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Today's Birthday

Ayatollah Khomeini

Today's Horoscopes

Life settles down another notch today with the Moon in practical Capricorn as we rely more on our senses than our intellect to understand what is happening. We have a stronger ability to master any complex situations now, no matter how challenging. We are neither dreaming of exotic places nor worrying about our feelings, for we are busy organizing reality so we can manage it more effectively. Additionally, the Sun forms a magical quintile with Capricorn's key planet Saturn, empowering us with originality and creativity to help execute our plans successfully.

Always a day late and a dollar short I suggest you click this link for the latest horscope.

Today's I Ching

The King waged war. And offered rewards for heads. The wrong captives were taken. No fault.

The Music

Stolen code and all from Scaramouche. Link to him.

The Quote

"To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered. " "Voltaire"

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GingerBread Porn
You Hoser Porn

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Super Monkey Poop Fight

The Joke

"Florida Secretary of State Katherine "Cruella DeVil" Harris is now running for Congress. She is running for Congress but she is now being investigated for budgeting three and half million dollars for overseas travel. It seems she went to Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Venezuela, Barbados, and Mexico all on tax payers' money. She said it was part of a program to see how third world countries fix their elections." -- Jay Leno

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The People's Republic Of Seabrook

World O' Crap

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Been sick and working sixty hours a week. Between life and work and health I haven't taken much time to update lately as my regular readers well know. But imagine my suprise that I'm netting more hits than ever. All thanks to some plump girl dressed up like a pussy cat. For the truly interested check out the links to the stat counter at bottom to see where most of my hits are coming from. Hang with me folks I haven't given up yet.

The Comments


The Commentary

Random thoughts.

No matter how much I despise the rule making machine our government has become looking at current conditions in Iraq will go a long way in showing what rule under Sharia law is really like. Should, because it probably isn't very frigging likely, America pull out of Iraq, maybe to attack Iran, well would the country suddenly become a stable country with freedom and peace for all? Or would it be torn by sectarian violence that has been going on between like religious groups, that has been going on for many a year? And another example of the Religion of Peace shines forth for all the world to see.

Illegal Wiretaps. Would you people really just shut up. "It" makes sense. "It" being wiretaps. If you can't find out that they were bugging political opponents for fame and fortune get over it. Bugging every call in and out and around our country with key word strikes for words like nuke, bomb, anthrax, death to amerians, ect, ect.. It's as simple as racial profiling. The last folks who ran into crowded areas exploding were swarthy fellows who followed a certain religion. So the premise of watching them as they load and unload onto airplanes or cross America's borders only makes sense. And so does wire tapping every phone in the world. It was already old hat twenty years ago to scrape for key words. Probably more. Get over it and move along. It does only make sense. And unfortunately it really is true that the only folks who will have to worry about this are those doing something wrong. As one who has often found himself on the wrong end of right and wrong I gotta say that using the phone was always a foolish way to do nondescript brownpaperbag conversations. And only stupid terrorist would be on the phone saying things like "we are going to bomb this place at this time", "alalalalalalalalala"! But just in case I'd think checking it out would be sound national security policy.

Few of the most vehement Reich Wing backers have ever served our country in any other way than to be loud mouthed, rude, obnoxious, assholes. And they get paid for it. Because Americans listen to that crap. But few shows run on their own dollar. Most are completely funded by advertising bucks. Are we really that few that our boycotts wouldn't matter? Is it because the left consist of broke old hippys and college kids without a dime left of their student loans? Is it that outside sources are funding message based materials for corporate owned media to beam into our small little brains? The tin foils hates don't do any good unless you turn off the TV.

Don't ya just hate it when the government finds one of your illegal shipments of Chinese workers? I mean do you know how hard it is to keep cost down in the Chinese buffets? Without those workers the Chinese buffets will be forced to hire, *gasp*, "dare I say it?", Mexicans. I've decided I don't frigging care about illegal immigration. If I was going to have to share space with foriegn neighbors I gotta say most of the Mexicans I have met were danged fine folks. They worked hard, played hard, lived hard, ate well, drank well, slept well, loved well. They were more relaxed and free to enjoy life than many of the folks I've known. Demanding less of the electronic frontier and enjoying simpler lives. Not for a minute suggesting they were idiots, just that they weren't devoted to computers, television, video games, and DVD's.

I must again say, "Ten Thousand Names for God". I am not any form of expert on Islam or the religion of many Muslims. Yet some places and forms seem more violent than others. For hundreds and hundreds of years many Muslims and Hindus have lived in peace in major regions in India. Turkey being a trade route had the world travel through it's front porch for hundreds of years. Again a more accepting form and interpretation of Islam. And if I am not mistaken there were sects that tatooed, and some pierced, others danced and sang, others beat drums. And all of these groups were accepted in this one form of Islam. But what we see and hear that dominates our perception of the religion are those who follow a religion of the living hate. Kill infidels. Kill those who convert. Kill those who refuse to adhere. Send assassins to accomplish what armies cannot. Hide in the mountains in caves where none can find us. Old as history. Actually history itself. But I won't bore you with that. So what we see of the religion of Islam is hate and death and dying and innocents lost and more hate in a never ending cycle. We do not see those who follow what I'd like to think is a more enlightened path. Those who can easily live with neighbors of all religions. And ya gotta wonder what they see when their TVs tell them about Americans.

Gloating bloggers. You know the ones. The ones who have either worked really hard or got very lucky, sometimes very very quickly. Then they gloat and crow about all their hits and fame. Then other bloggers come to feed off of them in either symbiotic or parasitic relationships. They show off their hits and daily readers and regular readers. Well I ain't no Atrios or Daily Kos but......... I was reading this "boasting blogger bragging" about getting more hits a week than I get, but....... Their regular readership was actually less than mine. So while they get more hits they returned fewer return visitors. Whereas I get fewer hits but have more regular readers. So maybe I'm doing something right, occasionally. Now if I could just drive up daily hits. Which would probably mean more work, and my long time readers already know how I feel about that.

I hear people discussing how radical Islam can be changed. How they only need to be brought into the fold of world government to end their evil ways. That it would only take recognizing thier grievances to get them to stop killing people. And inwardly I chuckle. My secret laugh for the deluded. I don't want to explain to them they are wrong. If I did they probably wouldn't get it anyways. I know that the radical Islamic groups are no different from our own radical relgious groups in this fine country. Winning at any cost. If it takes backing down for little bit they can do it. If it takes lying thats just fine to. As long as the side that God loves the bestest wins all is well and good. And by now everyone knows the side God loves the bestest is whoever walks away from the grand battle these extermist tumors on society plan. They won't change. As a group. Singularly they can convert and be changed and open their eyes. But as a group they cannot change because the group does not open it's eyes all at once. Without some terrible event that forces them from their slumber.

