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  DR. H. CLIFT BROWN, a well-known medical practitioner of the town of Brookfield, N.Y., was born in that place February 14, 1857. In 1791 Elder Simeon Brown, the great-grandfather of our subject, came to Madison County from Stonington, Conn., and purchased a tract of land near the town of Brookfield. He girded the trees around the place to mark it out, and then returned to Connecticut for his family. In the fall of 1792 he returned, his wife riding horseback all the way, the rest of the family, with the household goods; travelling in ox-carts. He cleared the land and made a farm; and here the grandfather, Justus H., was born. He was the youngest son, and was brought up on the farm, where he remained until his death. The eldest son located in the western part of the town on another tract of land.
  The father of our subject was named Stephen, and, like all the boys of that day, divided his time between the log school-house--where he received the rudiments of education--and work on the farm. His son, H. Clift, of whom we write, was reared at home until the age of twenty-five, and during this time attended the district schools of his town and the Brookfield Academy, going from there to the Alfred University in Allegany County. After leaving the latter institution, he taught for some time, and prepared himself to enter the University of Syracuse, from which he was graduated in 1881 as Doctor of Medicine. In August of that year he began practising in South Brookfield, and remained there for four years, after which he removed to Brookfield, where, by reason of his exceptional skill, intimate knowledge of his profession, and upright personal character, he has succeeded in building up a large and lucrative practice.
  He was married at the age of twenty-one to Miss Caroline Babcock, daughter of Gideon H. and Lydia Babcock. The Doctor and his wife are the parents of one child, a bright, intelligent, and interesting boy, in whom their hearts and hopes are centred. Dr. Brown is an honored member of the Madison County Medical Society, having served it both as President and Vice-President. He is also one of its Board of Censors. The family attend the Seventh-day Baptist church, and are among its active and influential workers. In political belief the Doctor is affiliated with the Republican party, having an accurate knowledge of its past history, and believing that its doctrines and principles, when properly applied, are conducive to the best interests of the nation. His professional practice is not confined to his own vicinity, but extends into surrounding towns; and he is often called in consultation in complicated and difficult cases. He is untiring in his attention to the needs of his patients, and has the affectionate regard of many a former sufferer whom, by his skill and with divine blessing, he has raised from a bed of pain to an active participation in life's duties once more. Counting back to an ancestry in which are found the pioneer settlers of his town, and still farther back the sturdy yeomen of New England, one can easily understand those well-balanced qualities of stability, energy, and high intelligence that characterize our subject, and obtain for him that prominence in medical and social circles which he holds.
  Dr. Brown has a clean and honorable record as a citizen; and the genial qualities of himself and wife, who is a lovely, refined, and accomplished lady, make their pleasant home an attractive centre for their hosts of friends.

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