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Enumeration Blotter Pages
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Enumeration Act of January 20, 1862

Enumerator's Blotter. (pp. 1-8)

ENUM/DATE: February 16, 1892
New York State, _____ Election District, City or Town of Lenox, County of Madison
Not numbered: 16 pages [page numbers are noted by transcriber to indicate sequence]. 
Enumerator Notes are included.
[Transcriber's Note: Names are spelled in the order listed and as they appeared. Some appear to be phonetic spelling, starting with the first name Malenicthen N. Moot which has become Melanthan in later records. Some surnames are spelled differently on the next line within the same household. Those letters that are the most difficult to decipher are in red. Pages 1-8 below.]
NAME. Male
or Alien
Malenicthen N. Moot M 55 United States c Farmer D
Nellie Hill Moot F 50 U.S. c
Mildred C. Moot F 25 U.S. c
Yottie Frimm F 40 U.S. c
Charles Morse M 17 U.S. c
Robbert I. Simmens M 11 U.S. c
Cinderella N. Walker F 12 U.S. c
George Erom Vanslike M 40 U.S. c Laberer D
Eliza Larimer Vanslike F 50 U.S. c
Nicholas Newton Vanslike M 21 U.S. c Laberer D
Emma Elisabeth Vanslike F 16 U.S. c
Christofer Vanslike M 67 U.S. c Laberer R
Catharine Vanderwalker F 70 U.S. c
Rufas C. Smith M 40 U.S. c Farmer R
Iearne E. Smith F 37 U.S. c
Lydia Ann Smith F 76 U.S. c
Cairy R. Smith F 18 U.S. c
Leora A. Smith F 14 U.S. c
Frances Len Smith F 11 U.S. c
Asa R. Smith M 8 U.S. c
Ibalo A. Smith F 6 U.S. c
Frank Helmer M 23 U.S. c Jobar
Austine A. Watson M 57 U.S. c Farmer D
Agnes J. Watson F 55 U.S. c
Clarissa Watson F 86 U.S. c
Newel Watson M 56 U.S. c Farmer D
Laura Watson F 57 U, S. c
Fridrick Gordon M 27 U.S. c Farmer D
Mimiee Gordon F 26 U.S. c
Charlies Shaun Gordon M 5 U.S. c
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John D. Buck M 67 U.S. c Mason
Ester S. Buck F 62 U.S. c
Walter Bell M 54 England c Farmer R
Deberah Bell F 53 U.S. c
Elizabeth Eena Bell F 13 U.S. c
Samuel F. Watson M 55 U.S. c Farmer D
Gertrude M. Watson F 47 U.S. c
Charles E. Custerson M 29 U.S. c Farmer R
Emily Custerson F 68 U.S. c
William Custerson M 72 U.S. c Farmer R
Orlando H. Chapman M 58 U.S. c Farmer D
Aeda M. Chapman F 33 U.S. c
Harold Chapman M 5 U.S. c
Peter While M 17 Indian U.S. a Laberer
Daniel Murphy M 84 Ireland c Laberer D
Catherine Murphy F 56 Ireland c
Henry Murphy M 18 U.S. c Laberer
Amelia Murphy F 21 U.S. c
Frank Lanise M 40 U.S. c Laberer D
Mary A. Larise F 39 U.S. c
Catharnie Maria Ray F 67 U.S. c
John Mead M 34 U.S. c Laberer R
Idah Mead F 33 U.S. c
George Mead M 14 U.S. c
Curtis Mead M 12 U.S. c
Frank Mead M 7 U.S. c
F. J. Ray M 39 U.S. c Farmer D
Flera A. Ray F 37 U.S. c
Minie Bell Ray F 17 U.S. c
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Patrick Brenan M 68 U.S. c Mason D
Matelda Brenan F 58 U.S. c
William Brenan M 16
U.S. c
