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   AMOS BRIDGE, deceased, was one of the most notable men among the early settlers of Oneida, Madison County. His father, after whom he was named, came from New England, and was one of the first settlers of Stockbridge Hill: he may have been the very first. At that time the entire country was covered with woods, and the only road in that part of the county was the Peterboro Turnpike. Upon arriving, Mr. Bridge, Sr., secured one hundred and fifty-five acres of land, erected a log house, and began pioneer life in earnest, with the view of making this new country his permanent home. Though markets were few and far between, and though the price of all farm products was low, the pioneers managed to make a good living, and to enjoy their lives, perhaps as much as people do at the present day, or even more, notwithstanding the many modern improvements in every department of industrial activity and of art. Improving his farm and educating his family were his chief interests, and he found his time fully occupied in these ways. The frame house erected by him was the first built at that place, and is still standing. Mr. Bridge having an unusually sound judgment, his advice was sought by many people from far and near. The people of his entire vicinity always had full confidence in him; and, as a consequence, his influence was more extensive than falls to the lot of the average man. His useful life was extended to eighty years, or some time beyond that of his wife, who had died, well stricken in age, while they were on their old farm. Her maiden name was Mary Sloan. She bore him eleven children, namely: George, Orange, William, Mary, Emily, all deceased; Sally, wife of Sanford Coe, living in California; Amos, the subject of this sketch; Abigail, deceased; Lewis, of Los Angeles, Cal.; Ira, now deceased.
   Amos Bridge was born at Stockbridge, March 31, 1815, was brought up on his father's farm, and there remained till he bought the adjoining farm, to which he removed. Working for his father until he was of age, he afterward managed the home farm, in conjunction with his brothers, having during his minority secured a good, practical, common-school education. Inheriting a good share of his father's natural ability, he had a sound judgment, and was successful in life. He married in 1838 Delia A. Harvey, who died in 1851. In the following year, 1852, he married Hannah K. Day, daughter of Seldon and Clarissa (Baker) Day, who had removed from Otsego County to Stockbridge when she was about six years old. Her father, who was a blacksmith by trade, and was also engaged in farming, was an early settler in this State, and was a very useful man. He died when sixty-five years old. His wife lived to the age of more than fourscore years. To Mr. and Mrs. Day had been born eight children, namely: Lovisa, wife of Abel Scribner; Hannah, widow of the subject of this sketch; Alvin, living in Kansas; Daniel, of Stockbridge; George, of Whiteside County, Illinois; and three who died.
   In 1861 Mr. Bridge bought a farm at Oneida Castle, and erected the house in which the widow now lives. The farm he originally owned has been reduced in size until it now contains only thirty acres. Here Mr. Bridge died at the early age of fifty-one years, December 19, 1866. Of his children by his wife, only one is now living; namely, Mary E., wife of Monroe Dodge, of Stockbridge, who has three children,--namely, Forbes M., William, and Ina. By his second Mr. Bridge had four children, namely: Delia, wife of Charles Lamb, of Stockbridge Hill; Ada, wife of J. A. Butler; Selden D., of the town of Lenox, who married Zoa J. Lyman; and Jay L., deceased. Delia A. is the mother of four children; namely, Fred, Edith, Beulah, and Wesley. Selden D. has one son, Jay L. In politics Mr. Bridge was a Republican, and in religion both he and his wife were Baptists. Mrs. Bridge is one of the excellent women of Madison County, and though now in her old age, is yet active physically and mentally; and is passing her years in comfort and peace.

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