And to end this long winded run on this that and the other thing. "DECLASSIFICATION"! Well, hmmm, looks like some lawyers somewhere cooked up a way to cover up the leaks and save Libby Libby Libby's ass. And in a way that also clears anyone and everyone of future criminal charges. Totally blowing the criminal element out of things. So all you fearless defenders of freedom are really left with is pointing out how Bushie said he'd get rid of the leaker, fire the leaker, can the leaker's ass, get rid of the leaker, maybe even jail the asshole who leaked. Then along came someone in the administration who whispered in Georgie's ear, "but Sir, you were the one who authorized the leak".


The Picture

Today's Birthday

Ed O'Neill

Today's Horoscopes

The Moon shifts from timid Virgo to socially savvy Libra at 1:46 pm EDT, refreshing our day with a second wind. Our morning concerns may transform into afternoon conversations. We become more inclined to engage with others during the pleasant Libra Moon. But a long-lasting biseptile between the regulators -- Jupiter and Saturn -- is activated today by both the Sun and the Moon, marking four points on a seven-pointed star. The rare configuration of strange septiles can indicate fateful surprises that crash into our world.

Always a day late and a dollar short I suggest you click this link for the latest horscope.

Today's I Ching

An egret sings in the shade, it's young harmonizing. I have a good wine for you to share.

The Music

I Gotta Get Drunk

The Quote

"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." "Mother Teresa"

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Texpublican Porn
Sim Porn

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Gladiator Castle Wars

The Joke

A 65-year-old woman gave birth to a baby boy.

When she was discharged from the hospital and went home, her relatives came to visit.

''May we see the new baby?" one asked.

"Not yet," said the mother. "I'll make coffee and we can visit for awhile first."

Thirty minutes had passed, and another relative asked, "May we see the new baby now?"

"No, not yet," said the mother.

After another few minutes had elapsed, they asked again, "May we see the baby now?"

"No, not yet," replied the mother.

Growing very impatient, they asked, "Well, when can we see the baby?"

"WHEN HE CRIES!" she told them.

"WHEN HE CRIES?" they demanded to know why.

"Why do we have to wait until he CRIES?"

"BECAUSE, I forgot where I put him!"

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Today's additions to the Links to Left.

Net Litter

Unqualified Offerings

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Bloggers sometimes find themselves not knowing what they should write about. What current issue is worth their time to ponder and babble about. And like many I found myself there today. So like many of them I go off and look around for something to strike my interest. That special something to get those cranial juices bubbling. And lucky me I found two such things. Care of Chaos Digest I find two needy topics of blather. Two likely topics for world acclaim. And like the bad little monkey I am I quickly jump on the bandwagon beating my little tin cymbals for all the world to see. Because even monkeys like attention. And hey who can't resist a little world acclaim?

The Awesome Deferred Over at Something Awful we find this little piece pondering what one could do with 250 BILLION dollars$bling$kaching. And he was even nice enough to consider stuff that maybe all of us coul like. Not like my fantasy of owning a tropical island filled with illicit substances, booze, and my adoring wife. Hey with my own island and 250 BILLION dollars$bling$kaching she'd be more than adoring. But it was one of those pices that made me think. Made me think about another article I read that was a bit more "realistic" which defines as dull which would explain my not remembering the web site but anyways, it suggested that if that much money was stacked, using only large denominations, it'd be like ninety miles long, high, whatever. Alot of freaking cash. Which leads me to believe that the Iraqis, tricky devils that they are, are currently wallpapering their houses with our tax dollars. Or not.

Now what got me really going was another thing I saw there. Made me go Google a phrase to see a trend. Maybe it's a short trend and maybe it's just me understanding military doublespeak but the two articles one read after another should, "SHOULD" I say, leave something of an impact. Or at the very least question those great recruiting numbers that were already lowered to make them look like great recruiting numbers. So without anymore gab I'm gonna post those two links here for you to go of and stare ooen mouthed at until you get where my minds at. IRR call-up puts lives in disarray, Army to transform IRR. Hmmmmmmmmm. As Arsenio might have said.

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The Moon is in receptive Cancer, encouraging us to respond to events with nurturing support. Hard working Saturn ends his retrograde phase today, marking the beginning of a new cycle of production. We are ready to take our plans from the past few months and apply them to what's ahead. And although Saturn is helping us to stabilize our lives, our concerns for concrete actions are dissipated somewhat by soft Venus, who is now entering imaginative Pisces. Additionally, several unusual septiles light up the heavens with the fires of inspiration and freedom.

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A title comes. Troubles go. Longevity and fortune to follow.

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"We must stop talking about the American dream and start listening to the dreams of Americans." "Max Beerbohm"

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King's Win

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A woman went to a pet shop & immediately spotted a large, beautiful parrot.. There was a sign on the cage that said $50.00. "Why so little," she asked the pet store owner. The owner looked at her and said, "Look, I should tell you first that this bird used to live in a house of Prostitution and sometimes it says some pretty vulgar stuff." The woman thought about this, but decided she had to have the bird any way. She took it home and hung the bird's cage up in her living room and waited for it to say something. The bird looked around the room, then at her, and said, "New house, new madam." The woman was a bit shocked at the implication, but then thought "that's really not so bad." When her 2 teenage daughters returned from school the bird saw and said, "New house, new madam, new girls." The girls and the woman began to laugh about the situation considering how and where the parrot had been raised. Moments later, the woman's husband Keith came home from work. The bird looked at him and said, "Hi, Keith!"

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Godwin's Law.

I had never heard mention of it before being exposed to blogs. When I first read it I found it didn't sit right. It still doesn't. It is something that bothers me to my core really. Kind of like the way everything Bush says is a lie and yet he was still able to base part of his campaign on being honest. Just seems wrong ya know. For those of you not familiar with Godwin's Law allow me to explain a bit. It seems that any mention of Nazis or any comparison of said same in any argument reults in the person who said it being declared the loser. So if I was arguing with a Neo Nazi skin head and happened to mention that he was a Neo Nazi skinhead does it mean that automatically lose? Does it mean that when I'm speaking to some Reich Wing fanatic about current affairs and happen to mention the similarities in current policy and and past policy in some country we aren't allowed to name that I am automatically wrong?

Hang tight while I get a grasp of what you people are asking me to do. Hang tight while I explain the demands they've placed on you to readjust your rational thinking in the name or political correctness in open debate and dialogue. We are forgetting the past. No not all of it. Just the select pieces that someone somewhere decided we weren't allowed to mention. We are expected to blank out whole periods of time when very bad men lead people of a nation to do very terrible things in the name of nation and God. So no matter how similar the actions of our goverment in the staging of this war, in the near onto communist propaganda coming out of the normal channels, to the stealing of civil libertys both right and left, no matter all this, we aren't allowed to suggest that some of this looked like that.

