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   E. G. BUSH was born in Sangerfield, N. Y., February 10, 1840, son of Lee and Ann M. (Wells) Bush, The family originally came from the State of Connecticut, the grandfather having moved from there to the town of Nelson, Madison County, N. Y., and later to Burlington Flats, N. Y., where the father of our subject was born, going afterward to North Brookfield, N. Y., where he followed his business of milling. After some years at this vocation, feeling as his age advanced that the work was too heavy, he purchased thirty-three acres of the Morgan Dix estate in Sangerfield, and lived there until his death.
   At the age of fourteen Lee Bush commenced to work on the farm of Asa Carter, of Sangerfield, where he stayed until twenty-one years old, then rented a farm from him for a few years, afterward purchasing it, and resided on it until the age of fifty-five, when he removed to Whitesboro, N. Y., making his permanent home there until his death, at seventy-six years. His wife was the daughter of Elnathan Wells, and came from Rhode Island. She died in Milton, Wis., while visiting there with her husband. They were the parents of three children; namely, E. G., Eloise M., and Sarah E. Eloise married James A. Douglass, of Oriskany Falls, and resided there until her death. Sarah E. became the wife of a Mr. Owens, and their home is in Central City, Col.
E. G. Bush was educated in the public schools, and also at Watertown and Cazenovia seminaries. When he was twenty-one years of age, he went to work for his father by the month, and thus continued for two years. At this age he married Miss Adele Stearnes, daughter of F. W. and Betsey Stearnes. They were from Plainfield, Otsego County, N. Y. After his marriage our subject took his father's farm, and worked it for twelve years. In 1874 his wife died. The maiden name of his second wife was Eunice A. Conger; and she is a daughter of John E. and Jerusha (Williams) Conger, of Waterville, N. Y. Of this union there is one son, Lee.
   For the past twenty-five years Mr. Bush has been a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, and has moulded his life on its benevolent principles. He belongs to Sanger Lodge, No. 129, of Waterville, N. Y. He is a thoroughly respected and well-known man in his town, and is among the number of its citizens who have had to struggle from youth to earn their fortunes; but his industry and thrift have made him to-day one of the most successful as well as influential residents of the county. In his career he has been ably assisted by his capable wife, who, not only in their domestic, but also in their religious life, has worked by his side for many years.
   In his political belief Mr. Bush is a confirmed Democrat, and is thoroughly in sympathy with the principles of that party. He is a public-spirited man, not only in the common acceptation of the term, as applied to those who are willing to follow where others lead, but in the fullest sense, as one whose energy and far-sightedness enable him to see and point out the things needed for the progress and good of his town. Such a man is an honor and a help to his community, and as such Mr. Bush is truly an example.

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