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   H E. CRUMB, eldest son of J. O. Crumb, a native of Edmeston, Otsego County, N.Y., was born March 4, 1861, in Plainfield, N.Y., where his parents still reside, his father being one of the leading farmers of the place. His mother before marriage was Miss Charlotte Brown of Bridgewater, N.Y. The five children born to Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Crumb were: H.E., above mentioned; Charles W.; Fred; Robert; and Ruby.
   The subject of this sketch left home when he was twenty years old, and began life working on a farm. He had received a good education at a select school in Edmeston, and also at the public school at Leonardsville, N.Y. At twenty-six years of age he married Miss Lena R. Dye, the younger of the two daughters, Ellen and Lena, of Mr. H. B. and Celinda (Meeker) Dye, the former being a native of Brookfield, N.Y., the latter of Burlington, N.Y. The three children of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Crumb are Mabel, Damond, and Lee. The family are attendants of the Methodist Episcopal church, to which they give cheerful and liberal support.
   Although not mixing much with political matters, Mr. Crumb has always been earnest and hearty in his advocacy of the principles of the Democratic party. Having proved himself, in every relation of life, true to the dictates of the highest manhood, he has long been accorded the esteem and confidence of his fellow-citizens. Young in years, he is abreast with the times, alive to the opportunities that this magnificent age of literature and science affords to the board and active-minded. Mrs. Crumb, comes from an old family, who early settled in the town of Brookfield, and endured in their day privations and hardships which can scarcely be understood in these days of comfort and luxury. She has been carefully educated, and is a lady of refined taste and manners. Her superior qualifications as a housewife are attested by a well-ordered, beautiful home. Her maternal discretion is evidenced in the good bringing up of her children.

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