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   GEORGE B. BRITT was born on the farm he now lives on, in the town of Sullivan, September 10, 1845, the son of Benjamin and Catherine (Farnham) Britt. The mother was a native of Brooklyn, Conn.; and the father came from Vermont. Grandfather Alpheus Britt was a native of Vermont, and moved from there to Madison County, New York, settling in the town of Lenox about 1811. He was a clothier by trade. After coming to Madison County, he bought a tract which comprised about one hundred and twelve acres of improved land, and engaged in farming. Later he purchased one hundred acres of forest land. While his industrious wife spun and wove the clothing for the family, he tilled the soil, and with unerring aim brought down the game that made provision for their household. There were thirteen children born to them, seven boys and six girls, of whom three are now living, namely: Willard, living in Genesee County; Curtis, in Orleans County; and Justus, who also lives in Orleans County. Alpheus Britt died in the village of Perryville, at the age of sixty-six, and his wife at the age of eighty three. They were members of the Universalist church. He was a Democrat in politics.
   The father of our subject owned and resided on a one-hundred-and-
fifteen-acre farm in the town of Sullivan, which is now owned by his son, George B. He was an honest, hardworking man and a progressive and advanced farmer, well known and respected in the community. He was married at the age of twenty-eight years, and reared a family of four children, of whom two survive, Oran and our subject. Oran resides with his brother at present, but has followed the lime business, also stone quarrying. He is married, and has four children. The father lived on this farm, where he began housekeeping, until his death, in his eighty-seventh year. His wife died at the age of seventy-four. He was a Democrat in politics. The family were Universalists.
  George B. Britt was brought up on the old farm, educated in the district schools, and remained at home on the farm, assisting and caring for his parents until their death. He now owns the place, and carries on general farming, stock-raising, and dairying. His fine herd of cows are Durhams, a breed he especially favors. In 1874 Mr. Britt was most fortunate in gaining Miss Elizabeth Harter for his wife. She was born in the town of Sullivan, daughter of John and Nancy Harter, the former of whom was a farmer in that town. To them have been born one daughter, Edith M., who is now thirteen years of age.
   Our subject follows the example of his father and grandfather in politics, being a strong adherent of the Democratic party, and earnest and hearty in the advocacy of its principles. Fraternally, he is connected with the membership of Sullivan Lodge, No. 148, A. F. & A. M. He takes a prominent rank among the farmers of his county. and with his estimable wife, who is the embodiment of womanly virtue and housewifely qualities, leads a happy and contented life.

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