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   MARVIN M. HESS. Among the many successful men in Madison County who may with justice take pride in their own lives and in those of their ancestors is Marvin M. Hess, the subject of this sketch, who has been engaged in his present business, that of a retail grocer, for the past twenty-six years.
   Mr. Hess was born in the town of Fenner in 1837, and is a son of David Hess, who was born in Albany County, N. Y., in 1791, and who in 1813, accompanied by his wife, in order, as they hoped, to better their condition in life, removed to the town of Fenner, Madison County, where they purchased a farm of one hundred and fourteen acres, upon which they lived during the remainder of their lives. Mr. Hess was one of the best and most successful of farmers, and took an active part in State and county agricultural societies, often taking first premium for the excellence of his exhibits. He filled the office of Justice of the Peace for eighteen consecutive years, and was also Supervisor several years. In his earlier years he was a Whig, but later became a Republican, acting with this party the rest of his life. Though a member of no church, he was yet a man of good moral character and conscientious in all his actions, his influence everywhere being felt for good. His wife was Prudence Shaw, of Connecticut, whom he, as School Trustee, engaged as teacher in his district school, and afterward, as lover, engaged her as his wife. She was a good woman, intelligent and refined. By her he had three sons and three daughters, all of whom grew to mature years, though now all but the subject of this sketch and two daughters have passed away. These two daughters are: Amaretta J., widow of Stephen Hill, who was a farmer of the town of Fenner; and Clementine H., widow of Spencer Beach, and residing in Wauseon, Ohio. The father of these children died in 1866, at the age of seventy-five, and the mother two years later, aged seventy-six. They are buried in the cemetery in the town of Fenner.
   The father of David Hess was Diedrich Hess, also born in Albany County, but whose father was born in Germany, and came over the sea at an early day. The grandfather of our subject reared four sons and five daughters, one of the daughters being the widow of David Williams, the latter being one of the three captors of Major Andre during the Revolutionary War, which fact is preserved by the monument to David Williams in Albany County. The Hess family has a record for great longevity, having always been temperate, some of them even abstemious, in their habits.
   Marvin M. Hess was fifteen years younger than his youngest sister. He was reared to farm life, and was well educated in the district school, and afterward attended Cazenovia Seminary for five terms. At the age of eighteen he began teaching, and taught five successive terms. At twenty-one he became a clerk for Dal. Crouse, of Canastota, remaining with him one year, and then engaged in general merchandising on his own account, being thus successfully engaged two years. Afterward he established himself in the wholesale produce business, having had his office where he is now engaged in retailing groceries for twenty-five years. When he was twenty-one years old, he received $1,000 from his father, and at the latter's death received his share, $14,000, from the estate. Otherwise, he has himself made what property he now possesses.
   Mr. Hess was married November 4, 1862, to Sarah E. Haynes, of Cortland. They have adopted one son, Arthur C. Hess, whom they received from the New York Home when he was six years old, and who is now a fine young man of eighteen, of excellent habits, and an enterprising newsdealer. Mr. Hess has always taken a deep and practical interest in all enterprises calculated to promote the prosperity of the village and county in which he lives. He erected his fine large brick house in 1869. Within the village corporation he has a farm of twenty acres, and also has a fifteen-acre farm near Toogood's farm, upon which he raises onions, the twenty-acre farm being also devoted to garden truck. Mr. Hess has always been a successful, exemplary man, in business and in the social and family relations, and has many admirers and friends.


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