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  CHARLES A. ALLEN, residing on his one-hundred-and-forty-acre farm, where he was born forty-four years ago, is a son of Charles Allen, who was born in Greenwich, R.I., in 1792, and died in the town of Lenox, Madison County, N.Y., in 1872, at the age of eighty. His father was Joseph Allen, also of Greenwich, R.I., who married Sarah Tillinghast, of that State. They reared a family of nine sons and one daughter, of whom Charles was the sixth child and fifth son. All these children arrived at maturity, and married. They were as follows: Sarah, born in 1781, became the wife of John Tillinghast, of Rhode Island, and died in 1852, at the age of sixty-one; Benjamin T., born in 1783, died in 1830; John, born in 1785, died in 1855; Stephen, born in 1787, died in 1858, at Batavia, N.Y.; Joseph, born in 1790, died in 1870, at Orleans, N.Y.; Charles, the father of our subject; James, born in 1794, died in the West in 1854; Center, born in 1796, died at Cassville, N.Y., in 1863; Eason, born in 1799, died at Clayville in 1875; and George, born in 1801, died in the town of Lenox in 1851. The father of these children was a farmer in moderate circumstances. He and his wife were Baptists in religious faith. Both arrived at old age, Mrs. Allen dying at a very advanced age in Cassville, Oneida County.
The father of our subject, Charles Allen, married for his first wife Catherine N. Allen, a cousin. She had one daughter, Lydia A., who became the wife of Rev. W. S. Mikels, a Baptist minister. Mrs. Mikels died in November, 1892, leaving two children. For his second wife Charles Allen married Harriet M. Greene, of Bridgewater, Oneida County. Her only child was Charles A. Allen, the subject of this biographical notice. She died at the home of her son in March, 1893. Athough eighty years of age, she was bright and active until within two days of her death.
  Charles A. Allen attended school until his twentieth year, first in the district school at Lenox Furnace, and later at Bergen, N.J., and in New York City and Oneida. On the 7th of February, 1872, he was united in marriage to Clara J. Hubbard, daughter of S. J. and Alma I. (Tanner) Hubbard. Mr. Hubbard died in 1888, at the age of sixty-one, leaving his widow and four children, two sons and two daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Allen have become the parents of five children, one of whom, a son, died in infancy. The living are: Hattie A., a bright and intelligent young lady of nineteen, residing at home; Cora A., seventeen, who is a teacher; Charles A., a youth of fifteen; and Marion E., a bright young miss of ten. Hattie has taught school one year, and given such satisfaction that her services are again in request in the same district. All these children have been well brought up, and taught to be honest, self-reliant, and conscientious in the performance of the duties and obligations of life.
  Mr. Allen is a direct descendant of Ethan Allen, of Revolutionary fame. He is a stanch Republican in politics, as was his father; and both he and his wife are Baptists in religious faith, Mr. Allen being an official member of that church. He is engaged in general farming, the production of cereals, and keeps a number of cattle. With his wife and family he is looked upon as occupying a high place among the substantial farmers and useful citizens of Madison County.

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