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   CHARLES McCONNELL, M.D., who has been a successful practitioner of medicine at Clockville for the past sixteen years, was born on his father's farm in the town of Hull, near Aylmer, Ontario, Canada. Richard McConnell, the Doctor's father, is now living, in his eighty-second year. He was married twice, his first wife, Emily Parker, dying when her son Charles was eight months old, and leaving also a daughter, Harriet, who became the wife of Essex Worril, now deceased. By his second wife Mr. McConnell had fourteen children, all of whom still survive but two. Their mother is yet living, active and healthful, at the age of seventy-six years.
   James McConnell, the father of Richard, was born in Scotland in 1764, and died at or near Aylmer, Canada, in 1856, aged ninety-two years. Upon the day prior to his death he walked six miles, and, lying down in the evening, went to sleep and peacefully passed away. He was one of the first three settlers at Aylmer, and received from the government twelve hundred acres of land in consideration of that fact. Physically, he was a most remarkable man, a noted athlete, able to jump twelve feet and to vault over anything as high as his head. He and his wife reared a family of six sons and two daughters, all of whom are dead but the one above named.
   Charles McConnell is a well-educated man, in his youth he attended school at Ottawa City, Canada, at the Model, Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, at Cazenovia, where he studied with T. F. Ham, and at Fort Plain. Matriculating at the Metropolitan Medical College, New York City, he attended lectures there and also clinics at the Bellevue and Ward's Island Hospitals. He was twenty-one years of age when he began practice at Cazenovia. Two years later, on October 26, 1859, he married Mary Jane Caswell, of Cazenovia, daughter of Daniel and Julia (Brown) Caswell. After several years of professional activity Dr. McConnell removed with his family to Ottawa City, Canada, where he continued to practice for a time. Returning thence to New York State, he opened his office in Clockville. On June 14, 1876, he presented himself before the Central New York Eclectic Medical Society for examination, passing which, he became a permanent member of the organization, entitled to all its immunities and privileges. Afterward by unanimous vote he became President of the of the society. He is also a permanent member of the State Eclectic Medical Society, which he joined October 17, 1878. Doctor and Mrs. McConnell have three children, namely: Charles F., a druggist of Canastota, who married Florence Cady, of Clockville, and has one son; Morley C., of Oneida, a mechanic, engaged with the Oneida Casket Company, who married Miss Effie Clow; and Minnie Maud, a young lady of seventeen, at home.
   Doctor McConnell belongs to no church and professes no creed. While he always votes the Republican ticket, yet he has never been an office-seeker or office-holder. His medical practice is sufficient to engage his attention, is quite large and is steadily increasing; and he has driven over the hills and through the valleys in the region of the country for many years, at all hours of the day and night, without reference to the weather. He is a physician by nature, having that keen, intuitive perception necessary to the quick and successful diagnosis of disease. That his practice should not only be maintained, but that it should be steadily increased, is simply the natural result of his devotion to his profession and skill in the treatment of disease. Besides being an excellent physician, Dr. McConnell is a most genial and pleasant gentleman to meet socially, and is as highly regarded as a man as he is as a physician.

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