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   RICHARD E. JONES, superintendent of the carding and spinning departments of the woollen mills of Lewis & Thomas at West Eaton, Madison County--a position he has held through various changes of ownership since 1867--is an illustration of the value of technical education in youth, and also of the value to the United States of many of its foreign-born citizens, or descendants of the latter, who acquired skill in a trade learned when they were young. He was born July 29, 1839, and is a son of Hugh and Elizabeth Jones, both of whom were born in the northern part of Wales. Hugh Jones came to the United States when a young man, settling in the town of Eaton, Madison County. He married, and reared a family of six children, three sons and three daughters, five of whom are still living. In politics Mr. Jones was a Republican. His wife was a member of the Baptist church. He died at the age of seventy-seven, and she at the age of sixty-two.
   Richard E. Jones was reared and educated in the town of Eaton, and at the age of fourteen began working for Bamford & Son in their woollen mill at Eaton. Beginning on the lowest rung of the ladder, he was so diligent in his business, and worked so faithfully in the interest of his employers, that, when twenty-six years of age, he had full control of the carding and spinning machines in the mills. In 1880 he became a member of the firm of Barnes, Jones & Lewis, which firm was engaged in the manufacture of woollen goods, but continued as superintendent of the carding and spinning departments. He continued as a member of the firm until 1887, when he sold out to Lewis & Thomas, the present proprietors, but remained in his old position.
   Mr. Jones was married September 3, 1865, to Cassa A. Munger, by whom he has one child, Minnie A., born November 8, 1867. She is the wife of Adolphus L. Anderson; and they reside half a mile from the village of West Eaton, Mr. Jones making his home with them. He is a man of character and influence, and in politics is a Republican.

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