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   MRS. ELIZABETH W. CLIMENSON, widow of the late James C. Climenson, was born in England. Her parents, John and Elizabeth (Sanger) Young, came to the United States when she was but a little child, making the voyage across the Atlantic in a large sailing-vessel, and reaching New York after a passage of somewhat more than five weeks. Both were well educated in their native country; and Mr. Young was there a prosperous business man, but left England on account of ill-health. He was for some time in the drug business in England, having served a seven years' apprenticeship, and being a registered pharmacist. He sold out his business before coming to the United States.
   At the time of their emigration from England Mr. Young and his wife had two children, namely: Elizabeth W., the subject of this sketch; and Marianne, who married Orlando Ames, and died in 1886 in Boston, Mass. After arriving in the United States, Mr. and Mrs. Young had five children born to them, all of whom are now deceased. Francis Joseph Young, a brother of Mrs. Climenson--a noble, Christian young man--was a soldier in the ranks of the One Hundred and Twenty-fourth New York Volunteer Infantry, and died at Harrison's Landing after a short period of service in the Union army, when but twenty-one years of age. Mr. John Young opened a drug store in Canastota in 1849, and continued in business there, a portion of the time on North Canal Street, and later on the spot where the Bruce Opera House now stands, until 1861, in March of which year, on account of ill-health, he sold his store. He was a Methodist preacher, and travelled in the Oneida Conference twelve years. His death took place in 1867, when he was sixty-three years of age. His widow married again, and survived her second husband; and she herself died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Climenson, May 12, 1892, well advanced in her eighty-fifth year.
   Mr. James C. Climenson was a son of John Climenson, and was born on a farm in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but which now is built up with solid business blocks. He died June 25, 1891, when seventy-two years old. His was a superior education, finished at Asbury University, Indiana. He was a teacher for many years. The latter part of his life was spent on a farm that he purchased near Canastota. Mrs. Climenson has buried one daughter, Frances Ada, five years of age, and also a daughter who was twenty- seven years of age. The latter was the wife of C. J. Prichard. She died in Canastota, leaving an infant one month old, Maude D. E. Prichard, now eight years of age. The children of Mrs. Climinson now living are as follows: Florence Maude, now living in Boston, Mass.; Ernest Lincoln, living in Canastota, who is married to Mary Phillips of the town of Lenox, by whom he has one son and one daughter; Emma H., a graduate of the Canastota union schools and of the State Normal School at Albany, who is thoroughly qualified for teaching. Mrs. Climenson was graduated from Cazenovia Seminary in 1848. Previous to her marriage she, like her husband, was a teacher. She is a member of the Protestant Episcopal church, and lives in her pleasant home one mile west of Canastota, highly respected by all who know her.

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