Now what doesn't get me is how Jewish folk. Well lets get closer to home. I don't get how some bloggers I've read that are noteworthy among the Reich Wing blogging world, they spell God G_d or some such. Lord turns out to be L-rd. Now I am not making fun of their relgion nor it's tenents that say or suggest that you never write God's name in any form ect ect. What I am making fun of them for is blindly and happily praising Dear Leader, any Dear Leader, after what happened in that one nation we aren't allowed to mention, when those people we aren't allowed to name, came to power. Such is life when we are constrained from polite discourse from mentioning certain events in the past because someone somewhere made a silly ass rule that for some reason one group embraced and demanded the other group to be forbidden from mentioning.

Now I don't know alot about Mike Godwin. I don't know that he was a lawyer and has been a writer dealing with many internet issues. It isn't like I went and Googled his name, found the wiki of his bios, and his blog. But if I had I might have wondered if his law stated that we weren't allowed to call Nazis Nazis, or if it just meant that the longer political discourse went on that the propabilities of Nazis being mentioned rose, which only make sense really. But in any case I would probably end up linking his blog and letting you the reader decide for yourselves how to think.

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This week, you'll seek to overcome irrational fears. Anxiety about things like blocked-number phone calls and easily removable come stains on your ultrasuede couch are running roughshod over your life. Beware of attempts to eliminate these worries Fear Factor-style. Lying in a coffin filled with maggots while a hooded man shocks you with a cattle prod won't get you anywhere but onto TV, and it still isn't worth it.

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Today's I Ching

The cataract is clearing. Good omen for one condemned. The shackles may be off, but walking is difficult.

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Not Ready To Make Nice

The Quote

"A farmer who had a quarrelsome family called his sons and told them to lay a bunch of sticks before him. Then, after laying the sticks parallel to one another and binding them, he challenged his sons, one after one, to pick up the bundle and break it. They all tried, but in vain. Then, untying the bundle, he gave them the sticks to break one by one. This they did with the greatest ease. Then said the father, Thus, my sons, as long as you remain united, you are a match for anything, but differ and separate, and you are undone." "Aesop"

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In ancient times there was a community known as the Goodnu's. As all communities did in these times the Goodnu's lived right on the river bank for trading, transportation and sustenance. Water was almighty and worshipped as a God. One day there was a tremendous hurricane far out in the ocean. It's ferocity blew a large flock of "Foo" birds way off course sending them inland many hundreds of miles and in the vicinity of the Goodnu's community. The Goodnu people had never seen a "Foo" bird and were quite curious as to it's sudden and obviously evil presence. The "Foo" bird, as we all know, is a very ugly, evil-looking bird. This caused the Goodnu people to become very uneasy believing they did something wrong to God and that this bird should be avoided. One day a "Foo" bird flew overhead and screeched: "Foo, Foo" and shit on a Goodnu's head. The man ran screaming into the river believing the Holy powers of the river would cleanse him of this evil turd and its consequences. As soon as the man washed this unholy turd from his ear canal he suddenly keeled over and died. The Goodnu's were now convinced of the "Foo" bird's evilness. The next day a woman was outside and heard: "Foo, Foo". Before she could react the "Foo" bird dropped a bomb landing a syrupy turd across her face. Shocked and panicked she ran into the river furiously washing her face of this sloppy stew. The village watched in horror as this woman also died once cleansed of the runny turd. The very next day a village wiseman heard those famous words: "Foo, Foo". He like others had witnessed the terrible deaths of two of his villages' people in the last two days. He too was struck right in the forehead by the "Foo" birds accurately guided turd missile. His first reaction was confusion and he sprinted towards the river. However, he stopped short and thought of his obvious demise should he cleanse the turd wafer from his forehead. He did not cleanse the poo pile from his forehead and lived. So the wiseman went to the other people of the village, gathered them around and stated to them: "There is an obvious lesson here my good people. The moral of this story is: 'If the Foo shits, wear it.'".

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Please forgive the stripped down version of my update. Has become a job doing updates truly. Trying to find new pictures, jokes, games, quotes, I Chings, porn, and now music to boot. Well it takes long hours. Of late I had the time but didn't feel like it just for the reason that it takes long hours and alot of work. Work. It stopped being a hobby and became a second "non" paying job. Was time to take a break. From all of it. I have a few links to fix and update but not today. Today I go for the stripped down feel to see how it works for me. But enough of that, on with the show. It may get long but please stay seated until intermissions.

My birds died. Not all of them. We had a total of, uhhh, hmmm, uhhh, twelve. Two in the house with us. Ten in the back room. The ten in the back room were in two different cages. Parakeets. We bred em. Well the wife noticed two birds in a cage by themselves not looking good. Understatement. One was dead the other dying as we watched. While we looked on feeling sad for the little creatures we noticed another in the larger cage where eight birds lived lose it's balance. Dang thing fell off it's perch. There on the floor of the cage it looked all stunned and stuff then climbed back up onto a perch ruffled it's feathers and closed it's eyes. Soon another did the same thing. This repeated alot. Then a few of them started looking like they couldn't breathe very well. This followed by more falling down, spasms, and death not long after. Three survived. In less than a few hours seventy percent of the birds on the backporch died. I wondered and worried. I looked up symptoms of bird flu. I saw that feed and grain could be infected. I know for a fact our feed and grain is not inspected close enough to protect us from and outbreak. I wondered about fumes from the house. We live here after all. The dryer vents near the room but the wife told me she hadn't done laundry in a few days. The oak tree in the back yard was in full pollen bloom mode but I had never heard of oak tree pollen killing anything. I didn't remember any mosquitoe spray trucks being around lately. Wasn't really the time of year. We live in a septic tank area and are the lowest house in the area but a budy of mine of who works exclusively on septic systems said he had never heard of and gas or methane build ups like I was describing to make something like that happen. The wife was cooking cabbage but again I doubt that killed em. Well worry wart that I am, I called the friggin CDC.


So when I get the lady on the line, had to change lines a few times, she has no clue what to do. I mean me, I would think maybe you'd want to at least check out a few corpses, just in case. But no, she suggests I call my local health department. It's the weekend, just started, everythings closed. Now I know what I should have done, froze the bodies, sent em to a good university nearby. Instead I listened to the nice lady tell me several times how there were no "reported" cases of bird flu in the US, her emphasis not mine. And it was there I became slightly concerned. I wasn't that concerned with bird flu per se. As I said I saw how our grain and feeds could easily be dusted with a substance that would carry bird flu right into our country, but after a good read I saw the greatest chance of threat to humans came from not washing your hands. It could cross over and mutate but the chances weren't that good. No what concerned me the most was that the fine folks had no clue how to respond to what could have been a potential health threat on the weekend. That my local county and state governments first responder to a health threat on the weekend is 911. Would they know what to do? Do any of them really? Such ends that thought. All above is true. And I had serious thoughts of converting it into a short story. But alas, that too is alot like work. Moving along.

