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   JAMES W. MARSHALL is a gentleman of means and position, who is able after a life of industry and toil to live in a well-appointed home, and enjoy, in an atmosphere of good books, pleasant friends, and a cheerful fireside, the fruits of his years of labor. He was born in the town of Eaton, Madison County, N.Y., November 26, 1820. His father, John Marshall, was born in County Wicklow, Ireland; but, according to information which is considered reliable, the family was of English ancestry. He was reared and married in his native land, and emigrated with his family to America about the year 1808. During the voyage a great misfortune befell him in the death of his wife; and he had the additional grief of seeing her body committed to the deep. He located at Pratt's Hollow, where he followed his trade, tailoring, and was a resident of the county until his death, at the age of eighty years. His second wife was Miss Jane Connor, and she was the mother of James W. Her birthplace was in County Wicklow, Ireland; and she was but nine years old when she came to America with her parents, her father being James Connor, and her mother's maiden name was Nailor. She died in 1828.
   The subject of this personal narrative commenced to earn his own living when very young, working out by the month in his boyhood days, and, when sixteen years old, received five dollars and fifty cents and his board per month. Still, out of this meagre salary he began to save and economize, which practice he followed until, in his thirty-second year, he was able to purchase a farm in the town of Eaton. In 1888 he sold the place to his son, removed to Oneida, and bought an elegant residence on Main Street, where he now lives. After having settled on his farm in 1852, Mr. Marshall, finding that "it is not good for man to live alone," sought a wife, and made a happy selection in Miss Susanna Tackaberry, who was born in the town of Eaton, daughter of James and Anna (Belton) Tackaberry, natives of Wicklow, Ireland, and residents of the town of Eaton. Mrs. Marshall died in July, 1885; and in May, 1889, Mr. Marshall married his present amiable wife, Mrs. Jane Forrester. Mr. Marshall has four children living, namely: Anna L., now Mrs. Fred Stringer; Fred IV., who married Miss Ada Potter, and whose two children are Franklin James and Fred Burton; C. B., who married Miss Eunice Gill, and has one child; Melvin, who is unmarried. Franklin James died at the age of twenty-four, and two other children died in infancy.
   Although of Irish descent, Mr. Marshall proves his English ancestry by strongly upholding English laws. His grandfather was an Orangeman, and very prominent as a participator in the Irish Rebellion. Mr. Marshall keeps himself abreast of the times, and well posted in the political affairs of the country. He is a deep reader, and spends many hours in his amply filled library of excellent works. In his political affiliations he is a stanch Democrat.

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