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  MRS. HARRIET T. JOHNSON, widow of Darius H. Johnson, who died September 1, 1892, is a daughter of Isaac J. and Abigail (Sayles) Forbes, and was born in 1834. Mr. Johnson was born in the town of Smithfield, Madison County, September 13, 1836, and was a son of William F. Johnson, who was born in Saratoga County in 1798, and died in Troy, N.Y., about 1860. He was a grandson of Sir William Johnson, a native of England, who came to America previous to the Revolutionary War, and settled in Saratoga County, where he became a prosperous farmer, and was a patriot during the war, supplying the soldiers with provisions. On one occasion when he was away from home with a wagon-load of farm products for the army, his house was visited by Tories and Mohawk Indians, and was pillaged and burned. His wife, seeing the band of marauders coming, concealed herself and her children in the garden among the hop vines, where they were compelled to witness the destruction of their home, but were more than glad to escape with their lives. There is still in existence a family relic that is highly prized, which is in the possession of Professor John D. Conley, formerly of Canastota, now Vice-President of (and Professor of Geology in) Wyoming State University, situated at Laramie. Professor Conley is a son of John W. and Pamelia E. (Johnson) Conley, Mrs. Conley being the eldest sister of Darius H. Johnson. This interesting relic is a powder-horn which was carried in the Revolutionary War by one of the noble ancestors of Mr. Johnson, who was present at the surrender of Burgoyne at the battle of Saratoga. It is finely chased or engraved by hand, the work having been done by Dr. Darius Johnson, a bachelor, and a grand-uncle of Darius H. Johnson, deceased husband of the subject of this sketch. The engraving shows skill and taste on the part of the artist, and commemorates the scenes and incidents of the great and successful struggle for liberty in 1776.
  Darius H. Johnson received a common English education, and began his life-work without the assistance of capital, relatives, or friends, notwithstanding which he made his life a notable success. He was married in 1854 to Harriet T. Forbes, the subject of this sketch; and they began their married life in Canastota, Mr. Johnson at that time being engaged in boating on the Erie Canal. Afterward they removed to New York City, where Mr. Johnson was engaged for twenty-one years in the insurance and transportation business. They had one child, Pamelia J., who married William A. Eurich, and died in Canastota in 1884, at the age of twenty-six, leaving one son, William D., now a bright lad of thirteen, and living with his grandmother.
  Mr. Johnson was a Mason of the thirty-third degree, and held various positions of honor in the fraternity. He was a straight forward, successful business man. Since his death his wife has carried on the coal business which was left by him. She purchased her present home in 1880, and here lives, surrounded by the comforts of life and by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

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