Boot Camp Beatings. When it first came out Fox News had their panels of experts on hand to discredit the whole thing as not worthy of attention. Someone at the Florida Department of Corrections was quick to get a bogus autopsy and the body in the ground asap. Things swept under the rug are soon forgotten about ya know. But after digging the body back up for a new autopsy performed by someone not employed to make problems go away we find that indeed the beating was responsible for the boys death. So now Fox News is on the bandwagon and you know the folks in the video, the guards and the nurse, are screwed. Good. They should all serve time as accesories to the fact. The doctor who performed the bogus autopsy should lose his medical license at the very least. He too is an accomplice to a crime. He in trying to cover it up. But will they really get any time at all? Probably not. Things like Tough Love only apply to criminals not to cops, guards, nurses, or anyone in the employ of the FDLE. Which brings me to something I saw on the tube recent.

A cop standing over a suspect, and unarmed suspect, a suspect that is offering no resistance at all. The cop unloaded his gun into the guy. It was all caught on tape. Every friggin second of a cop going over the edge and killing an unarmed handcuffed man who was laying on his belly. Wanna know what they plan on charging the cop with? Unintentional manslaughter. Lets see, ya pull out your gun and shoot a guy five or six times in the back. He wasn't resisting and offered no reason to be shot, but........ It must have been unintentional because cops don't break the law now do they. It's a failing in our system. Those who are supposed to be protecting us from the bad guys often become the bad guys and then get far less time or judicial actions than the rest of us. Alot like those guards beating a kid to death. If a group of young black kids bounced a cop around like that they'd all be up on murder charges. Their fat little blond haired girlfriend looking on? She would have caught a case too. But since they work for Law Enforcement in some capacity they get less time. Why? Because they protect their own. Ever thought it was time for Americans to start protecting their own from the thugs disguised as cops? Maybe it's time we as Americans start pushing back.

As an aside. TNChick, StreetCow, and I Want Funny. I'll try and link to you nice folks asap. Check back soon.

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Illegal Immigrants suck. Don't get me wrong or think I'm a rascist. I know plenty of illegals and am friendly with the vast majority of them I've met. But......... I was layed off because work was slowing down. There are still plenty of illegals working there doing the same job for less money. Were they not here I would still have a job. Were they not here I could demand a little bit better treatment from my employer. Maybe benefits. Maybe a working wage. Maybe a few less hours so I would have more time to spend with my family. But they are here. They will come because they can afford to work for less. Most that I know are single males who come here and work anywhere from five to fifteen years and gladly share houses with four and five other guys. They eat on the cheap. They live for work. After they've finished their hitch they go back home. So they will come because the money is good. For them. They live South of the border. Americans cannot afford to live on those wages. Or actually they can but it amounts to having nothing but a job, a place to sleep, food, and more of the same until something goes wrong here or there setting you back weeks or months or years. Business that always looks at the bottom line has obviously been unable to adequetly police itself. The illegals I know get fake ideas by the box for a few hundred bucks. And our government has only paid attention to the border with Mexico when it has come to drugs, and even then not alot of attention. Just enough to look hard on drugs during election cycles and all that crap. So as we outsource and insource more and more of our American dollars to other nations, while giving larger and larger tax cuts to the rich, I gotta wonder why I am suddenly so suprised the money has to come from somewhere. Us. The little folks. The peons. The proletariat.

And then I look at how far those illegals have to commute for work and I feel just a little better.

Until I pick up the paper and see that one of the hottest home sales areas in the nation has started to feel the bubble burst. How the sellers market is falling and the buyers market trending. Bubble go "pop".

In other news Tom Delay was reelected. Uhhhhhhhnn! WTF?!? Diebold? I'm speechless.

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The Moon is in flighty Gemini, lifting our thoughts and scattering them everywhere. It's difficult to hold onto a good idea now, for we are easily distracted by the next one. Today is also the first quarter Moon, a time when the feelings that came to us at last week's New Moon are tested for their validity and usefulness and yet, with the Gemini Moon, we may be tempted to give up too quickly. Additionally, a creative quintile between sweet Venus and jolly Jupiter encourages us to see the greatest potential even in the worst situation.

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Today's I Ching

Soldiers in the grass, lying in ambush. Ascend to those high hills. They shall not rise for thre years.

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Grateful Dead, New Speedway Boogie, Via Blah3

The Quote

"If you commit a big crime then you are crazy, and the more heinous the crime the crazier you must be. Therefore you are not responsible, and nothing is your fault." "Peggy Noonan"

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The Joke

There once was a little frog who wanted to take out a home improvement loan to fix up his pad. His name is Kermit Jagger. He hopped over to his local bank, went up to the teller and said, "Hi, I'd like to take out a loan to fix up my pad." The teller replied, "You need to see our loan officer. Her name is "Patricia Black."

So the frog hops over to the loan officer's desk and sits down. When Patricia arrives she ask, "What can I do for you?"

The frog says, "I'd like to take out a loan to fix up my pad."

Patricia asked, "What do you have for collateral?"

After thinking for a couple of moments about what he could offer the frog reaches into his little froggy pocket and pulls out a small white elephant.

"This is a very unusual form of collateral." said Patricia. "I'll have to check with our bank president to see if it's ok."

Patricia goes to the president and says, "There's a frog named Kermit Jagger out there who want's a home loan and this white elephant is all he is offering for collateral. What should I do?"

The bank president takes the small white elephant and after carefully examining it hands it back to Patricia and says,

"It's a nick-knack Patty Black give the frog a loan. His old man's a Rolling Stone."

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One Earth One Life

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I gotta start this with a disclaimer. I am not going to go off and link to each thought to back me up. It isn't that I don't want to link to other folks on the left. I just want to run with the tirade without having to skip a beat. I will mention now that what got this rant going was much beer, something mentioned on Blah3, and crap rolling around behind my eyeballs. And that's where I'm going to leave things. You really should get over to Blah3 and give em some love.

