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  ANDREW J. MARSH was born in Brookfield, N.Y., December 9, 1839. His great-grandfather, Elder Nathaniel Marsh, was a native of Connecticut, and came from there to Madison County, purchasing a tract of land near North Brookfield. He was a stirring, active man, and a prominent elder in the church, having for many years preached with great zeal, and giving so much time and attention to the religious progress of the country as to be looked upon almost as "the church" itself. The grandfather of our subject, James Marsh, left Connecticut later than his father, but settled on the home farm, where he died.
Mr. Marsh's father, Isaac Marsh, was left early in life to take care of himself, and started out first in the town of Otselic, Chenango County, N.Y., where he carried on a farm, and also made potash. While there, he married Miss Betsey Miller, who bore him two children, Sarah and Hannah, and shortly after died. Later he removed to Brookfield, N.Y., and married Miss Abigail Moore. There were five children born to this marriage; namely, Betsey, Paulina, Abigail, Andrew J., and Marion. The father died in 1861, and the mother in 1864.
  Andrew J. Marsh was fortunate in gaining a fine education in the public schools, and adopted mercantile pursuits for his profession, assisting in his father's store until the age of twenty-one. Then, his father dying, he was obliged to return and take charge of the old homestead, but later took his present farm, erected a comfortable house, and has since devoted himself to the work of agriculture. He was married, when twenty-one years of age, to Miss Emily Parker, daughter of Daniel and Harriet Parker. Of this union there are three children; namely, Allen, Arlie E., and Claudius A. Allen married Miss Inez Ingals, of Hamilton, N.Y. Arlie E. is an intelligent and talented young lady, a graduate of the North Brookfield Union School. She has taught the primary department of the academy for four years, and will the coming year have charge of the intermediate classes. Her marked ability as a teacher is already well recognized; and, it apparently being her natural vocation, her success in reaching the highest ranks in her profession may be considered assured. The younger son, Claudius, is a student of great promise. He stands among the highest in his classes, and is said to be one of the best scholars in Brookfield.
  Mr. Marsh takes great interest in the progress of education, and was Secretary of the Board of Education for six years. He is a member of that branch of the Baptist society called the First-day Baptists. In his political affiliations he is a Republican, and votes conscientiously for the candidates of his party. He takes especial delight in his well filled library; and, being a man of refinement and excellent literary taste, the best works are found there. He has labored industriously, and acquired a fine property, and is now enjoying the fruits of his early toil amid hosts of friends, who value and appreciate him.

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