Ellen Brennan F 22 U.S. c
Charles E. Myres M 30 U.S. c Farmer D
Nancy J. Myres F 34 U.S. c
Jessie H. Myres M 9 U.S. c
Carry M. Myres F 6 U.S. c
Lillie E. Myres F 5 U.S. c
Maver E. Myres M 2 U.S. c
Sarah Myres F 74 U.S. c
Ester A. Ricket F 75 U.S. c
Sophie Selleck F 69 U.S. c
H. M. Stafferd M 58 U.S. c Farmer R
Allace L. Stafferd F 38 U.S. c
S. H. Stafferd M 22 U.S. c Chees Maker R
Fred F. Stafferd M 17 U.S. c
Willie S. Stafferd M 11 U.S. c
Frank G. Staffferd M 9 U.S. c
Milton Deleerno Stafferd M 3 U.S. c
Sylvester Garden M 24 U.S. c Laberer D
Etta Garden F 30 U.S. c
Hattie Garden F 6 U.S. c
Abraham VanEps M 58 U.S. c Farmer R
Sarah F. VanEps F 51 U.S. c
Fred E. VanEps M 19 U.S. c Laberer
Earl L. VanEps M 1 U.S. c
Eugene Mead M 25 U.S. c Farmer R
Fanny Mead F 30 U.S. c
C. M. Gallup M 65 U.S. c Farmer R
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Percy Moaney M 67 Ireland c Farmer
Margaret Moeny F 50 Ireland c
Elijah Merse M 38 U.S. c Farmer R
Mary Merse F 33 U.S. c
Frenceis Merse M 12 U.S. c
Fimcy Morse M 12 U.S. c
Sarah E. Mooney F 27 U.S. c
Wheeton J. Goff M 64 U.S. c Farmer R
Gurnsey C. Goff M 52 U.S. c Farmer R
Hariett A. Chapins F 52 U.S. c
Maud E. Chapin F 13 U.S. c
Albert W. Palmer M 55 U.S. c Inseriri Agt R
Candace M. Palmer F 49 U.S. c
Louise M. Palmer F 24 U.S. c Teacher
Isabell Merris F 47 U.S. c
James Harding M 55 U.S. c Laberer R
Ella Harding F 45 U.S. c
Samuel Harding M 16 U.S. c Laberer
Sarah Harding F 12 U.S. c
Eva Harding F 8 U.S. c
Yora Harding F 6 U.S. c
William Frink M 43 U.S. c Farmer D
Laura L. Frink F 39 U.S. c
Fred. J. Frink M 12 U.S. c
Ada M. Slade F 22 U.S. c
Richard Newcem M 32 U.S. c Laberer D
Charles Clinten Baldwin M 58 U.S. c Farmer R
Sarah Maria Baldwin F 50 U.S. c
Lamira Baldwin F 18 U.S. c
John Pfipps M 21 England a Laberer
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J. R. Heslen M 45 U.S. c Hop Grower R
Barbra E. Heslen F 41 U.S. c
Jimiee B. Heslen M 20 U.S. c Farmer
William H. Heslen M 19 U.S. c Farmer
Edwin R. Heslin M 16 U.S. c Farmer
J. Wesley Heslin M 16 U.S. c Farmer
Blanch E. Heslin F 11 U.S. c
Jisnir Parkhurst F 20 U.S. c Teacher
Henry J. Cox M 40 U.S. c Farmer R
Bettie M. E. Cox F 38 U.S. c
Leland H. Cox M 15 U.S. c
Jaorniah Parkherst M 39 England c Laberer R
Jessica Parkherst F 36 U.S. c
Frank R. Parkhurst M 16 U.S. c
Linda May Parkhurst F 14 U.S. c
Albert J. Parkhurst M 12 U.S. c
J. Otis Tuttle M 50 U.S. c Farmer D
Stella Tuttle M 26 U.S. c
Achible Bates M 56 U.S. c Farmer D
Belle Bates F 38 U.S. c
Henry Bates M 17 U.S. c Farmer
Rollend Case M 42 U.S. c Farmer R
Jennie Case F 28 U.S. c
Horace Case M 3 U.S. c
Melvina Case F 68 U.S. c
Jerry Letson M 42 U.S. c Laberer R
Willard Shaver M 21 U.S. c Laberer R
Anna Shaver F 25 U.S. c
Charles Shaver M 23 U.S. c Laberer D
Anna Rebaca Shaver F 35 U.S. c
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Effie Shaver F 10 U.S. c
