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   DARWIN B. AND FRANK B. MORSE, under the firm name of Morse Brothers, are among the leading merchants in the village of Eaton. The mercantile trade, or business, dealing as it does in a great variety of articles brought from great distances, is one with which civilized society would find it impossible to dispense, and, like agriculture and manufacturing, distinguishes peoples who have passed up out of the barbarous and, it may perhaps be correct to say, the bucolic state of existence.
   Darwin B. Morse, the senior member of this prosperous firm, ,vas born August 7, 1837, and Frank R. Morse March 14, 1843, both in Onondaga County. They are sons of Bigelow Morse, who was born in the town of Eaton, but who removed to Onondaga County, where he engaged in business, and where he died at the age of forty-two years. The maiden name of his wife was Patience Kent. She was born in 1808, and died in 1879; while Bigelow Morse was born in 1804, and died in 1846. Both were members of the Baptist church, and Mr. Morse was a Whig in politics. Darwin B. Morse has continuously resided in the village of Eaton since his father's death. Upon commencing life on his own account, he worked for six months for twenty dollars; and in 1871 he and his brother, Frank B., began business for themselves in the village of Eaton, buying the store and good will of C. W. Burritt. He was married in 1870 to Ellen. M. Ford, who was born in the town of Eaton. To this marriage have been born two children: Clara E., born in 1874; and Hattie G., in 1883,--both living at home. Mr. and Mrs. Morse are members of the Baptist church, and in politics Mr. Morse is a Republican. .
Frank B. Morse, the junior member of the firm of Morse Brothers, was educated in the Union Schools of Eaton and Hamilton, and, upon starting out in life for himself, began clerking in the store which he and his brother now own. He was married in 1870 to Hattie Short, who is a native of the town of Eaton. They have one son, Chester D., born in 1884. Mr. and Mrs. Morse are members of the Baptist church, and are people well thought of in the social world. Frank B. Morse has been somewhat of a politician, has always been popular, and has given satisfaction to the people in the offices which he has filled. In 1871 he was appointed Postmaster under the administration of President Grant, and served until 1885, when the change to a Democratic administration resulted in his retirement. In 1889 he was again appointed under the administration of President Harrison, and at this writing (September, 1893) still retains the position. He also served as Town Clerk several years.
   The firm of Morse Brothers is among the best business firms in the village of Eaton. They carry a complete line of groceries, and also everything that is expected in a general store. Their stock will usually invoice about seven thousand dollars, and their annual sales amount to from fifteen thousand dollars to eighteen thousand dollars. The success with which they have met is based upon strictly honorable business methods, and upon their uniform politeness and courtesy to their patrons. These are essential to the proper conduct of any business, and all who patronize the firm of Morse Brothers know that in their establishment they can rely upon being fairly and pleasantly treated.


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