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   O. A. CLARK, a well-known farmer of Brookfield, a leading member of the First Baptist Church, steadfast in the faith, having a good report of them which are without, was born in Bridgewater, Oneida County, N.Y., October 15, 1843.
   The father of our subject was about fourteen years of age when the death of his father, who formerly lived in Plainfield, N. Y., obliged him to set to work to assist in supporting the whole family, which he did with great credit to himself, and to the gratification of his friends. His opportunities for education were limited to a few winter terms of the district school. He was reared to agricultural pursuits, but turned his attention also to various other callings, achieving quite a fine reputation both as an auctioneer and as a veterinary surgeon. He married Miss Nancy A. Carpenter, who was of Connecticut parentage. Their children were: Savannah M.; Orange J.; O. A., our subject; Rosa D.; Charles C.; Francis E.; William J.; Cora A.; and Minnie A. After his marriage the father first lived in Plainfield, but later removed to Bridgewater, where he remained for over thirty years on the farm he there purchased. He subsequently bought a smaller place in the town of Bridgewater, where he and his wife died.
   O. A. Clark remained at home with his parents during his boyhood and youth, acquiring an education in the public schools of his town and assisting in the farm work. When he attained the years of manhood, he went out to work by the month on a farm. After continuing this for two years, he married, and purchased a farm in the town of Bridgewater, and resided on it for two years. From Bridgewater he went to Sangerfield, N.Y., for one year, and then bought a farm in the town of Paris, which he sold after occupying it four years, and bought one in Sangerfield. Staying there also four years, he again sold his homestead, and went this time to Marshall. At the end of a year he bought back his old Sangerfield farm, which is still owned by him, lived on it a second term of four years, and then bought the farm in Brookfield, where he has now made his home for eleven years, having by persistent industry brought it into the front rank among the excellent farms known in the county. He has built a fine residence, and here, with his estimable wife and family, enjoys the domestic comforts which he has richly earned. At the age of twenty-three years Mr. Clark married Miss Mary .L. Spencer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albertus M. Spencer. Her paternal grand- father, Job Spencer, came to Sangerfield, one of the earliest pioneers, when the county was new, and bought a large tract of land for an ox-yoke. He died in 1858. Mrs. Clark's parents are both living, her father at the age of seventy-five, her mother sixty-five years old. Mr. and Mrs. Clark were blessed with a family of four children-- O. Arthur, Harlo R., Lettie A., and Herbert L. But the angel of death visited this happy household, and took from them their youngest child, Herbert, a winsome pet of three years, whom earthly aid could not avail to save.

"There fell upon the house a sudden gloom,
A shadow on those features fair and thin;
And softly from the hushed and darkened room
Two angels issued where but one went in."

   The parents sorrowed, but not without hope and the sustaining power of religion. Mr. and Mrs. Clark have long been active and valued members of the First Baptist Church of Brookfield.
   Their son, O. Arthur Clark, was graduated from Brookfield Union School in 1887, and at the age of eighteen years commenced teaching. Having taught a number of terms, he decided to study medicine, and entered the Baltimore Medical College. He is now taking his third course of lectures in that school, and expects to graduate in April, 1894, and begin the practice of medicine. He has not yet decided where. He ranks among the brightest students in the college. His family take just pride in this young man.
   All three of these children -namely, O. Arthur, Harlo R., and Lettie A.--were converted under the age of twelve years, and united with the First Baptist Church of Brookfield, of which, at the ages now of twenty-five, twenty, and eighteen years, they remain consistent members.
   The two younger children still reside at home with their parents. All three have held offices in the church and Sunday-school at different times, and have always been faithful members and workers in the church and Sunday-school since they were old enough to attend Sunday-school and church.
   Mr. Clark has been assistant superintendent of the Sunday-school, and has served on the Pulpit Committee for several years. He is now one of the Trustees of the church property. Mrs. Clark was also for many years a devoted worker in the Sunday-school, and in the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. In the midst of her usefulness she was stricken with illness, and has not been able of late to be an active participator in the church affairs; but the influence of her character and her deeply religious spirit, and of the good works she has done, is still potent. In political questions Mr. Clark is heartily in favor of the Republican party, and gives his support to its principles; but he is also a strong advocate for temperance, and is deeply interested in the promotion of this cause.

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