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   HENRY W. ADAMS was born at New Hartford, Oneida County, N.Y., December 10, 1801, a son of James and Lydia (Tharp) Adams, both of whom were born in New Hartford, Conn. The father was a farmer, owning about one hundred acres of land, most of which was a dense forest, which he had to clear by arduous toil and labor. His father was William Adams, an extensive farmer of Connecticut: and the family consisted of three sons and four daughters. Being a strict and zealous Presbyterian, he reared his children in that faith. The mother of our subject had nine children, three sons and six daughters. The daughters grew to maturity and married: but of the whole family only two sons and two daughters are now living, of whom Henry W. is the eldest. The others are: Susan, Mrs. Babbit, who is a widow, and resides in Oswego, N.Y.; Lucy, the widow of William Smith, residing in Williamstown, Oswego County, and eighty-four years old; and Joseph B., eighty years old, a retired farmer and speculator, living in Mattawan, Mich.
   For nearly all his life our subject has followed the occupation of a miller, owning and managing his own grist-mill. This trade he learned at Sauquoit, Oneida County, where he worked many years. In the course of his long and eventful life he has had varied experiences. Starting in early manhood, empty-handed as to fortune, but well stored with energy, hope, and ambition, he has known what it is to achieve success, and also to sustain heavy and bitter losses. He had been for only a few years a merchant, when he had the misfortune to lose three thousand dollars of hard-earned savings. One of the bitterest trials he has had to bear was in the death of a beloved son, who was killed by the cars while acting as brakeman. He was only twenty-three years of age, a favorite with all who knew him and his tragic end was a source of heart-breaking grief to his family and a sorrow to his native village.
   His living children are: Mariene, wife of Lew Miller, and mother of two sons and four daughters; and Henry L., residing at Lenox Furnace, married, and has two sons and two daughters. This gentleman is highly-educated, has taught for many years, and is considered one of the best mathematicians in the State of New York. He is now fifty-seven years of age. Mr. Adams has been twice married, first to Miss Pattie Knight, of Sauquoit. She died in 1877, aged seventy-five years. One year later, in 1878, he married for his second wife Miss Hannah Halicus, whose father, Christ John Halicus, died when she was a small child. Her mother, who was Miss Thankful Tubbs, died at Wampsville, N.Y., at the age of eighty-four.
   Mr. Adams was a Lieutenant in the home organization of the militia; and the same spirit of patriotism which made him do his duty in that limited field afterward animated his son, Henry L., in the Civil War, when he enlisted as a private, and through bravery and hard fighting won the epaulettes of officer, having besides the unfortunate experience of a year's imprisonment in Andersonville. Mr. Adams affiliates with the Republican party, believing it the proper one to manage national and local affairs. He has never been a professed member of any church, but is broad-minded, liberal, and just toward all creeds. His belief has always been in espousing the right for its own sake, and he has a firm hope in the beneficent care of a loving Providence.

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