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   SULLIVAN D. HOLLENBECK, of Oneida, dealer in produce, real estate, and coal, is a son of Isaac Hollenbeck, who was born in Tully, Onondaga County, N.Y., August 15, 1815, in which town he spent his life as a farmer, breeder of blooded stock, and general dealer in live stock, acquiring a considerable competency. He was married February 28, 1837, to Lydia M. Bonats, who survives him. They were the parents of eight children, six of whom are living. He died October 9, 1874. His wife was born in Tully, February 22, 1817, and continues to reside in that place. She is a daughter of Christian Bonats, Jr., who was born at the foot of the Hallaback Mountain, early in life settling in the forests of Tully, and, after hewing out for himself a home, spent his life in that town as a farmer, dying about October 1, 1865, when eighty-three years old. His wife was Elizabeth Adair, a native of the north of Ireland, born there in 1794, of Protestant Scotch-Irish parents, who brought her to this country when she was but eight years old. They settled in Delaware County, New York. She became the mother of eight children, four of whom are now living, the eldest being over eighty years of age. She also died about October 1, 1865, aged seventy-one. The father of Christian Bonats was Christian Bonats, Sr., born in France, of French-German parentage, a gunsmith by occupation. He was a highly educated man and a linguist of no mean powers, being able to speak fluently the French, German, Dutch, and English languages. He was also a soldier, and served in the armv of Bonaparte. He attained to the advanced age of ninety or over. His wife, the mother of Christian Bonats, Jr., was Hannah Fraliet. She also lived to about the age of ninety.
   The father of Isaac Hollenbeck was Abram Hollenbeck, a farmer by occupation, who spent most of his life in Tully, and died of pneumonia in 1843, aged sixty-three years. He married Mary Van Baskirk, who died about 1856, aged about seventy-five. Her mother was Eva Spore, who lived to upward of eighty years. Abram Hollenbeck was the son of Aaron Hollenbeck, a mason, who also attained a good old age, being about eighty at the time of his death. Isaac Hollenbeck and his wife were the parents of the following children. Sarepta was born July 6, 1841, and was married March 7, 1866, at Tully, N.Y., to W. W. Kelsey, of Cortland, N.Y. Mr. Kelsey is the inventor of the famous Kelsey furnace. Sullivan D. is the subject of this sketch. A. Hamlin was born August 8, 1846, and is a resident of Cromwell, Ia. He was married December 31, 1873, to Mary Gazley. I. Merrit was born October 4, 1848. He is a resident of Tully, N.Y. Francis M., born January 9, 1851, married in March, 1879, Jennie (Wright) Chapin, of Homer, N.Y., who was the widow of Adelbert Chapin. Seward, born August 16, 1853, married Lillian Pratt, of Homer, N.Y., March 26, 1890; and they reside on the old homestead. Bennett, born July 1, 1855, resides on a farm near Cromwell, Ia.
   Sullivan D. Hollenbeck was born August 30, 1844, and was brought up on his father's farm. His elementary education was obtained at the district school, and was supplemented by a course of study at the Cazenovia Seminary. Being an ambitious boy, he was careful and thorough in his studies, and learned much by observation outside of the schoolroom. He also taught school some six or eight terms, in order to more thoroughly impress upon his memory the knowledge he had already acquired, working during the vacations on the farm, that he might obtain money with which to defray his school expenses. Having secured the best education obtainable in the limited time at his disposal, he secured a position as salesman, and also engaged to some extent in jobbing. Being industrious as well as ambitious, he neglected no opportunity to improve his business chances. In 1878 he removed to Oneida, and purchased a coal business, which he successfully managed for ten years, in the mean time buying and selling real estate, building, and accumulating considerable property. In 1888 he sold the coal business, and organized the Oneida Manufacturing Chuck Company, which he placed upon a firm business foundation, becoming its President and Treasurer. In this business he still holds an interest.
   Mr. Hollenbeck has always been a public-spirited man, and has contributed his share toward all enterprises having for their object the betterment of the community in which he lives. He has assisted materially in building up the manufacturing interests of his adopted village, and is recognized in this respect, as in others, as a public benefactor. He was married in Durhamville, N.Y., December 31, 1874, to Leoria J. Hubbard, of Oneida, by whom he has two children, Charlena and James S. Politically, Mr. Hollenbeck is a Republican. His church membership is with the Presbyterians. He has a very pleasant home in Oneida, and is personally popular as a man of high moral character, genial manners, and one who endeavors to follow the Golden Rule in his dealings with his fellow-men.

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