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  EDWIN RANSOM. This enterprising citizen of the town of Fenner, N. Y., was born April 8, 1848, the son of Loren and Lydia (Whipple) Ransom, both natives of the town of Fenner. We have already, in the sketch of Mrs. William Hamblin, given an account of her father, and the grandfather of our subject. He was Russell Ransom, born in Connecticut, who went to the town of Fenner in the early days of the century, and endured all the hardships of pioneer life. His family consisted of four sons and two daughters, of whom Mrs. Hamblin, in the town of Fenner, and Mrs. Hiram Hodge, in the town of Cazenovia, alone survive. He died on his farm at the age of eighty-one years. He had been a brave soldier in the War of 1812. His son Loren, father of our subject, carried on general farming in the town where he was born. He was a very prominent and well-known man, and was a stanch supporter of the Republican party. In religious belief he was a Baptist, and died in that faith at Perryville, aged sixty-nine years. His widow still resides there. Of the five children born to them four are living: Edwin, our subject, who is the eldest; Dr. Charles H. Ransom, living in Syracuse, Henrietta, Mrs. L. Hamilton, living in the town of Nelson; and Marietta, wife of Dr. Miles, residing at Oneida, N. Y. Frank died at the age of five years.
  Edwin Ransom spent all his boyhood days on the home farm, which he now possesses. As did all the boys of his time, he received his first education in the district schools of his village, afterward attending the Cazenovia Seminary. He was a good and dutiful son, assisting his father in the farm work, caring for him in his last days, and is now doing the same filial work for his mother. He has fifty-two acres of land, and, besides raising the different cereals, has also a dairy of nine head of full-blooded Holstein cattle, of which he is very proud.
Mr. Ransom was married October 22, 1873, to Miss Emma Hamblin, daughter of Lewis Hamblin. She was one of a family of thirteen children, of whom six are now living. Her parents were members of the Methodist Episcopal church, and her father was a Republican in politics. After his marriage our subject took his wife home to the old farm, where he has lived ever since. One child, Jessie May, born August 14, 1874, is the loving and affectionate daughter of the household.
  Mr. Ransom is a firm believer in the politics of the Republican party, and invariably supports its candidates. He is no aspirant for political office, finding in the delights of his home life and the duties of his farm more pleasure than in the turmoil of civic affairs. He is a gentleman of unblemished integrity, and in his relations, both in religious and social life, holds, with his family, a superior and enviable position. In their religious views he and his wife are of the Methodist Episcopal belief, Mrs. Ransom being especially a devoted member. In this happy household we find filial love and reverence, intelligence and culture, making a bouquet of graces that is worthy of the highest admiration.

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