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   THOMAS M. RICHARDSON. This gentleman was born in the town of Nelson, June 29, 1827. His parents were natives of the same town, and were Levi and Thirza (Medbury) Richardson.
   The grandfather, Eldad, and grandmother, Hophe Richardson, came from the New England States, and were among the original settlers of the town of Nelson. They had a family of four sons and two daughters, all of whom are deceased. The grandparents died in the town of Nelson, when quite advanced in years. They were Universalists in belief. Our subject's maternal grandfather, Isaac Medbury, was one of the first to locate in the town of Nelson, and there reared his six children. He was a gunsmith. The father of Thomas M. Richardson was a general farmer, and owned the farm which he worked and where our subject now resides. His title was Captain Levi Richardson, he having been for many years identified with the local militia. Of his five children three are now living: Thomas M., our subject; Granville, of the town of Eaton; and E. Germaine, a carpenter of Morrisville, N. Y. Those who died were: Maria, wife of M. M. Jones, who died in 1892, at the age of sixty-four; and Adelbert A., who died at the age of thirty-two years. He served in the army during the late war . The parents both died on their farm, he at the age of seventy-three, and she when seventy-four years old.
   Our subject, after having obtained a fair education at the district schools, remained at home and assisted his father until he was twenty-one years of age. When he first commenced working for himself, he received two shillings a cord for chopping wood. He afterward learned the carpenter's trade, and received fifteen dollars per month. He worked at this trade for some time, saving as he could, until he was able to buy thirty acres of his father's land, which he has added to from time to time until he now owns three hundred acres. He is a general farmer, and an extensive stock-dealer. He speculates in hides, wool, and other farm produce, and has a dairy, keeping about twenty-five cows.
In 1854 Mr. Richardson wooed and won Miss Maria E. Pinckerton, a native of Unadilla, Otsego County, N .Y. She was born December 20, 1830, and is the daughter of Robert and Asenath (Howe) Pinckerton, the former a native of Scotland, and the latter of Pennsylvania. He was a weaver by trade, and followed it after coming to this country. The parents both died in Madison County, he in 1875, at the age of seventy-eight, and she in 1877, at the age of seventy-three years. There were five children born to them, of whom three are living: Emily A., Mrs. George Phelps, living in Madison County; Maria, Mrs. Richardson; and Robert J., who resides in New York State. The two who died were: Mary Ann, aged sixty; and Sarah Amanda, about forty years. Our subject and his wife have one daughter, Lettie L., born December 17, 1860, and married to Mr. Hiram R. Westcott. They have one son, Edgar T., who is thirteen years old. Mr. and Mrs. Westcott reside on the farm of Mr. Richardson.
   Mr. Richardson is classed among the best and leading farmers in the town of Nelson. He is a pleasant man, and has hosts of friends. He is thorough and conscientious in all his dealings; all his fellow-citizens have the utmost confidence in him, which is well evinced by the amount of business he carries on for other people, besides his own. He has often been intrusted with large sums of money, to use as his judgment considered best in speculation; and the results have always been such as to give his friends substantial returns for the money they invested. His career has been exceedingly fortunate, not through blind luck nor fortuitous circumstances, but simply because of his sound, practical sense and excellent judgment. His own energy and perseverance have brought him his present prosperity; and in his handsome home, with its fine buildings and elegant residence, he and his wife reside, enjoying the bliss and comfort they so well deserve. In his religious views he follows the broad gospel of liberality, not interfering with others' belief nor allowing himself to be coerced into paths he does not choose to follow. Politically, he affiliates with the Democratic party, and has held the office of Highway Commissioner for one term, and Assessor for nine years. He is a member of the Farmers' Grange at Erieville, N. Y.


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