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  DANIEL HESS was born in the town of Palatine, Montgomery County, N.Y., July 26, 1815. His great grandfather, John Hess, was born in Germany, and came to America with his two brothers in Colonial times, one of them settling in Pennsylvania, another on the Hudson, and John locating in Palatine. He was a thrifty, hard-working man, and followed his trade of blacksmith so industriously that he was soon able to secure a tract of land and build a home, where he resided until his death. His son Daniel, after whom our subject is named, learned the trade of carpentry in the town of Palatine, where he was born and educated, worked at it for a few years, but later bought a farm in his town, and resided there until quite aged, making his home, after the death of his wife, with his son John, in Schuyler, Herkimer County, N.Y., where he died at the age of ninety. The maiden name of his wife was Mary Youngs. She was born in Palatine, and there died, leaving five sons and three daughters.
  The father of our subject, John D. Hess, was born in Palatine, and was a prominent resident in that town until 1819, when he went to Schuyler, Herkimer County, bought a farm, and lived there until 1836. Selling his farm in Schuyler, he removed to Verona, Oneida County, N.Y., where he spent his last years, dying at the age of sixty-eight. He married Miss Lanny Flanders, who was born in Montgomery County, New York, daughter of John Flanders, and died in Verona, aged seventy-three years. They had eight children; namely, Daniel, Archibald, William, Lanny A., Catherine, Margaret, Nancy, and Julia.
Daniel Hess, of this biographical notice, was the eldest of the family, and was brought up and educated in the town of Schuyler. He commenced to learn the trade of tanner and currier when he was seventeen years of age, and followed that occupation for nearly three years, but, being persuaded by his parents to abandon it, turned his attention toward securing contracts on public works. This pursuit was eminently successful, as he obtained contracts on many large railroads in the different States in the Union; also on canals, especially on the Sault Ste. Marie, a leading highway of commerce in America. He was until 1865 engaged as contractor on public works, but in that year started a wholesale business in Oneida, N.Y. He has lately, however, practically retired from active participation in its affairs. Mr. Hess has invested largely in real estate, consisting of farms and city property, and has greatly improved the latter.
  September 24, 1868, he married Miss Mary Sitterly. She was born in Vienna, Oneida County, N.Y., daughter of Christian and Lanny (Cook) Sitterly, who were natives of Montgomery County. Their only child died in infancy. Mr. and Mrs. Hess are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. In the old days of the Whig party Mr. Hess was a stanch adherent of that political organization; but, when the Republican party was formed, he was among the first to subscribe to its principles, and, while wide-awake to its best interests, is discreet and judicious in his advice in its councils. As a citizen, Mr. Hess stands in the highest regard of the community.

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