What we see and hear is controlled. There was and may still be a ban on photos of coffins coming back from Iraq. That is controlling what we see. Most recently there has been a ban on photos concerning torture. Australia has released the pictures or video, Blah3 has them linked. Again we as Americans were not "allowed" to see these pictures. Nor did our government want other countries to see them believing it would cause more unrest against us. So they wish to control what comes in and goes out, our leaders that is. And being a cold war baby who heard all the horror stories about those terrible Communist. How they controlled what their people heard on the radio and TV. How they controlled what information left the country and how it was laid out. How there were poor people in those countries. How there were starving people in those countries. We heard there were soup lines and people living on the streets. How the rick and powerful had a lock on the country and kept the poor people poor so they could live in splendor. We heard how these Communist countries waged war in a never ending battle to bring their government to the rest of the world whether the world liked it or not. We heard how these evil vile terrible countries would lock away dissidents for years without charges. How the death squads were recruited and the propaganda laid out to cover it up. We heard all these things about other countries we were'nt.

And then we became them. We became everything we were supposed to be fighting against. We now had secret police to watch our secret police. We started locking up more and more of our own population so they could be forced to work in prison labor camps. We spied upon our own citizens and denied access to truth for the masses. Instead offering up propaganda to our own citizens and the rest of the world. We gave more and more of our rights away in the name of freedom and security than any other generation in this country's history. We became everything we were once fighting and suddenly our leaders were telling us it was for our own good.

And any converts left. Any on the Right, or the Left, or the Center, or sideways, thisways, or thataways. Anyone who still supports this administration despite the ever mounting evidence that we are becoming something other than a Democratic America, something other than a country that wished peace to all and freedom for all, is just plain evil. They are the enemy to all. They wish neither freedom nor compassion but instead wish to control what others do think and say. What they read how they dress what they watch on TV when they eat sleep and screw. Once again we have and are becoming the enemy. You know the current batch of boogeymen. The ones who don't allow their people to decide how they want to act and imposes it's will against it's own populice despite the will of the majority. So welcome all the American Mullahs. Cheer at the rallys. Shake your collective fist. Decry the enemy. When all along the enemy is you. Has always been you. Will always be you. Because once you become that which you are fighting you are only fighting yourself. A very futile effort indeed.

And another thing. The Port Authority thing. If you're reading blogs you know what I'm talking about. Up on left wing blogs a good week before the Right's talking points decided what to do with it. I myself take it as a sign that more and more Americans are starting to become aware of the fact that Iraq wasn't part of 9-11. That Iraq didn't have any WMD's. And that Saudi Arabian interest groups provided the lion's share of the funding for the enterprise and 15 of 19 highjackers were Saudi Arabian. Something the Right seems to have forgot quite conviently for oil interest in the grand old USofA.

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Patty Hearst

Today's Horoscopes

The Moon is in Scorpio for most of the day, pushing us into deep emotional territories that can transform our lives. Although Scorpio is a water sign, our sentiments may be difficult to express, for it seems as if others react by trying to fix us even though nothing is wrong. One lesson this intense Moon brings is that feelings need to be felt. If we attempt to deny them, they gain power. Once expressed, however, they can transform into easier and lighter emotions, especially as the Moon moves on into philosophical Sagittarius at 9:38 pm EST.

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Today's I Ching

If you can reap without planting, resow without fallow, then go ahead.

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Shakira - Hips Don't Lie f/ Wyclef Jean

The Quote

"Today the world is the victim of propaganda because people are not intellectually competent. More than anything the United States needs effective citizens competent to do their own thinking." "William Mather Lewis"

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Single Cell Porn
Redneck Rocker Porn

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The Joke

Five cannibals get appointed as engineers in a defense company.

During the welcoming ceremony the boss says, "You're all part of our team now. You can earn good money here, and you can go to the cafeteria for something to eat. So please don't trouble any of the other employees".

The cannibals promised.

Four weeks later the boss returns and says, "You're all working very hard, and I'm very satisfied with all of you.

However, one of our janitors has disappeared. Do any of you know what happened to him?"

The cannibals all shake their heads no.

After the boss has left, the leader of the cannibals says to the others, "Which of you idiots ate the janitor?"

A hand raises hesitantly, to which the leader of the cannibals replies, "You fool! For four weeks we've been eating Team Leaders, Supervisors and Project Managers and no one noticed anything, and YOU had to go and eat the janitor!"

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Cartoons. The comics. You know, the funnies. Sometimes down home humor. Or old folk humor. Or the old tried and true funny animals. And the occasional biting satire on current events. How I envy those who can put pen to paper and roll out cartoon after cartoon. The biting ones. Because I have a dandy in mind. Seems Muslims are protesting caricatures of Muhammad. And somewhere inside I feel for them but know that caricatures of Jehova and Jesus and Buddah and Krishna and this that and the other one have been done and you don't get this kind of protesting. And it brings to mind a cartoon, a comic, where a Muslim is standing before the camera denouncing the evil cartoons while behind him in front of other cameras I see hostages beheaded and shot for our viewing pleasure. If I could draw it I would. The irony is there. The protest over cartoons while defending executions. To me it seems like someones priorities are just messed up. Unless never ending protest is part of a plan to gain more power worldwide.

Remember folks, I'm down with bashing Bush. I just don't see ignoring a problem in the Middle East as good for our country. I see the constant protest as what they are. The vocal shouting matches the Muslims do as being just as bad as the Republithugs stacking the deck for the camera in the Florida recount fiasco. All planned, all staged, all with purpose. So I see the current protest denouncing the vile cartoonist poking fun at Muhammad a trite silly. Perhaps if they protested as loudly the beheadings of non combatants I'd feel for them. But they don't, so I won't. Moving on.

Iran. The build up and push are in the works. Iran can say or do whatever they want its too late. They've made their bed with recent comments of plans to enrich uranium, and the wheels are turning towards invading their country very very soon. UN sanctions are in place. The IAEA or whatever has gave their stamp of approval. The big players in the game are all giving their silent nods for invasion. And we're going to go to war with another country with the army we have, not the army we'd like to have. Just doesn't seem wise to overextend our forces anymore than they already are. As someone else would have once said now just "doesn't seem prudent". Like maybe someone should really ask for Poppie's advice for a change. And whatever happend to North Korea?

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Bob Marley

Today's Horoscopes

The pace quickens today as the Moon enters expressive Gemini at 2:33 am EST. We are curious about many things -- gathering information and talking about what we learn. Our dreams take center stage as a fog settles over our brains. We may not be able to think clearly now with the Sun conjuncting imaginative Neptune and tensely squaring philosophical Jupiter. It's difficult to get our bearings in reality through logic, so we must trust our instincts to find the way.

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Today's I Ching

Changeable as a leopard is the gentleman. Leathery is the face of the common man. To advance brings disaster. To settle down is favorable.

The Music

DrumNBass.Be 'Assault 27112012 (1000 Reasons)'

The Quote

"The voice of protest, of warning, of appeal is never more needed than when the clamor of fife and drum, echoed by the press and too often by the pulpit, is bidding all men fall in step and obey in silence the tyrannous word of command. Then, more than ever, it is the duty of the good citizen not to be silent." "Charles Eliot Norton"

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Kunt Fu Porn
Hired Help Porn

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Drunk Klunk
Ball Trap

The Joke

Question: What do Laura Bush and Whitney Houston have in common?

