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  EZRA MASON, of North Brookfield, N.Y., was born in Stockbridge, Madison County, N.Y., June 26, 1831.
  Martin Mason, father of Ezra, was born in 1800, and went to Brookfield with the grandfather and great-grandfather from Rhode Island early in the century. They settled on a place near North Brookfield on the road to Clarksville, N.Y., where the grandfather and great-grandfather remained permanently. Martin Mason was educated in the district school of the neighborhood, and worked on the new farm until his manhood. He then removed to Stockbridge, and bought a farm, living there for some years. In 1845 he went to Michigan, and located himself near Grand Rapids, residing there until his death, in 1876. His wife before marriage was Miss Maria Powers. Her birthplace was at Augusta, Oneida County, N.Y.
  The names of their children were Salisbury, Marie, Statira, Rochester, Malvina, Ezra, Louisa, Armenia, Sarah, and Elliot. The mother also died in Michigan.
  Ezra Mason remained during his boyhood on the home farm, and at the age of fourteen years went to live with Mr. Garrett, staying there until his twenty-first year, receiving what educational training was possible in the village school. He worked for Mr. Garrett two years after he reached his majority. At the end of that time he married Miss Livermore. He then formed a partnership with his employer to carry on general farming and hop culture. A few years later, having become fascinated with the marvellous stories of the great Western country, Mr. Mason took a trip to Ohio, and liked it so well that he remained there eighteen years, engaged in agricultural pursuits and teaming. But his old love for his native State asserted itself so strongly that in 1883 he returned to Madison County, and has since lived on his small but fine farm in North Brookfield. His only child, Warren Oscar, married Miss Ada Hout; and they have one son, Charlie.
  Mr. Mason is a member in good standing of the Masonic fraternity, and belonged to a lodge in Ohio. He and his family attend the Baptist church. In his political faith Mr. Mason is a strong Republican, and gives that party his active and steady support. Having had the varied experience which travel and contact with the world gives, he is a man of ripe knowledge and sound judgment. Among his townspeople his advice is valued; and his good, practical sense is recognized by all. He is widely known in the county as worthy of the respect and regard which are freely accorded to him.

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