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   REV. LEWIS HYDE STANLEY, a venerated minister of the Methodist Episcopal church, now retired from active service, was born in Cazenovia, N.Y., February 12, 1812. His father, Lewis Stanley, a native of Hartford, Conn., who was a farmer, came to Cazenovia when he was but sixteen years of age. He lived for a time at Lisle, in Broome County, with his brother-in-law, Calvin Hyde, with whom he came to New York State from Connecticut.
The father of Lewis Stanley was James Stanley, a mechanic, who also was a native of Hartford, Conn. His children were: Alexander; James; Lewis; Samantha, wife of Captain Hyde; and Mrs. Freeman, whose husband was a Methodist minister. Their father lived to a good old age, and their mother to a still older one, dying at the home of her son James, in the town of Pompey, Onondaga County, N.Y. Lewis Stanley married Miss Betsey Smith, of Johnstown, who died in Cazenovia, in middle life, leaving eight children, the ninth one having been, at the age of three years, accidentally scalded to death. Mr. Stanley married again.
   The education of Lewis Hyde Stanley was begun in his early childhood in the rude log-school-house of the district, and continued later in the Cazenovia Seminary. When a young man, he went to Genesee County, and taught school for some time. Having decided on the ministry for his profession, he entered the regular work in the Methodist Episcopal church at the age of twenty-three, and for forty years was in the itinerancy, in what is now the Central New York Conference, but was then the Oneida Conference. He was married at Cazenovia, December 15, 1835, to Miss Nancy A. Parsons. She is now eighty-four years old, remarkably hale and hearty, as is her husband, who has reached his eighty-second year. He and his wife have buried two daughters: Eliza Jane, who died in Chenango County, at nine years of age; and Josephine Louisa, who was skilled in music, and taught the art for several years. Her death on February 14, 1891, in their present home, at the age of forty-eight years, was a great sorrow to her parents. The living children are: Lewis McKendree, unmarried, and living at home, has taught school for some years, but conducts the farm now, and a daughter. Helen Marie, wife of Frank C. Jarvis, of Canastota, N.Y.
   Rev. Mr. Stanley was long an ardent Republican, but has now become a stanch Prohibitionist. For eighteen years he has been retired from active work in the ministry. He has labored hard in the vineyard of the Lord, and his years of ministration have brought forth good fruits. Many and severe were the reverses and trials he underwent in his journeys through the country. His strong physical organization had much to endure; but, no matter how great his fatigue, his zeal was always fresh to move the sinner's heart, his voice clear and strong to lead the glorious hymns of his church. He bought his present homestead of sixty acres in the town of Lenox in the spring of 1866, paying four thousand one hundred dollars for the place, including house, barns, stock, and tools, and immediately moved on to it with his family. He carries on general farming, raising the cereals and keeping a small dairy. Together this aged couple enjoy in peace and pleasant surroundings their last years, serene in the knowledge of well-spent lives, and assured of being welcomed in the realms above as good and faithful servants, having done their Master's will on earth.

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