Answer: They both liked to blow a little dope.

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Got my mind right and my blather on. Like almost all of my post what I write comes off the top of my head. Which might explain the numerous mistakes and typos. I rarely go back and reread things until after I've posted them. But I wander. I went looking for some words taken directly from the Bible. I have a link to it in the "links to the left". But the site now doesn't appear to have the Bible there anymore. Tis gone. Sold out to commercialism. Ads by Google. Almost too funny. But it really does go a long way in explaining alot of things going on now.

Elections. Supposedly, supposedly I say because it's all propaganda. The message changes day to day and the reasons to invade or occupy are changed depending on political needs. But look at recent voting trends in the Middle East. Supposedly, theres that word again, our country is all hot for bringing Democracy and freedom to vote to these nations, and they go off and keep voting for just the opposite of the type of government our leaders want them to. Darned the luck. Egypt's recent elections where the "outlawed" party gained seats. Hamas a clear recent example. Iraq with the Sunnis making some real gains. Iran with it's functioning government. And we are going to go to war with all of them because they won't do what our leaders want. We troop around the world goosestepping on the natives to enforce our countrys right to make everyone else do exactly what we want them to. Look to the changes in leadership in Latin America for more examples of the results of trying to make other countrys do other than they would do. Iran Contra ring any bells? And the timelines go back much much farther.

And instead of learning that these tactics just further world hatreds and animosity we have a group of leaders who wish to impose more stringent sanctions worldwide. Instead of talking about how to end war they plan more wars while talking of lowering troop levels and recruiting goals so everything will look good on the evening news when they tell America they've met their troop goals. Reporters and hostages and terrorist and insurgents oh my. And Alito the hearings the conformation and hey! he could really be the guy. But instead what struck me was the push for lower BAC levels nationwide. Criminalize daily behaviour and everyone is a criminal. Criminals are controlled by the state. The state tells criminals what they can and cannot do. They are allowed freedom as long as they abide by the states laws. And the state is the state. Average people do not fight the state. They fold up and take it so they can go home and not lose everything they have. And then the state imposes more laws.

The homeless. The loons. The drunks. The lost souls. The dopers. The whores. The pimps. The cops. The perverts and freaks and fairys. The guys named Tom Dick and Harry. Everyone of them still Americans who do things the government has decided it has a right to decide whether they can do or not. The homeless can't sleep on the strret. What?! Ya want them to go home? They're fucking homeless. The loons? Check one of the porn links for today. We end up jailing them and sending them off for awhile. Sometimes they get help, and sometimes they end up being abused. If the odds are fifty fifty maybe it'd be better to leave them on the streets. The Lost Souls? Its illegal to commit suicide in most states. Now lets say you succeed. They can't really charge ya. But if you fail, and here you are a failure at killing yourself, they come in an charge you, like you aren't feeling bad enough being all suicidal and all, and charge you. The dopers? Do I even need to go on with how the entire anti drug message is bullshit and a failure and how our government has more times than not used the illegal sale of drugs to help fund covert operations here and abroad. Didn't I already mention Iran Contra? Moving along. The whores. Legalized they can call the cops if abused. They can be checked for diseases and expected to be licensed and taxed and tested at regular intervals. The pimps? They've always been legal. If you're Larry Flynt or Al Goldstein you can slut out anyone willing. If you're Rufus Jackson you face possible arrest on any number of charges. The cops go on following orders. It's their job. Questioning authority at the wrong time can cost lives. Complete the Mission. Semper Fi! Whoo! It's "us" against "them". They are the enemy. We're the good guys. And no one really ever questions the fact that the enemy consists of fellow Americans, and the bad guys often consist of poor people who probably need help not jail. The perverts freaks and fairys? As long as everyone is a consenting human. Leave the gerbils alone. What have the hamsters done to you? Stop it you bastards. And Tom, Dick, and Harry, the ookerHay may have had the lapCay, visit the linicCay.

Enough. I babble. I ramble. You go off and check out things. Theres games and porn and stuff to look at and read and as always there is that ever growing monstrosity, "The Links To The Left". Go. Go and venture into alternate truth. Me? I'm gonna fall down now. Tis way past my drink and I've had too much to bedtime.

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Dick Cheney

Today's Horoscopes

The Aquarian New Moon at 9:14 am EST marks the beginning of a new emotional cycle. This initiation in freedom-loving Aquarius is opposite Saturn in heartfelt Leo, bringing up issues about commitment. The obstacles are very real, but can be overcome through hard work, determination and patience. It's time for each of us to plant our own seeds of intention which can grow to fruition as the Moon waxes full for the next two weeks. We have the opportunity to manifest what is now only a wish.

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Today's I Ching

The King's minister admonishes feverently, not for his own sake.

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DrumTrybe - Florida Pagan Gathering Thursday Part One 2004

The Quote

"People who treat other people as less than human must not be surprised when the bread they have cast on the waters comes floating back to them, poisoned." "James Baldwin"

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Snail Porn
Fruit and Nuts Porn

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Sheriff Tripeaks

The Joke

A doctor had the reputation of helping couples increase the joy in their sex life, but always promised not to take a case if he felt he could not help them. The Browns came to see the doctor, and he gave them thorough physical exams, psychological exams, and various tests and then concluded, ''Yes, I am happy to say that I believe I can help you. On your way home from my office stop at the grocery store and buy some grapes and some doughnuts. Go home, take off your clothes, and you, sir, roll the grapes across the floor until you make a bulls eye in your wife's love canal. Then on hands and knees you must crawl to her like a leopard and retrieve the grape using only your tongue."

He continued, ''Then next, ma'am, you must take the doughnuts and from across the room, toss them at your husband until you make a ringer around his love pole. Then like a lioness, you must crawl to him and consume the doughnut.''

The couple went home and their sex life became more and more wonderful. They told their friends, Mr. & Mrs. Green that they should see the good doctor.

The doctor greeted the Greens and said he would not take the case unless he felt that he could help them; so he conducted the physical exams and the same battery of tests. Then he told the Greens the bad news. ''I cannot help you, so I will not take your money. I believe your sex life is as good as it will ever be, I cannot help.''

The Greens pleaded with him, and said, ''You helped our friends the Browns, now please, please help us.

"Ok, go to the store and buy some apples and a box of Cheerios...''

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Cute Overload


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Poll numbers. Poll numbers are crap. You know it. I know it. Everyone should know it. The people who pay for the polls get the results they want to get. The people who perform the polls deliver results. When the folks who paid for the poll frown the pollsters catch on real quick that they aren't going to keep a job unless they turn those frowns upside down. As such they skew results by changing the demograpics of the polling groups until they get the results they want. The results the buyer wants.

