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   JAMES L. BOYCE is an extensive and progressive young farmer, who is doing his share in keeping up the reputation of Stockbridge as a prosperous agricultural centre. A native of Canada, he was born in the village of Sydnom, Province of Ontario, November 7, 1858, and is a son of James and Lucinda (Clement) Boyce, who were natives, respectively, of New York State and Canada. His mother died in Canada at the age of sixty-five years. She was a sincere Christian and a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. The father of our subject, a well-known and respected resident of Augusta Centre, was formerly a lumberman. He is a Republican in politics, and stands firmly by the party. He and his good wife reared a family of six children, of whom five are living: Albert, a resident of Frankfort, Cattaraugus County; Walter, of North Dakota; James I.; Sarah Ann, a resident of Canada; and George, of Oswego County. Elijah was killed by the cars at the age of twenty-eight years.
   James Boyce lived in Canada until fourteen years of age. He early displayed an active, self-reliant disposition, and became self-supporting at the youthful age of ten years, leaving the shelter of the home roof to work in a shingle factory, thus earning his board and five cents a day. As he grew older, he was ambitious to better his fortunes, and in 1872 sought new fields of labor in the United States. After his arrival he worked out by the month for some time. He was industrious and frugal, and his means accumulated until he became more independent; and for several years he has been carrying on farming for himself. He has land in the town of Eaton, but the farm that he lives upon and operates belongs to his wife. He devotes his energies to general farming, and makes a success of every branch of agriculture that he undertakes. He grows hops, and has a good class of stock, having a dairy of fourteen or fifteen fine cows and a flock of thirty sheep of the best breed. The farm, which comprises one hundred and ten acres of land, is kept up to a high standard of cultivation, and is amply provided with substantial, modern buildings that are the best in the vicinity.
   The marriage of our subject with Miss Mary Diable took place November 1, 1877, and has been blessed to them by the birth of three children,-- Amelia, Fred, and George. Mrs. Boyce was born in the town of Stockbridge. Her father, Isaac Diable, was born in London, England, of which city his parents, John and Sarah Diable, were also natives, but came to America late in life, and spent their last years in Madison County. Isaac Diable came to this country when a young man, located on the farm where Mr. and Mrs. Boyce now live, and here spent the remainder of his life. His wife's maiden name was Elizabeth Fox. She was also born in London, and was first married to John Diable, a brother of Isaac. She still resides in Madison County.
   Mr. Boyce has risen to be one of the leading farmers of his district, and is accounted a valuable citizen. In his political views he is a decided Republican.


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