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   ARTEMAS G. McINTYRE, born in Brookfield, N. Y., July 2, 1845, son of William Harrison and Jerusha (Welsh) McIntyre. The great-grandfather of the subject of this sketch, like many of the pioneers of this county, was a New England man. He came from Rhode Island to the State of New York, making the journey, as they did, with an ox-team, over the roughest kind of roads, often having no guide but the marked trees, and enduring toils and privations difficult for their descendants to realize in these days of luxurious plenty. He purchased a tract of timber land, erected his log house, and made a clearing for his farm.
   The grandfather of Mr. McIntyre was born on this farm, and in this sparsely settled country had very little, if any, educational advantages, and few boyish sports to enliven the monotony of the wilderness. But, in spite of all difficulties, he obtained an education far superior to that of most people in those days. His daily toil on the farm, and his hunt for game with his trusty rifle, constituted the duties of his earlier life. The grandfather and great-grandfather were practising lawyers in the town of Brookfield, N. Y., and were able and prominent in their profession. William McIntyre, the father of Artemas, was educated in the district schools, which by this time had been established, and were excellent of their kind. He also assisted in the work of the farm. At an early age he had prospered so well as to be able to buy the farm on which our subject now resides. To his wife and himself were born six children; namely, Almon H., Alonzo, Artemas, Adeline, Ellen, and Jeanette.
   Artemas spent his youthful days alternating between the district schools and the farm work. The major portion of his schooling consisted in the few weeks of winter; but he managed to make a good foundation, which he has since improved by judicious reading. In his vigorous manhood, at the age of twenty-nine, he married Miss Esther Talbot; and they are blessed with two children,--Emeline and Adeline. Mrs. McIntyre was born in Edmeston, Otsego County, N.Y., and there received her education in the public schools, besides being trained at home by her excellent mother in the cares and duties of the household. Her people were originally from Connecticut, and have mainly been engaged in agricultural pursuits.
   Since Mr. McIntyre took possession of his present farm he has greatly improved the land. His home is a neat and substantial dwelling with attractive surroundings. He naturally takes great pride in his farm, which has long been owned by the McIntyre family. We find throughout his career that he has strictly attended to his own affairs, and has never evinced any burning desire to be an office-holder. He does his duty at the polls as a man and citizen, and in his invariable vote for the Republican party shows his preference for its principles. Both Mr. and Mrs. McIntyre are of the Methodist faith, and no good work of the church fails to receive their aid and encouragement.
   The charming family of Mr. McIntyre are remarkable for their intelligence. The youngest daughter, though but fourteen years of age, stands among the foremost in her classes, and in business matters has a keenness of perception far beyond her years. In historical matters, and also in genealogy, she takes an absorbing interest, and with her parents is justly proud of her honorable ancestry.

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