Moving along.

George Bush's poll numbers and what they might mean. Tune in to Fox News and you'll see larger numbers than you'd see on say Blah3 or Buzzflash, and I can understand that. I can understand how both sides use the poll best suited to send forth their message. But the larger picture for me is the extenuating factors not taken into account as factors in these polls. Things like the huge sums of money spent advertising him as the best thing since sliced bread and how hes still doing poorly, very poorly, the poorest on record, with that advantage. Factors like a main stream media that has virtually spent all it's coverage praising Bush at every turn. And still he's hanging low in public opinion. All which amounts to nothing really other than some folks don't like him. Some think his war is crap. Some think he's tanking the economy. Some think he's taking the Republican party down. And so on.

My take on this is that his numbers are really alot lower than any poll would reveal. Let the media start reporting all the crap instead of saying "it's all hunky dory and ain't he a great prez?". Let the money dry up on his bright shiny photo ops produced for that complacent media and you don't have much left except the hard cold facts. And as we've all learned by now it does seem the majority of Americans hate to be pestered with silly little things like facts. And that is the real reason for the publics growing discomfort with the Little Emperor. He done went and made them have to think. The facts aren't lining up and the story line is flawed. He done went and made them want to change the channel. So more people are starting to think we should get rid of the little fuck so they can go back to watching Lost.


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John Hancock

Today's Horoscopes

The Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the intense water sign Scorpio today, exaggerating our emotional world. Still, the ongoing theme is our need for change frustrated by the inability to change. Support comes now in the shape of a harmonious trine between attractive Venus and physical Mars. The cosmic lovers are happy with each other and might just give us the opportunity to manifest the loveliness of sweet sensual indulgence. On a different note, Venus also symbolizes money and resources, so hard work can pay off in very tangible ways.

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Today's I Ching

The garden is all decked out. No presents to speak about. Awkward, but all ends well.

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Gutter Bottle

The Quote

"It is clear that thought is not free if the profession of certain opinions makes it impossible to earn a living." "Bertrand Russell"

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Pilot Porn
Airport Porn

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Alex In Danger
Tank Panzer Camel

The Joke

While sports fishing off the Florida coast, a tourist capsized his boat. He could swim, but his fear of alligators kept him clinging to the overturned craft.

Spotting an old beachcomber standing on the shore, the tourist shouted, "are there any gators around here?!"

"Naw," the man hollered back, "Ain't been any for years!"

Feeling safe, the tourist started swimming toward the shore. About halfway there he asked the guy, "How'd you get rid of the gators?"

"We didn't do nothin'," the beachcomber said. "The sharks got 'em."

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Perfect Human

Crazy Monkey Games

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Forever and a day it seems I've spouted off about the failings of the Bush regime. Pointed out the horrors of a Republican held House and Senate. Mentioned in passing the poor choices and obvious plants all of the appointments have been. Spoken about the war in Iraq and how I feel it isn't going well, wasn't the right place to be, and wasn't the right thing to do. But.........

Today I want to mention racial profiling. How I see nothing wrong with looking closer at Muslims entering this country since it is Muslim who fly planes into buildings and try to blow up our skyscrapers. To not look at them is to be stupid. We are in the business of protecting ourselves. As such I also believe that "illegal wiretaps" while not legal should be a tool our secret organizations have available to protect us. I just believe that like the tourture scandal that they, this administration, fails at everything they do. No one should have ever caught wind of illegal wiretaps. They should have been secret and stayed a secret. The fact that it didn't leaves me to believe that Bush and company have no real control of events. But they try to act like they do. The clueless leading the clueless.

And I go out reading here and there and few if any folks I read suggest there are problems in the Middle East that are anyone's fault but the US's. Little if any mention is given to the hate filled rhetoric of many Middle Eastern leaders. Veiled and not so veiled threats against our nation and people. See I'm a live and let live guy. I feel no need to go off and nuke a bunch of Muslims. But I really really really really do not feel comfortable with Iran or any other country led by religious zealots having the bomb. I'm just like that. Not wanting people with a track record of blowing up innocents to send political messages to have an even bigger bomb than they've already been using. Does that end my Liberal blogging dreams? The fact that I'm based enough in reality to see that are more than two sides in every issue?

Ahh I'm babbling again. I need to update the page. Archive. Do stuff. Maybe this coming week. The wife fixed my sounds so maybe soon I'll start digging up some MP3s to add to regular updates. And isn't it nice the words "impeach Bush" are starting to be rolled around is the Mass Media? When they even mutter it being as owned as they are you know ca ca has done hit the fan.

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Today's Horoscopes

Assertive Mars has finally pushed past the opposition with inflationary Jupiter, but is still squaring nebulous Neptune until mid-week. The cosmic weather has encouraged us to go for it in a big way, and now we are left wondering why. Meanwhile, the Moon in dramatic Leo is stressing all these planets, which doesn't make it any easier to negotiate a clean path through these muddied waters. The best course of action today may feature patience, even if it's difficult to find.

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Today's I Ching

Trapped amongst wild grass. Trapped in a logjam. Move and you'll regret it, some say. But you should strike out.

The Quote

"The Republican form of government is the highest form of government; but because of this it requires the highest type of human nature -- a type nowhere at present existing." "Herbert Spencer"

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Doctor Porn
Nursing Porn

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Floor It
Full Metal Alchemist

The Joke

First-grade class in Brooklyn comes in from recess. Teacher asks Sarah: "What did you do at recess?"

Sarah says, "I played in the sand box."

The teacher says, "That's good. Go to the blackboard, and if you can write 'sand' correctly, I'll give you a fresh-baked cookie."

She does and gets a cookie.

The teacher asks Morris what he did at recess.

Morris says, "I played with Sarah in the sand box."

The teacher says, "Good. If you write 'box' correctly on the blackboard, I'll give you a fresh baked cookie."

Morris does, and gets a cookie. Teacher then asks Mustaffa Abdul Machmoud what he did at recess.

He says, "I tried to play with Sarah and Morris, but they threw rocks at me."

The teacher says, "Threw rocks at you? That sounds like blatant racial discrimination. If you can go the blackboard and write 'blatant racial discrimination' I'll give you a cookie."

