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   SAMUEL B. BURDICK, a prosperous and representative farmer of De Ruyter, residing on his fertile farm of ninety-two acres in School District No. 3, was born in the town of Lincklaen, Chenango County, November 29, 1831, and was brought to this town when but five years of age by his father, Jared O. Burdick. The latter was born near Utica, N.Y., in 1807, and died here at the home of his son, the subject of this sketch, in July, 1888. He was a son of Benjamin Burdick, a carpenter, who came to this State from Rhode Island in early days, when this part of the country was new. He and his wife reared four sons and two daughters. One of the former, Joseph H. Burdick, is now a resident of Syracuse, and engaged the book-binding business. Grandfather Burdick now sleeps in De Ruyter Cemetery. He was a well-known and respected citizen, and built the first frame house in De Ruyter, for Thompson Burdick.
   Jared O. Burdick, the father of our subject, married Wealthy Benjamin, of this town, daughter of Samuel Benjamin, who was a son of Darius Benjamin, one of the pioneer settlers of the town. Mr. and Mrs. Burdick were the parents of four children, three sons and one daughter, of whom our subject was the first-born. The others are as follows: Lydia Jane, who died when thirty-two years of age; Cyrus A., a farmer of Lincklaen, Chenango County; and Daniel D., a carpenter, residing in Cortland, N. Y. The mother of these children died in 1861, at the age of fifty-five.
   He of whom we write received his education in the district school, and was early reared to farm life and labor, working out by the month. At the age of twenty he was united in marriage to Sally Burdick, who, though of the same name, was not a relative. The marriage occurred November 10, 1851; and the newly married pair began life together as tenant farmers a short distance south of De Ruyter, and came to their present home twenty-one years ago, when they engaged in cheese-making for a stock company. In 1876 they purchased their present farm of ninety-two acres, and erected their farm-house in 1883, the cost of their investment amounting to twenty-two hundred dollars. Here they are engaged in general farming, and keep a dairy of from ten to twelve cows the year round. The cheese factory on their farm is owned and ably managed by their son, S. Dlloyd Burdick, who is unmarried, and resides at home. Mr. and Mrs. Burdick have also a daughter, R. Anna, wife of Acher Gillespie, a farmer of Chenango County. They are the parents of one daughter, A. Blanche Gillespie.
   Mr. Burdick is a Republican in his political views, and casts his vote with an intelligent understanding of the principles of his chosen party. He is a man of industrious and persevering habits and of upright business methods, and he and his estimable wife are justly regarded as among the most useful and representative citizens of Madison County.

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