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      ELMER D. HARRINGTON was born April 6, 1847, in the town of Stockbridge, N.Y., son of Nathaniel and Euphemia (Thompson) Harrington, both natives of Stockbridge.
If in this sketch we have no stirring events, such as the emigrating to a new country, clearing of the land, adventures with the wild Indian, and hardships and privations of pioneer life, it is because the birth of our subject occurred when fertile fields had replaced the dense forests and the rude implements of those hardy days had given way to the luxurious appliances of modern life. Were we to write of his grandfather, Joshua Harrington, who was among the early settlers, and who cleared his farm from timber land, we might lave many a romantic story to tell; and it is a pity that they have not been preserved. All we know is that the grandparents on both sides came to this county when it was wild and unsettled, and that the family on the Thompson side were of Scottish origin. They lived and died in the vicinity of Stockbridge.
   Nathaniel Harrington was a general farmer, owning the place of seventy-five acres which is now the property of his son, Elmer. There were three children in his family, all of whom are now living: H. Niles Harrington, a resident of Peterboro, N.Y.; Elmer D.; and Guy E., a farmer in Stockbridge. The first son, Niles, served in the late war in Company B, One Hundred and Fifty-seventh Regiment. The father was a hard-working, industrious man; died on the home farm. He gave his children the best educational advantages he could possibly obtain for them, and was a kind and judicious parent, teaching them how to work and make money, if he had not much to leave them.
The subject of this brief biography, having attended the district school in his boyhood days, remained thereafter in his native village, working for wages until he was able to buy the home farm, where he has remained ever since. He has done much for the improvement of the place, by newer methods of cultivation making the soil more productive and remunerative than in the time of his father. His specialty is the raising of hops, to which he devotes ten acres of his land. He also has a well-established dairy of ten cows of fine breed, his preference being for Holsteins.
   Elmer D. Harrington married December 28, 1875, Miss Hattie Garner, who was born in Cortland County, January 6, 1858. Her parents, Chauncy and Marinda (Monroe) Garner, are both living in that county. The wedded life of Mr. and Mrs. Harrington has been made happy by the birth of three children: Herbert H., born December 14, 1877; Bertha B., June 2, 1879; and Willie W., born February 22, 1884. Their house is a home in the best sense of the word, with gentle dignity presided over by the good wife and mother. Their farm presents an appearance of thrift and prosperity, showing that years of honest toil have been repaid an hundred-fold. Politically, Mr. Harrington is a Republican by descent and conviction, a stanch supporter of his party.

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