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   LUCIUS C. PALMER is a worthy representative of one of the pioneer families of Madison County, New York. He was born in the town of Tully, Onondaga County, N.Y., April 11, 1819. His grandfather and father were both born in Massachusetts, and came to New York State in the early manhood of the father, being among the first settlers of Onondaga County.
   Solomon Palmer, the father of our subject, was married in Massachusetts to Miss Susan Eldridge, whose birthplace was in Rhode Island. They came first to Tully, where Lucius was born, afterward removed to Vienna, Oneida County, and were there only a short time, when the father was accidentally killed, in the year 1821, while felling a tree. The widow married Augustus Elmore, and in her last years lived with a daughter near Utica, N. Y.
   Our subject was a twin, and was only two years old at the death of his father. Until twelve years of age he lived with the family of Charles Marsden, in the town of Vienna, N. Y.; and at the death of Mr. Marsden, which occurred at this time, he returned to his mother and stepfather. When he was fourteen years old, he commenced to learn the trade of shoemaking, also tanning and currying, serving for four years as an apprentice, then did journeyman work for two or three years, and afterward worked at the shoemaker's trade in Rome, N. Y., until 1846. Going from there to Oneida, he engaged in the same trade until 1873. Having great natural taste as a landscape gardener, Mr. Palmer in 1855 was given the charge of the village cemetery, which he beautified and tended so faithfully that, when the new one, Glenwood, was opened, he received the appointment of being its care-taker also. His exquisite taste and unremitting attention have made these "hallowed places" most attractive spots; and their quiet beauty potently serves to mitigate the horror and repulsion naturally felt by bereaved ones in laying away their beloved in these "cities of the dead." He has a record of all the burials in the two cemeteries since 1857. In 1839 Mr. Palmer was married to Miss Emeline Sturtevant, who was a native of Verona, Oneida County, and the daughter of Cephus and Elizabeth (Lawrence) Sturtevant. She died in June, 1888, leaving four children; namely, Sarah, Eugene, William, and Nellie. Sarah married Sidney Wise, and has two children, Charles and Gertrude. Eugene married Lizzie Ruby; and their children are Grove, Harry, Burt, Belle, Ruby, and Bessie. William married Miss Anna Ahle, and has one child, Lillian. Nellie married Charles L. Warriner, and has three children; namely, Willard, Ella, and Harold. In 1889 Mr. Palmer married Miss Eliza M. Dygert, who died in 1893.
   Mr. Palmer cast his first Presidential vote for William Henry Harrison in 1840, and was one of the organizers of the Republican party. He has filled various offices of trust, has served as Constable, Village Collector, and was for ten years Deputy Sheriff. He is a firm supporter and adherent of the Baptist church, as was also his first wife. By his strict integrity and upright life he has made for himself a large circle of friends, who appreciate his many noble qualities.


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