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Should Exist

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I ran away to Disney Land. No, not recently. But seriously, I ran away to Disney Land. Many many many, yeah it was that long ago, years ago I got in a little trouble in school. The principal being a bright guy, who just knew how to get to the root of the problem, decided that I and another person, also caught for doing whatever it was that we had done, should be told that the police were coming to get us and we should sit quietly on the bench outside and wait for them. Well no actual police were called but silly kids that we were we believed the man. And with time to chat outside decided that our parents would never forgive us and the best out would be to split town. But where to go? I mean where do two teenage boys who decide to run away from home go? And with great wisdom we decided Disney Land was the place to go. Thus is the start to a great story the wife won't let me tell in front of the kids. Crap, what in the world is she going to do when I start reliving the beer boogies and house partys? Such is the life of a parent. Not only are we not allowed to live like that anymore, we aren't even supposed to talk about it aloud for fear someone will replicate our misdeeds. So at some later date when my kids tell me how out of touch I am and uncool, as if uncool will still be used to describe those of us out of the loop, well I just hope they aren't within arms reach.

I had more to say. Stuff about armor and Alito, Stuff about choices and decisions. But I'm half trashed. Once again I am forced to leave it up to you to dig around in my links and decide for yourselves what truth is. Or at least what we percieve it to be. Gd'luck.

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Richard Nixon

Today's Horoscopes

The Moon is still in determined Taurus today until 8:58 pm EST, giving us another chance to simplify our lives. The week will get more hectic later on, so we should take advantage of the stability while it lasts. When the Moon does enter flighty Gemini this evening, we may get a second wind. Our minds become more active and we look for a variety of ways to amuse ourselves. Additionally, sweet Venus forms a magical quintile with jovial Jupiter, urging us to experience the beauty in everything, but beware of overindulgence.

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Today's I Ching

The elder son commands the army. The younger brother hauls corpses. Omen of misfortune.

The Quote

"In the beginning, I wanted to enter what was essentially a man's field. I wanted to prove I could do it. Then I found that when I did as well as the men in the field I got more credit for my work because I am a woman, which seems unfair." "Eugenie Clark"

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Wet Porn
Disney Soccer Porn

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Bomb's Away
Shotgun Orc

The Joke

After giving a speech at an elementary school, President Bush allows the kids to ask a few questions. One little boy, Billy, gathers the courage to raise his hand and asks, "How come you invaded Iraq without the support of the U.N.?"

Just as Bush begins to answer, the recess bell rings and he says they'll continue afterward. Half an hour later the kids come back inside.

"Where were we?" says Dubya. "Oh, yes: does anyone want to ask me anything?"

A different boy raises his hand and says, "I have three questions: First, why did you invade Iraq without support from the U.N.? Why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early? And third, where the hell is Billy?"

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Have I mentioned I hate computers. My computer to be most precise. Forever and a day I have always used computers thrown together and hacked together with tape, rubberbands, and paperclips. Today as I try and update the web page many of you have come to love, or at least visit, I find I cannot save pictures as JPG's. Before any of you feel a need to read to me the list of things tht could fix this know that I have also been locked out of Admin position. My computer is now it's own Admin, as has always been the case. It lets me play at it's leisure when it feels like it. Over time it has decided I didn't need sounds. Occasionally it decides I don't need to save as JPG. Hell for months it decided I didn't need to be able to play games with the same speed as those other folks who are already cheating me with wall hacks and speed cheats. That is because my computer wishes to teach me patience and humility.

Well having been patient and showing a great deal of humility I've decided that very soon the computer I am currently using will be pounded to a pulp on the curb with an aluminum baseball bat. My neighbors who are all becoming computer literate much like the rest of the country will most likely cheer me on. Take that electronic overlords. And this will leave me without the basic needs to update a web page or even to view many of yours. As such do not be suprised if at some point in the very near future I no longer update or visit your fine blogs.

Much of the problems I have can easily be contributed to spyware assholes like who dump files that rewrite registry and change your operating systems around. I am almost tempted to join in the class action lawsuit these fucks will have against them very soon as Americans by and large take assholes like these to court for invading their privacy. But the fixes are more often than not just as bad as having computers that are soo slow as to let the turtle win every race against the hare. So now I pay for a cable connection through Comcast that has never ever been what is advertised. Uploads and download speeds have always been lacking. More than a few times I have had technicians at my home who admit most of the trouble is on the end of Comcast who advertised speeds they could not deliver thanks to the amount of new users flocking to their service. And from what I understand they never will be able to deliver those speeds since more users keep coming and equipment and maintenance have not kept up with demand.

But whatever the case my system sucks. If I ever buy a brand new system expect me and mine to take to court anyone who does anything to block our speeds or ability to use our home computer. If a burgler breaks in my home and hacks into my computer and makes it so it works at a tenth of it's operating speeds I feel cheated. As such companies like that dump tons or registry altering files into my computer every time I visit a web page are burglers. They are cheating me out of enjoyable computing at the speeds promised by my ISP. If my ISP, say Comcast for example, promises speeds in excess that it has never been able to provide then expect me to sue for the entire time I have used their service and all the lost time thanks to their false advertisement and promises.

Or I could just visit the owners of places like and such and beat the owners near unto death and let the courts sort it out afterwards. With a growing population of computer users I seriously doubt I would ever be found guilty and seriously believe I would be lauded as a hero.

And to think, I was gonna write something important dealing with terrorism and how the left ignores the facts that the right whitewashes. Damn computers.

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Isaac Asimov

Today's Horoscopes

The Moon is visiting eclectic Aquarius today, reminding us that being different from everyone else is important. It's what makes each of us unique, even as we remain connected to others. Whether we are part of a family, a workgroup, a club or a tribe, we need to balance our individual needs with the needs of a larger community. Now, as the Moon travels through this social sign, it conjuncts imaginative Neptune and squares both feisty Mars and expansive Jupiter. Even the least significant events can take on larger importance than necessary.

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Today's I Ching

Entering the cave, three uninvited guests arrive. If you treat them with respect, all will end well.

The Quote

"That is the whole secret of successful fighting. Get your enemy at a disadvantage; and never, on any account, fight him on equal terms." "George Bernard Shaw"

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Hello Kitty Porn
Devo Porn

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Griswald The Goblin

The Joke

A guy is hitchhiking. A Mercedes stops and the driver asks him what his politics are. He replies, "I'm a Democrat". The driver says "I don't allow Democrats in my car" and drives off. A few minutes later a BMW stops and exactly the same thing happens. As soon as the driver finds out that he is a Democrat he refuses to let him in the car. So the guy thinks, "Well this is stupid, next car that stops I'll say that I'm a Republican."

A couple of minutes later a Porsche stops. The driver is a stunning blonde. She asks him his politics and he replies that he is a Republican. She says "Get in". He climbs in and notices that she is wearing a very short miniskirt. As she drives it climbs further and further up and he starts to get really agitated and his cock starts to grow. Finally he can stand it no longer so he turns to her and says, "You know I've only been a Republican for 10 minutes and already I want to screw somebody!"

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Human Under Construction

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"I don't wanna work. Just wanna bang on the drum all day."
Gotta problem with that?

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