The Indianapolis Munch is Indiana's oldest gathering of the Indiana BDSM/Pansexual Community.

We welcome any and all newcomers with a sincere interest in the BDSM-/Kink/Fetish/Leather lifestyles, and people of
any gender identification or relationship status, as we always have. Our Munch has no specific orientation and we are
committed to hosting a pansexual/pankink gathering. We remain available to our community at no charge other than
the cost of your meal. We embrace those newer to their path and those seeking instruction, information, perhaps
companionship within the Lifestyle realm, while offering new possibilities, contacts and challenges for those who are
well on their way.

The Indianapolis Munch has a Safe Space Policy which can be viewed here.

Not sure what BDSM is? Read this.

"What to expect at a munch" by Mistress Constance, the Indianapolis Munch hostess from 1998-1999

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What to expect at a Munch
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