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   CHARLES FAULKNER was born in Brookfield, N.Y., in the first quarter of this century, and died on August 23, 1891, at the age of seventy-one years. This brief memoir is but a slight tribute to the many estimable qualities which made the death of this gentleman a severe loss to his family and friends. He was a son of Friend L. Faulkner, of Connecticut, and a grandson of an elder Charles Faulkner--the first of the name of whom record is here made--who was a native of Guilford, Conn. Friend L. Faulkner with his wife, who before marriage was Miss Azubah Fisk, came to Brookfield at an early period of its history, purchased a tract of land in the heart of the wilderness, made his home here, and reared their nine children--George, Samantha, Sherman, Edward, John, Olive, Friend L., Charles, and Alonzo. All these children received the best educational advantages available in those days in the common schools of the district; and the sons were trained at home from their boyhood to the pursuits of farming, the daughters to domestic industries.
   In 1855 Mr. Charles Faulkner, son of Friend L. and Azubah (Fisk) Faulkner, married a daughter of Mr. John Welsh, of Ireland. February 16, 1838, was the date of her birth. She was one of a family of five children--William, Ann, Elnora, Mary J., and Eliza.
   After his marriage Mr. Faulkner and his wife settled on a farm in Brookfield, N.Y.; and here were born their seven children--Mary Ann, Charles P., Hattie, William Scott, Sherman, Edward I., and Geneva. The children were all well educated in the Brookfield schools. Geneva, the youngest daughter, possessed of good literary attainments, is an able teacher, and has taught for two years in Brookfield and some terms in Waterville, N.Y. She is also an excellent business woman, assisting her mother in all her affairs. Mary Ann, the eldest daughter, a few years ago was married to Mr. Alfred Campbell, and is now the mother of two children, Grace and Charles. Hattie is the wife of Mr. Charles Livermore.
   The Faulkner family attend the Baptist church, and may be relied upon to do their part in its religious, beneficent, and social work. Mr. Charles Faulkner was eminently worthy of the respect and esteem in which he was held. He was of a high type of manly character; and his death a little more than two years ago, the close of an upright and Christian life, was deeply mourned by his wife and children, and regretted throughout the community. Mrs. Faulkner is a lady whose kindly disposition and many virtues have gained for her the sympathy and affection of a large circle of friends, and whose pleasant home is an attractive social centre.

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