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   W. T. SQUIRES was born in Hubbardsville, N.Y., March 15, 1853. His father is a native of Canada, and came to the United States about 1848, when he was twenty-three years of age. He had previously learned the trade of shoemaking, which he followed after settling at Hubbardsville, N.Y. At the time of the Civil War he enlisted in the One Hundred and Seventeenth New York Volunteers, but had only seen one year of service when, by the exploding of a shell, he lost his right arm, which had to be amputated at the shoulder joint; and he was consequently in the hospital at Portsmouth for some time. Upon receiving his discharge, he returned to his home in Hubbardsville, of which village he is considered the oldest inhabitant, as there are now only two persons living who were contemporary with him in his youth. His wife was Miss Hannah Wilson, and they reared three children--Henry W., Anna, and W. T., our subject.
   W. T. Squires received a good education in the district schools and at Hamilton. Besides being a teacher, he was by trade a painter, which occupation he followed during the summer season, teaching during the winters in Hubbardsville and Madison. When he was twenty-five years of age, he married Miss Jennie M. Spurr, daughter of Daniel and Martha Spurr. Her people were residents of South Edmeston, Otsego County, but came originally from Pennsylvania. To the union of Mr. and Mrs. Squires were born two children, George A. and Charles D. The former assists his father in the store during vacations, and attends school the rest of the time.
   In the year 1887 Mr. Squires went to Pennsylvania, obtaining a very fine position in a creamery, where he remained for three years. But, while financially prosperous, in his domestic life a heavy sorrow came to him in the death of his beloved wife, who was taken from him when her son Charles was but three weeks old. This sad blow shattered his home; and he returned to North Brookfield, where in the spring of 1890 he purchased the store of S. A. Fitch. He has greatly increased the concern, and is to-day carrying on an immense business. In June of the same year he was appointed Postmaster, and is still (January, 1894) holding the appointment. In this office he has won golden opinions from the people by his able handling of its affairs, and by his courtesy and affability. He is also Secretary of the Board of Education of North Brookfield, and was Justice of the Peace at Hubbardsville for eight years.
   Fraternally, Mr. Squires belongs to Sanger Lodge, No. 229. He is an active Republican in politics, but has the respect and admiration of the men of all parties, and in his present prosperity can truly say that it has been achieved by upright and diligent attention to business.

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