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   WILLIAM SMITH is an old and highly respected resident of Hamilton, and one of its thrifty, prosperous farmers. The fine and well-improved farm that he lives upon, and of which he is now the sole owner, has been his home from his birth, which occurred September 15, 1830. He comes of good Revolutionary stock, his grand-father having fought in the great war that freed this country from English dominion.
   Nehemiah Smith, a pioneer of this region, father of William, was born in Colchester, Conn. After attaining manhood, he came to New York with some of his neighbors, journeying hither with an ox-team through the wilderness, where they had to find their way a part of the time by means of blazed trees. Mr. Smith bought a tract of timbered land in Hamilton, which he afterward developed into a good farm, the same that our subject lives upon. Six acres of the land were cleared when it came into his possession, and a part of a house stood on the clearing. He had learned the trade of carpenter, and was profitably employed at that for several years. Both he and his wife died on the old homestead. She was a daughter of a Revolutionary soldier, Hubbard by name. The following are the names of her seven children: Tryon, the eldest; Emeline; Elijah; Sarah; Elmira; Gates; and William.
   The youngest son, whose name stands at the head of this sketch, attended the public schools in his boyhood; and his education was further supplemented by a thorough training in all that goes to make a good farmer. He inherited a part of the old homestead; and, ambitious to own the whole of it, he worked hard until he had the wherewithal to buy the remainder of the other heirs. His pleasant, well-kept place shows everywhere the marks of industry, thrift, and good management. Mr. Smith has not been without the assistance of an able helpmate through the years of toil that have passed, as by his marriage in 1860 with Miss Amanda C., daughter of Richard and Anna Estes, he secured an inestimable wife, who has faithfully co-operated with him in his work. They have one daughter, who married her cousin, Richard Estes, and is the mother of three children: Willie L., the eldest; Annie; and Marion. The mother of the wife of our subject was a daughter of Stephen and Molly Austin. She was born in New Hampshire, and came with her people at an early day to Jefferson County in this State. She lived to be ninety-four years old.
   Mr. Smith has been ever mindful of his duties as a husband, father, neighbor, and citizen, and has always led an upright life. Both he and his wife are esteemed members of the Baptist church, and contribute cheerfully to its support. He was formerly identified with the Order of Odd Fellows. Politically, he is with the Republicans.

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