Geergia Shaver M 4 U.S. c
Iba Shaver F 1 U.S. c
Adison P. Gorden M 58 U.S. c Farmer D
Jane Gorden F 48 U.S. c
Eliza Morse F 68+ U.S. c
Charles P. Buck M 38 U.S. c Farmer R
Mary J. Buck F 38 U.S. c
Lucinda E. Buck F 15 U.S. c
Nellie E. Buck F 12 U.S. c
Addie M. Buck F 10 U.S. c
John Mason M 39 U.S. c Laberer D
Alice Irine Mason F 27 U.S. c
Gertie Mason F 10 U.S. c
William E. Mason M 9 U.S. c
Leaon Mason M 4 U.S. c
Harriet Elnera Mason F 2 U.S. c
Edward Lathan Foster M 32 U.S. c Farmer R
Emma Cornelia Foster F 40 U.S. c Nurse
Imogene New F 26 U.S. c
Edwin James New M 36 U.S. c Freight N.Y.C. D
Herbert Bristol M 18 U.S. c Laberer
James L. Page M 48 U.S. c Farmer D
Susan Page F 49 Canada c
Charles F. Page M 25 U.S. c Farmer D
Adda Page F 20 U.S. c
Nathaniel Walters M 48 Canada c Laberer D
James Dugan M 38 U.S. Farmer D
Mary Dugan F 33 U.S. c
Ada Cranson M 40 U.S. c Farmer R
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Daniel W. Keef M 36 U.S. c Farmer R
Mary E. Keef F 35 U.S. c
Mary E. Keef F 7 U.S. c
Josie V. Keef F 6 U.S. c
Daniel J. Keef M 3 U.S. c
Ella Keef F 1 U.S. c
John Keef M 83 Ireland c Laberer D
Abbie Keef F 77 Ireland c
Henry J. Brown M 38 Germany c Farmer D
Elisabeth Brown F 26 U.S. c
William A. Johnston M 55 U.S. c Farmer R
Mary A. Johnston F 43 U.S. c
William A. Johnston Jr. M 18 U.S. c
Mardene A. Shafer M 58 U.S. c Machinist R
Jane M. Shafer F 54 U.S. c
Frank Shafer M 31 U.S. c Machunt R
Charles F. Reynolds M 73 U.S. c Mechine D
Sarah H. Reynolds F 69 U.S. c
Rosalia M. Reynolds F 34 U.S. c
D. D. Owen M 62 U.S. c Mechine R
Lovina D. Owen F 57 U.S. c
Charles M. Owen M 18 U.S. c Mechine
Willis Reynolds M 26 U.S. c Farmer D
Flera Reynolds F 24 U.S. c
Thomas R. Robberts M 58 U.S. c Farmer R
Amerette Robberts F 56 U.S. c
Clarence G. Robberts M 32 U.S. c Farmer R
Jacob Mason M 68 U.S. c Laberer D
Catharine Mason F 67 U.S. c
Eddie Mason M 27 U.S. c Laberer D
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Jennie Mason F 20 U.S. c
Lemore Mason M 25 U.S. c Laberer D
Zelto Shaver M 23 U.S. c Farmer R
Viola A. Shaver F 24 U.S. c
Leen Shaver M 3 U.S. c
Ona Shaver F 2 U.S. c
Stella Betsinger F 25 U.S. c Laberer E
Harriett Betsinger F 20 U.S. c
Anna Betsinger F 3 U.S. c
James Betsinger M 2 U.S. c
Benjamin Till M 38 U.S. c Laberer R
Emily Till F 35 U.S. c
Leland C. Till M 8 U.S. c
Sara May Till F 6 U.S. c
Lucious Till M 4 U.S. c
John A. Petrie M 66
U.S. c Farmer R
Martin Vandusen M 74 U.S. c Farmer R
Luenia Vandusen F 60 U.S. c
Nancy Snyder F 72 U.S. c
Helen Kincade F 31 U.S. c
Ora Kincade F 7 U.S. c
Erma Kincade F 4 U.S. c
Royal Helmer M 25 U.S. c Farmer D
Lola Helmer F 24 U.S. c
Jacob Bellinger M 56 U.S. c Farmer D
Cynthia L. Bellinger F 47 U.S. c
Bernice L. Bellinger F 18 U.S. c
Zuma E. Bellinger F 16 U.S. c
Carl Sternburger M 23 Germany a Laberer
James R. Avery M 67 U.S. c Farmer D
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