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   GEORGE B. PALMER, M.D., who has for many years enjoyed a successful practice in East Hamilton and vicinity, is one of the oldest and foremost representatives of the homoeopathic school of medicine in this county. A native of Brookfield, the Doctor was born February 28, 1832. His father, Albion Palmer, was born in the town of Columbus, and was a son of Amos C. Palmer, who is said to have been the first white child born in Stonington, Conn.
   During his early life Amos C. Palmer was a sailor, and rose to be first mate of a vessel of which his brother Nehemiah was captain, their voyages being to the West Indies in the merchant service. After abandoning sea-faring life, he removed to West Edmeston in this State, and entered upon the manufacture, of pearlash. He was assisted in this venture by Joshua Pratt, with whom he was in partnership in conducting the business of a country store. They bought the ashes to make the pearlash of the early settlers, who in clearing their land, had to burn the trees to get them out of the way. Mr. Amos Palmer continued in that business for several years, but finally turned his attention to farm ing in the town of Brookfield, where he leased a tract of land from the Morgan estate. He developed a good farm, erecting a comfortable set of buildings. His last years were quietly passed in Hamilton, his death occurring at the advanced age of ninety-six years.
   The father of our subject was educated in the local schools, and was trained to the life of a farmer by his father, with whom he continued to live after he attained manhood, rendering him great assistance in clearing the land and improving it. He lived to be eighty-seven years old, and died at the home of his son, of whom we write, in East Hamilton.
   Dr. Palmer is one of five sons. His brothers are: Horace R., who is a lawyer at Hubbardsville, N.Y.; Charles W., who is County Treasurer of Dickey County, N.D.; Anson N., of Syracuse; and Joseph H., deceased. The Doctor remained with his father until his twenty-first year, and in the mean time laid the foundation of a sound education in the public schools and in the academy at Sherburne. He began the study of medicine with Dr. I. C. Owen, and in the four years that followed was well grounded in the principles of the homoeopathic school. But, desiring to still further fit himself for his chosen calling, he entered the Homoeopathic College at Cleveland, Ohio, from which he was graduated in 1856. He entered upon his career as a physician at Norwich, where he continued to live until August, 1862, when he removed to his present residence in East Hamilton. He has been in constant practice here for more than thirty years, and has secured a large patronage in the village and surrounding country, his experience, thorough knowledge of modern methods in the medical world, and personal qualities that mark the true physician having early gained him the confidence of the people. He is the oldest homoeopathic doctor in Madison County. There are but two who have practised longer in Oneida County, and but one of the school older in Chenango County.
   The subject of this sketch was married in 1863 to Miss Sara, daughter of Isaiah and Phebe Clarke. They are very pleasantly situated in regard to their home life, and are among the leaders in social circles in the Village. The Doctor is a prominent member the Homoeopathic County and State Medica1 Societies and of the National American Institute. He has been active in the affairs of the County Society since he first became connected with it, and has held various offices of trust; and he has also been Vice-President of the State Medical Society. He is likewise known as one of the leading Masons of this part of the State, having been identified with the order for thirty years. He belongs to Hamilton Lodge, No. 120, of which he has been Master for seven years, and Deputy District Grand Master of the 17th District. He is also a member of Cyrus Chapter Royal Arch Masons, and is Past High Priest of that body. Politically, he is an unswerving advocate of the Republican party, with which he has voted ever since he cast his first ballot for John C. Fremont.


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