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   SAMUEL WILBER, born November 29,1830, on the farm owned by his father, and on which he now resides, is the son of Willard and Susan C. Ives) Wilber, both natives of the town of Adams, Berkshire County, Mass. Gideon Wilber, the grandfather, was born March 16, 1763, and was a farmer in Massachusetts, emigrating to the town of Fenner, and taking up land. The usual adventures of the pioneer settlers followed him in his journey through this unknown country,- the patient oxen plodding along with the family belongings, the frightened children huddling together as the growl of the bear or the cry of the panther startled the echoes of the forests, and their only path through this trackless wilderness the "Indian trail." On this land the grandfather built his log cabin, and set to work to clear the farm. His wife, Thankful Wilber, was born January 5, 1767. They were married September 9, 1784; and to them were born eleven children, nearly all growing to manhood and womanhood. The grandfather died in 1813, and his wife some years afterward, at an advanced age.
   The father of our subject, Willard Wilber, was born in 1788, and was but twelve years of age when his father came, in 1800, to the town of Fenner. He was brought up on the farm, assisting his father, and finally purchased it. His wife and he began life together with a scant store of worldly goods, but rich in energy and hopefulness. By their thrift and industry they were able to add to the original farm until they owned three hundred and fifty acres, and besides had a large dairy of some fifty head of choice cattle. There were four children in the family: Ross, who was a farmer in Illinois, and died at the age of forty; Thankful, Mrs. F. W. Barrett, residing in the town of Fenner; Samuel; and Matilda, Mrs. Caleb Le Count, living in Wisconsin. The father died on his farm, December 17, 1873, his wife having passed away in 1872.
   Samuel Wilber attended the district school and worked on the farm. He remained here, assisting his father, and at the age of thirty-five became the owner of the old home. He was married, October 24, 1857, to Miss Bridget Heslin, who was born November 27, 1836, in Bouckville, N. Y., the daughter of Edward and Ellen Heslin. The father was a farmer, and died at the age of eighty-two, and the mother at the age of seventy-four. Of their ten children four are now living: Ellen, Mrs. A. Mallisun, living in Morrisville; Mrs. Wilber; John, living in Michigan; and James, residing in Lenox. The parents of Mrs. Wilber were Catholics. The father was a Republican in politics.
   Our subject and his wife live on the old home farm, where he has built a handsome home, which ranks among the finest places in the town. Large crops of barley, oats, and hay make the one hundred and sixty-three acres of land under cultivation well paying, and, in connection with a dairy of seventeen head of choice cattle, bring him a comfortable income. They have been blest with six children as follows: Florence, Mrs. P. Hyatt, born December 29, 1859, is a resident of the town of Fenner; Mary, born November 9, 1866, is the wife of G. Scheifele, and resides in Oneida; Maud, born November 6, 1868; Nellie, January 24, 1874; Ross W., June 13, 1876; Grace, August 21, 1880. The four last reside at home.
   In his religious views Mr. Wilber is liberal and broad-minded. He is a thorough Republican in politics, a good and law-abiding citizen, and is highly esteemed and respected by all classes of the community.


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