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   JONAS L. REEVE was born August 14, 1828, in the town of Nelson, Madison County, N. Y., the son of James and Malinda (Lovejoy) Reeve. James Reeve was born in 1797 on Long Island, and the grandfather, Silas Reeve, in 1772, at the same place. The grandparents came to Madison County in 1801, settling in the town of Nelson. The journey was made by conveyance as far as Utica; and from there they trudged their weary way on foot to the town of Nelson, knowing no pathway but the blazed trees, which were the only "finger-posts" to guide their steps. The grandfather was a wheelwright and furniture-maker, and owned and worked a farm in the town. He died at the age of eighty years, and his wife when seventy-four. He was a deacon and active worker in the Baptist church. There were nine children born to them, all of whom are deceased.
   The father of our subject was but four years of age when his parents came to the town of Nelson. Upon reaching manhood, he learned the trade of a wheelwright and general mechanic, but afterward gave his entire attention to his farm, which contained one hundred and fifty acres. He was well known and esteemed throughout the town of Nelson, and his death in 1856 was universally regretted. The mother died January 31, 1873, at the age of seventy-one. They were members of the Baptist church; and the father was a strong Abolitionist, and a personal friend of Gerrit Smith.
   Jonas L. Reeve was educated at the district schools and the High School at Morrisville. Besides learning the trade of carpentry, which he has followed to some extent, he has made farming his main business. January 1, 1849, he was married to Miss Maranda R. Lovejoy, born in the town of Nelson, February 11, 1830, daughter of Abner and Maranda (Reeve) Lovejoy. Her grandfather, Jonas Lovejoy, was one of the early pioneers of the town of Nelson, Madison County, N. Y. Abner Lovejoy died in Livingston County, New York, the age of fifty-seven, and his wife in the town of Nelson, at the age of twenty-four. They had born to them two children: Darius, who died at the age of eleven; and Mrs. Reeve, the wife of our subject.
   In 1852 Mr. Reeve bought the farm of his grandfather Reeve, which consisted of one hundred acres, and there lived for about sixteen years. He is a practical farmer and dairyman, and has also made a great deal of maple sugar. He moved to the village of Erieville in 1868, and has lived here ever since, with the exception of three years spent in the town of Cazenovia. He has a lovely home, and good, substantial buildings. The land consists of thirteen acres, and here he devotes his time to gardening.
   Mr. and Mrs. Reeve have one child, a daughter, Minnie, born September 20, 1865. She resides in the village of Cazenovia. Our subject belongs to the Republican party, and is a warm supporter of its principles. For six years he has served as Assessor. The family are Presbyterians in belief. Mr. Reeve is a man of intelligence and general information, keeping himself well posted on the topics of the day, and taking a keen interest in everything pertaining to the welfare of the country. In his pleasant home and in the society of his wife and daughter he takes his greatest comfort, and counts among his friends the best people of his village and town.

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