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   JOHN H. JEFFERY, a prosperous and well-known farmer of Cazenovia, where he has resided for the past sixteen years, was born in Truxton, Cortland County, June 28, 1843, and is a son of Allen Jeffrey, who was born at the same place in 1807. The father of Allen was John Jeffery, a native of Monmouth, N. J., who married a Miss McNight, of Saratoga County, New York, where also they were married. They came to the town of Truxton in the year 1798, and were engaged in farming, being large farmers for those times, and owning four hundred acres of land.
   In addition to general farming, Mr. Jeffery was also extensively engaged in wool-growing, keeping as many as fifteen hundred sheep. He and his wife reared sixteen children, of whom Allen, the father of our subject, was the second son and fourth child. This family was equally divided as to sex. Twelve of them grew to manhood and womanhood, six sons and six daughters. Four children died young. The eldest child, a daughter, was born in 1800. Four of this family still survive, two sons, twins, who are seventy-nine years old, and two daughters aged respectively seventy-seven and seventy-two. Samuel, one of the two surviving sons, has twin daughters, one of whom has twin boys, who have reached maturity, making three generations of twins living. Grandfather Jeffery and his wife are now sleeping in the cemetery at Truxton, where they died, he when an octogenarian. He was twice married, but the family mentioned was all by his first wife.
   Allen Jeffery took to wife Elizabeth June, a native of the State of New York, and in all probability of Chenango County. She died in the prime of life, being but thirty-four years of age, and left two children: John H., the subject of this notice; and Ann Eliza, widow of R. Taggart. After her death her husband was again married, this time to, Esther Ann Rogers, who bore him five children, four of whom are now living, as follows: William R., F. 0., Edwin A., and Ellen Augusta. All reside in Boston, Mass. Katie A. Jeffery died in April, 1893, in Boston, of pneumonia, five days previous to the death of her mother, who died of the same disease, at the age of seventy. The father spent the last thirteen years of his life with his son, of whom we write, and while away on a visit died in a week's time, his death occurring in December, 1888, at the home of his sister in South Spafford, Onondaga County. He lies by the side of his first wife in Truxton.
   John H. Jeffery had few educational advantages in his youth, and received but a limited schooling, being early trained to farm life and work. In 1861 he enlisted, in the town of Bertrand, Mich., in the Twelfth Michigan Infantry, Company F, as a private soldier. At the battle of Shiloh he was wounded in the left arm by a buckshot, his comrade on the left receiving several in his mouth. In 1862 he was discharged for physical disability, having suffered from a severe attack of fever and lung trouble. In December, 1863, he enlisted again, at Syracuse, N. Y., in the Seventh New York Cavalry, Company I, and consolidated in Company C, from which he was discharged September 30, 1865, mustered out at Memphis, Tenn., and discharged in Albany. Mr. Jeffery left the service in impaired health, and is now drawing a small pension. On January 2, 1867, he was united in marriage to Harriet Blakeman, of Syracuse, Onondaga County, and a daughter of Horace Blakeman, who died in Syracuse in the sixties. She has one brother and three sisters living. After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey engaged in the manufacture of cheese In the town. of De Ruyter, and followed this occupation in both Madison and Onondaga Counties for eight years. They resided for Some years in Fenner, and later, in 1878, purchased their farm of ninety-five acres one mile from their present home and three miles from New Woodstock. They are now renting their farm. They have reared four children of their own, and have one foster-son. Hattie F. is the wife of Isaac H. Dodd, a builder of Syracuse, and has one daughter, Hazel I. William Allen, of Syracuse, a single man, is engaged in the milk business. Cora L., a young lady of seventeen years, is at home, and employed as a dressmaker. Milton is a youth of fourteen years. Their foster-son is Alfred H. Petries, who is nine years old, and a nephew of Mrs. Jeffery. He was adopted by them on the death of his parents, which occurred when he was but four years of age.
   In fraternal matters our subject is a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, in which he has a $2,000 life insurance, and of W. E. Hunt Post, No. 376, Grand Army of the Republic, of De Ruyter. In political views he is a loyal Republican, but has hitherto held aloof from office. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery are people well known in their part of the country, and respected by all for their qualities of industry, self-reliance, and moral rectitude. They may truly be considered as worthy representatives of their county and State, and, in a broader sense, of that great country to which every true American owes his best allegiance.


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