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   WILLIAM EUGENE LADD. The Ladd family was one of the earliest to settle in America. Three brothers of this name came from England on board the "John and Ann" or the "Mayflower," and settled in Haverhill, Mass., in 1633. One of these brothers was Daniel Ladd. Ezekiel Ladd, born September 16,1654, supposed to be a son of Daniel, married Mary Folsom, of Exeter, N.H. They had four children. Nathaniel Ladd, the youngest son, was born November 12, 1695. Ezekiel Ladd, the second, supposed to have been the son of Nathaniel Ladd above named, was a member of Captain Charles Morris's company raised for the reduction of Canada in 1747, and served in General Waldo's regiment, and is said to have been poisoned. He had an only son, William Ladd, who was a pilot in the Revolutionary War, and was on Commodore De Grasse's ship in the battle between Rodney and De Grasse. He afterward followed whaling, until he came to Duanesburgh, Schenectady County, N.Y.--a town owned by Mr. Duane, an Englishman, from whom it received its name. William Ladd's was the fourth family that settled in the town. He married Elizabeth Vining, of Abington, Mass., November 4, 1766. They had eleven children, five boys and six girls. The eighth child, Lemuel Ladd, grandfather of William Eugene Ladd, was born in Duanesburgh, March 6, 1778. Owning several farms, he spent his life there. He married Phebe Herrick, and had a family of twelve children, all of whom grew up, and all, with the exception of two, lived to be over sixty years of age. The grandfather and his wife were over seventy years of age at their death. In religious belief they were members of the Baptist church, and in politics he was a Democrat.
   The parents of our subject were William and Nancy (Koons) Ladd, who were both born in Duanesburgh. Their family consisted of two sons. Gilbert W., the elder son, was born June 9, 1840. He married Margaret E. Rogers, of Danube, Herkimer County, N.Y., on March 11, 1863. They had two children, Izora M. Ladd and A. Eugene Ladd. He moved to Manlius, Onondaga County, N.Y., in 1867, and was accidentally killed December 11, 1871. He and his wife were members of the Baptist church. The father owned a farm of one hundred and ten acres in his native town, and was what might be termed a general farmer. He died about the age of sixty years, April 5, 1869; and his wife, mother of our subject, died at the home of her younger son, December 11, 1890. They were consistent members of the Baptist church. While the father was a stanch Republican and an active worker in that party, he would never accept office.
   William Eugene Ladd was born in Duanesburgh, Schenectady County, N.Y., April 22, 1846. As educational advantages had become vastly improved since the days of his father, he laid the foundation of a good education in the district schools of his native town, going from them to the excellent Normal School at Albany, N.Y., with the intention of following the vocation of a teacher; but the death of his father unexpectedly changed his plans, and he was obliged to return to his home and take charge of the farm. In 1871 he sold the place, and moved to the town of Manlius, where he resided with his brother for one year, and then went to Chittenango Village, where he remained another year. In 1873 he married Miss Sarah J. Button. (For sketch of her family see history of Charles P. Button.)
   After his marriage Mr. Ladd took up his residence in Fayetteville, Onondaga County, where he was employed as a clerk for two years in the hardware store of Wells & Austin. In 1875 he bought the one-hundred-acre farm he now owns and occupies, of which small grain and hay are the main crops. It is an excellent farm, and, with its good, substantial buildings, as attractive and well ordered as any place in the neighborhood. He has a fine dairy of sixteen head of grade Holstein and other cattle. As a result of industry and enterprise, his farm has come to be classed among the most valuable in the town. To his wife, who has been in every sense a true and loving helpmate, materially assisting him in his labors, he owes much of his present prosperity. They are the happy parents of two children, namely: William C., born in 1874; and Anna E., in 1879--both of whom are at home.
   Mr. Ladd in politics is an old and tried member of the Republican party, and one of its most active adherents. Thoroughly American in his views, this love for his country comes directly to him by years of heredity; for, as far as he can trace, his ancestors were ever lovers of the cause of freedom, and in the early struggle of the colonies shed their blood for the independence of the nation. He is not, nor has he ever been, an aspirant for public office, but does his duty at the polls simply for his loyalty as a citizen. He and his wife are devout members of the Baptist church, and few in the congregation are more highly esteemed for their religious principles amid the exalted aims which animate their daily lives than they are. In the fraternal orders Mr. Ladd is a member of Chittenango Lodge, No. 196, A. 0. U. W.; and both he and his wife are members of Chittenango Grange, No. 688, P. of H., also members of Onondaga County Pomona Grange.

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