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   DR. ARTHUR ELLERY BROGA, of Stockbridge, was born in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, October 12, 1858, son of Kindsman and Demaris Broga. The grandfather of our subject was born in Massachusetts, where he died at the age of sixty.
   He was a farmer, and his ancestors were Scotch. Of his family of four sons and three daughters, six are now living. His son, Kindsman D., was born in Berkshire County, Massachusetts; and his wife in Verona, Oneida County, N. Y. He grew to manhood in Massachusetts, and early in life turned his attention to the study of medicine. He removed from his native State to Oneida County, New York, where he lived for some years, going from there to North Bay, N.Y., remaining there for eighteen years. He finally settled in Oneida, which has been his home ever since. Dr. Kindsman D. Broga is a graduate of the Syracuse Medical Institute, and is one of the pioneer physicians of Oneida County. He was twice married. His first wife, Demaris, died in 1879, leaving four children, of whom three survive,--Franklin D. of North Bay, Arthur Ellery, and a daughter, Susan Ella. His second marriage was to Mrs. Ellen Dolbey, of Constantia. Of this union one son, Dwight C., was born. His political affiliations are with the Democratic party.
   Arthur, of whom we write, was brought by his parents, when he was four years old, from Massachusetts to Oneida County. He attended the schools of the village, and later studied at Hamilton. He remained with his father until his twenty-second year, assisting him in his professional duties, also studying medicine with him. At that age he went to the Eclectic Medical College in New York City, where he took a complete course in surgery and medicine, graduating March 1, 1882, after two years of hard study and practical experience at Bellevue Hospital. He then returned to his home in North Bay, remaining but a short time, when he located himself permanently in Stockbridge, September, 1882.
   On the 24th of June, 1891, he married Miss Nellie C. Beard, by whom he has one child, Hazel Beard, born June 27, 1892. Mrs. Broga is a daughter of Seymour and Susan Beard, of Redlands, Cal., one of three surviving children of a family of five, the others being Charlie, residing in Chicago, and Susan, at home with her parents at Redlands. Mrs. Broga's father and mother are members of the Congregational church. Mr. Beard's business calling is that of a contractor and builder. Politically, he is a Republican.
   By his thorough mastery of medicine and surgery Dr. Arthur E. Broga has taken his stand among the highest in the profession in the county. His high attainments and uniform good nature make him a favorite and successful physician, his practice increasing every year, Realizing the evils of that monster, intemperance, he has sternly set his face against the use of liquor, and is an uncompromising and an ardent Prohibitionist. He is equally consistent in his religious views, being a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal church. Mrs. Broga adheres to the faith of her fathers, who were Congregationalists. In the medical fraternities Dr. Broga is President of the Central New York Medical Society and a member of the New York State Medical Society. Returning from the daily round of professional calls, the Doctor finds rest from anxieties and fatigues in the delights of a pleasant home. Both he and his accomplished wife are deservedly popular in social circles.

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