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  M. H. KILEY, attorney-at-law and President of the Village Board, residing in Cazenovia, is one of the leading attorneys of Madison County. His parents, who live in Warren County, came to this country from Ireland previous to their marriage. Five of their six children still survive. Michael H., of this notice, was the eldest child. He was born in Warren County, and during his boyhood and early youth attended the common schools as he had opportunity, and worked on the farm until he was eighteen years old. He was ambitious to become a scholar and a learned man, and at the age mentioned went to Chittenango, and attended school there for one term, working for a Dr. Eaton for his board. After spending the following summer at work on the farm, he the next fall attended the seminary in Cazenovia, doing chores generally for his board. He was graduated from the seminary in 1883, having completed the course of study through years of trial and poverty which certainly would have discouraged most young men. While engaged in. the pursuit of knowledge in Cazenovia Seminary, he carefully considered the advantages and disadvantages, so far as he could, of various fields of labor, in order to make an intelligent selection of a calling, and, deciding upon the law, entered the office of D. W. Cameron. For three years afterward he pursued the study of law with characteristic energy and determination, and then became junior partner in the firm of Cameron & Kiley, which firm was in existence for a period of six years, at the end of which time Mr. Kiley opened his present office, and has since been engaged on his own account. He has built up a large practice, and enjoys the entire confidence of the community.
  Mr. Kiley was married in 1888 to Celia Sterling, of Herkimer County, by whom he has two daughters, Marguerite and Helen Gertrude. Politically, he is a Republican, but has never been an office-seeker, although, as stated in the beginning of this sketch, his fellow-citizens have chosen him for President of the Village Board. He is one of the Law Committee for the Catholic Benevolent Legion. Fully appreciating the value of education, seeing clearly what it has done for himself, he is doing what he can in a general way to extend its benefits to others, besides educating one of his brothers, his intention being to do likewise by another. Mr. Kiley has made his mark on the tablet of the history of his county, and has the ability of a first-class lawyer. Taken all in all, he is a young man of great promise; and much may confidently be expected of him in the future.

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