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   CHARLES F. BATES, one of the most substantial citizens of Oneida, resides in his pleasant home on Main Street, in the enjoyment of an excellent reputation, fairly won, and in the possession of a competence honestly earned. His father, Jeremiah Bates, was born in Otsego County, but removed to Oswego County in 1816, being at the time thirteen years of age. This was in the middle of winter, when the snow was very deep. At that time the country was new and wild; and the family lived in a log house, securing wood for their fire by cutting it in the forests and hauling it to the house, where it was burned in the open fireplace in large logs. The boy was thus inured to hard work early in life, and had plenty of labor preparing wood for the fire, as it required large quantities to keep the family warm during that long and cold winter. In going to and from the woods to get this wood, a path was tramped down in the snow, and at length some obstruction seemed in a measure to block the way. This being removed, still other obstructions were found, quite a number of small logs being removed before it was discovered that the pathway, or road, was really on top of a fence.
   For twenty-nine years he lived in Oswego County, experiencing all the hardships of pioneer life in a new country, as well as all the pleasures, which were neither few nor far between. Removing then to Onondaga County, he lived there three years, then came to Madison County, and bought a farm about one mile from Oneida, upon which he lived ten years, removing at the end of this period, and living in the house now occupied by the subject of this sketch. Here he died in 1869. He was married, when thirty-two years old, to Lucy Norton, of Herkimer County, who died in 1884. She was the mother of six children, namely: Harvey, who died in the town of Verna; Alfred and Alvin, twins, the former living in Indiana, and the latter dying at the age of one year; James, of Oneida; Augustus, who died in Yates County, New York, in 1867; and Charles F., the subject of this sketch.
   The latter was born in Scriba, Oswego County, N. Y., July 6, 1842. His education was obtained in the common schools, but he afterward learned more by actual contact with the business world than he had from books; and his knowledge is of that practical kind needed to make life a success. He lived with his parents upon the farm until they removed to Madison County, then became clerk in a store, and subsequently worked upon a farm. He was then engaged in a clothing store for thirteen years, in which position he was unusually successful, being well adapted to his business and gentlemanly in his deportment--necessary qualifications in a salesman. When thirty-nine years old, Mr. Bates married Caroline Everhart, a native of Oneida County. Politically, he is a Republican. He was brought up as a Presbyterian, but has never been a member of any church, being independent in thought, believing there is good in all systems of religion, and that it is the good that should be sought in all relations of life. He has always been one of the best of citizens, and maintains an excellent character and reputation among his fellow-men.

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