PTHA-Sweatlodge Every Wednesday

Date: 11/02/2008

Time: 06:00 PM

Description: Sweat Lodge Every Wednesday at 6pm Invitation to come to the Wed. night sweat at 6pm each and every week. The tribal sweat lodge has supporte d 30 or more people at one time. If you'd like to help out contact Raymond McCloud at the PTHA or meet at the sweat lodge around 3pm when we light up the fire. Natives of all walks of life find their way to the inipi, to take care of themselves and support others in prayer. Recently, the lodge has been blessed with the company of some youngsters ages 9-13yrs. They have conducted themselves in a good way, with encouraging words for all to listen too. When construction begins on the new casino, our inipi will need to be relocated to a safe location, anyone with a suggestion, please let us know. Also, the lodge is always looking for firewood, anyone knowing of someone willing to donate wood or get at great price, contact Raymond at the PTHA, or myself (Rob 253-224-4888). The mens' lodge is located next to the Elder's Housing and the womens' is next to Kawachee Center. source:

Location: 2209 East 32nd Street,Tacoma, WA 98404


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